People can be refined, but not Yin!
People can be refined, but not Yin!
​ was born a human being. May you have the sun and the moon in your heart and the stars in your eyes.

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "the gentleman is magnanimous, the villain is sad."

magnanimous people do not disturb things and act without fear; sad people walk around things, look at things, wither and become bad.

people live all their lives, plants and trees in one autumn.

to be a man, no matter you live high in the temple or far away from the rivers and lakes, don't be the following kinds of people.


you can refine, but not Yin

in the TV series "Iron Tooth Copper Tooth Ji Xiaolan", there is a scene that is impressive:

at that time, Ji Xiaolan was a servant in the court, while Hexi was a book of ceremonies.

once he entertained the minister, Ji Xiaolan, who was the last to arrive, and he wanted to humiliate Ji Xiaolan for a moment of pleasure.

while everyone was feasting, a dog came in outside the door, but it looked like a wolf.

Hefei looked at the dog, pulled Ji Xiaolan over and said:

"that Ji Shenglang, come and ask for advice. Is this a wolf or a dog? "

A certain imperial history has been muttering: is it a wolf or a dog? what on earth is it?

Ji Xiaolan naturally knew that Hefei was trying to embarrass him and said:

I'll teach you a way to look at the tail. Drag down is a wolf, up vertical (Shangshu) is a dog. Wolves encounter carnivorous meat, dogs meet shit (imperial history) eat shit. "

the house was filled with laughter.

in history, Ji Xiaolan relied on her extraordinary talent to resolve the crisis again and again and get out of it.

but Hefei ended up losing power.

as the old saying goes, "three points of refinement, three points of foolishness, and three points left for posterity".

there is a ruler in life, but mistakes are disasters.

you can be shrewd, but not too insidious.

the most important word in life is "love".

if you are affectionate and righteous, do not take advantage of others, and are willing to put down your posture, you can win the world and the hearts of the people!

Zhuge Liang has been resourceful all his life. He knows that "if you want to think about its benefits, you must consider its harm, if you want to think about its success, you must consider its failure." That's the truth.

rely on grass boat to borrow arrows, fire Chibi, empty city plan …... Several times to save the kingdom of Shu from danger.

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but there is also a kind of person who smiles before and behind the saddle when he needs you; after using it, he throws it aside and seems to be unknown.

be a man, please don't do this.

everyone will encounter difficulties and troubles. Today, you help him, and tomorrow, his kindness will be rewarded by Yongquan.

it is better to break down a bridge across the river, and it is the right way to return the favor.

leave a way out for others and a way back for yourself, so that you will not be besieged on all sides and be attacked in all directions.


you can be poor, but you can't be lazy

what is the worst state of one's life?

some people say that they take what little salary they have left to meet the onslaught of life, while others say that there is nothing worse than poverty.

in fact, these are nothing. Nothing can be worse than holding the hope of getting rich while living the dream of a lazy person without knowing it.

the most terrible thing about people is not poverty, but laziness.

do you remember the story of eating cakes when you were a child? Just because he didn't bother to turn the cake around his neck with his hand, he finally starved to death.

is not unique.

A 23-year-old young man from Henan starved to death with healthy limbs and free movement.

insiders all said: this is not starvation, this is lazy to death!

go to bed after a full meal, sometimes for a day or two;

the meat sent by the villagers, he would rather let the meat rotten than cook.

laziness is a strange thing. It makes you think it is comfortable and blessed, but in fact it brings you pain and depression.

"all the talented people in the world are defeated by the word arrogant; the mediocre people in the world are defeated by the word lazy."

Zeng Guofan's remark precisely shows that mediocre people are defeated by laziness, always want to be opportunistic, and often accomplish nothing in the end.

he once said: to see the rise and fall of a family, you only need to look at three places: first, to see what time your children and grandchildren sleep, second, to see if they have done housework, and third, to see if they have read the books of sages.

if the descendants of the Zeng family sleep in, Zeng Guofan will beat them with a whip and will never be allowed to form the habit of laziness.

We are used to complaining about all kinds of unhappiness in life, but we do not realize that life has given you countless opportunities for good luck, but you do not know it and are willing to feel sorry for yourself in poverty.

it is not terrible to be poor for a while. The fear is that laziness makes you worthless and down and out all your life.

it's easy to make excuses for yourself, but life won't let you go easily. The more comfortable you are, the less merciful it will be.

there is a good saying: if you don't work hard, you will live for nothing; if you are not bitter or tired, life will be tasteless.

remember, don't let today's laziness become your tears tomorrow.


you can be stupid, but you can't be bad

have heard such a short story full of Zen-

when the scorpion fell into the water tank, the old Zen master used his hand to catch the scorpion and was stung by the scorpion. The master went to fish with his hand again, and the scorpion stung the old Zen master again.

go back and forth like this several times, and finally salvage the scorpion.

the young apprentice asked the old Zen master: the scorpion has been stinging, why does the master still save it?

the old Zen master said, "stinging people is the nature of scorpions, and kindness is human nature. I can't give up my good nature because of its stinging nature. if I give up saving because of this, I won't be the bad guy who killed it."

Scorpion stings no one knows, but is it really stupid that Zen master still chooses to take an adventure to save?

is not so much silly as true and good, is a kind of ultimate mind.

cleverness is an inborn gift, while kindness is a choice.

to be a man, you can be silly and confused, but you must not have bad intentions.

there is a "god of food additives" in Japan. He once used 20 or 30 kinds of additives to make sticky waste meat into delicious meatballs, so he was very popular and enjoyed fame and wealth with peace of mind.

until one day, he saw this kind of meatball on his table, when those made of sodium tripolyphosphate, glycerol fatty acid ester, calcium phosphate, sorbic acid, caramel pigment. The moment the food entered the mouth of his wife and daughter, he panicked and fell into deep remorse.

he saw clearly that many of the mistakes he had made in those years had been paid back.

if you don't have a kind heart, no matter how strong it is, it's just to hurt.

people have thousands of looks, and there is a distinction between good and evil in their hearts. Peace of mind can be exchanged with goodness, and peace can be achieved with goodness.

Life has a ruler, it is moderate to be a man, and if you live, you must have a clear conscience.

when you look at the world with a kind heart, everything is beautiful.


in life, we will meet countless people, some of whom are sophisticated but not sophisticated, sleek and naive;

some people are idle, craving once and for all, and doing things are always hot for three minutes.

some people have to forgive others and let others go one step at a time.

although we can't care about how others behave, we can at least ask ourselves to be what kind of people we are.

when the sea accepts all rivers, there is great tolerance; be strict with yourself and be generous with others.

there is a sentence in Caigen Tan:

"the eagle stands like sleep, and the tiger acts like a disease, which is where he grabs people and eats people. Therefore, a gentleman has to be smart and talented in order to have the strength to shoulder Hong Ren. "

only when a gentleman is good at hiding his wisdom and talent can he shoulder the important task and realize his lofty ambition.

born to be a human being, if you can't have the sun and the moon in your heart and stars in your eyes, be a confident but not conceited person, self-respecting but not conceited, ordinary but not mediocre.

encourage each other.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

three voices.