2019 enters the countdown: this year, thank yourself
2019 enters the countdown: this year, thank yourself
After the last month, 2020 will be even better.

time flies, time is not with me.

before you know it, there is only one last month left in 2019.

standing at the gate at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, looking back on the past year, there were efforts, gains, sweat, blood and tears.

but in any case, as long as you work hard with all your heart, you should thank yourself.


Thank you, always insist on yourself

this year, we have set many ambitions, but also bear a lot of short flights and long periods.

in the pursuit of dreams, it is inevitable that some people will question us:

you are not young, so don't fool around all day.

Why do you work so hard when you can live a good life?

you know that you aim too high and you don't know how to be down-to-earth at all.


but fortunately, although the road of life is full of miscellaneous voices, we still follow our inner thoughts and choose to stick to ourselves.

there is a female friend who is about to enter the 30-year-old mark. Many people advised her to get married before it was too late. Settling down early is more important than anything else.

however, no amount of voices can shake her insistence on herself. This year, she officially embarked on the road of starting a business.

is it difficult?

of course it's hard!

this year, she has been through countless all-nighters, flown countless voyages and worn her mouth countless times, and no matter how hard she is, she has not been able to get the understanding of her best friends, relatives and friends.

but her persistence finally came to fruition. Now, her studio is on track, and in the following time, she put more things on her schedule.

as said in BoJack Horseman:

"there will always be people in your life who want to stop you and slow you down, but don't let them succeed, don't stop running, there is no way to remember, there is only one thing to look forward to."

so thank yourself for sticking to it all the time.

maybe we all had too many worries and hesitations, but it doesn't matter, as long as the faith at the bottom of your heart does not waver, you will be able to go wider and farther in the future.


Thank you, working hard silently

this year, we have experienced numerous ups and downs, but also through silent efforts to touch the boundary of the dream.

maybe life is never just about poetry and distance, but when we try to leave no leeway, the whole world will give way.

I received such an express message not long ago:

although there are only a few lines, they are all moving.

think about it, isn't this delivery guy who claims to be "I'm here in the middle of the night" exactly you and me in life?

this year, in order to achieve the goal in mind, each of us has been working silently, seeing not only the streets in the dead of night, but also the cities where the sky is suddenly shining. We always believe that our efforts will be rewarded.

in fact, life is just like this. There is no such thing as unearned gains in the world. The vast majority of people are very ordinary, who can make more efforts, who can have a better future.

the sky is getting brighter and brighter, experienced chaos, exercise steel bones, we can really break the cocoon into a butterfly.

so, thank yourself for your silent efforts.

you know, there is no road in vain in life, every step counts.

Life will give you something in return for how much effort you have put into life.


Thank you, self who dares to break through

this year, we never clung to our own world, but broke out a small universe of our own.

some people always think too much and do too little, and tend to confine themselves to the greenhouse. Only those who dare to break the rules are qualified to broaden the boundaries of life.

there was a very popular post on the Internet that said: "is there anything that has changed your life forever and made you regret that you didn't start doing it earlier?"

there is an answer below, which has gained a lot of approval:

"apply for a job that you think you are not qualified for, succeed, double your salary and move to the city of your dreams.

We always think that we are not qualified. In fact, as long as we muster up the courage to stay away from the comfort zone, people will grow. "

it is true that fate is responsible for dealing cards, but it is always us who play cards.

all the seemingly impossible things can only be known if they are possible by doing it in person.

this year, we bravely stepped out of the boundary, accepted the brand-new wave, and finally found a new world, turning every day in the future into a new starting point on the road of life.

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so thank yourself for daring to break through.

you don't have to put many shackles on your life, as long as you dare to think about it, you can have the life you want.


time is a journey that never comes back, there is no future, only time is in a hurry.

in 2019, there are not many days left. I hope you can cherish it doubly and live each day as if it were your last.

look forward to the past year:

did you do everything you wanted to do?

did you get everything you wanted?

yearHas the newly established flag been realized?

2019 has entered the countdown, and time flies. If you have things that have not been done or wishes that have not been realized, you might as well work harder from now on to complete the final sprint at the end of the year before entering the New year.


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you have to believe that through the early hours of the night, you will be able to usher in a high-spirited dawn.

survive the last month of 2019, 2020 will certainly be better.


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