The first tear gas film in 2020: understand what fatherly love is until you understand it.
The first tear gas film in 2020: understand what fatherly love is until you understand it.
I hope we can all have our own beautiful life!


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even if it is ordinary

also want to be the hero of the children

most of the time, fatherly love exists in the form of lies.

when you were a child, when your father sent you to school, he would always ask: is there enough money? Don't worry, I have money.

but he hasn't changed his cotton-padded coat for three years.

when you grow up, you leave your hometown to work, and during the holidays, he always looks forward to your coming home. But if you call and say you can't go back, he will cheer you up:

work is important. Your mother and I are fine at home.

there are many obscure moments in life, but he doesn't want you to know, so he wraps them into romantic fairy tales with the most beautiful lies.

this is also the story told in the movie Beautiful Life.

their lives were once very beautiful--

the Jewish youth Guido meets the Italian girl Dora. They have a happy family and a healthy and lively son




can wait until the outbreak of World War II, all the good things are broken with one blow.

because of the Jewish identity,


Father and son were caught in Nazi concentration camps. They no longer face bread, fireplaces and homes, but the threat of inhumane death.




instead of giving up because of the cruelty he faced, he chose to take up the responsibility of being a father.

Guido weaves a huge game world, and he tells his son who loves tanks since childhood:

We are playing a game now. In the game, you can't cry, you can't miss your mother, or you'll be deducted. You can get extra points if you don't get caught.

whoever gets a thousand points first has a tank, a real tank.

I would like to ask: at a time when there is no guarantee of life, who is willing to spend time and effort to weave a lie, patiently deal with a child's curiosity, and describe the cruel slaughter as a fun and fun game?

I think only parents, in order to protect their children, will spare no effort.

he confronted the cruel atrocities in reality with a beautiful "lie" until the last moment of his life.

also use wisdom, love and courage to keep the children's most primitive and beautiful expectations of the world.

I think you can't help giving Guido a thumbs up after watching this movie.


even Les Miserables

laugh too

there is such a scene in the movie, which is particularly impressive:

it was when father and son were locked up in the concentration camp when a Nazi officer came to give a lecture.

the situation is at stake, and if you make a careless move, the lie of the "1000-point game" will be exposed.

isn't that the so-called great love of a father?

they light the light of hope with beautiful lies and prop up a clear sky for their children in the dark.

Life in the concentration camp is more difficult than we can imagine.

often forced by the Nazis to carry hundreds of jin of anvil, often at the end of the day, people are too tired to walk steadily. When they got back to prison, most of them collapsed on the bed.

but even after being subjected to cruel and inhumane squeeze and physical and mental exhaustion, Guido always looks relaxed and happy in front of his son.

the terrible labor was described by him as a game project. He can even proudly show off their scoring rankings without the slightest tiredness or boredom.

isn't he tired?

doesn't he want to stay in bed and do nothing?

of course not. It was only because he assumed the role of "father" that he hid all his fatigue and fear, and was duty-bound to block all the wind, frost, snow and rain for his children.

saw a very touching picture on the Internet before.

on Beijing Metro Line 16, the girl had just finished infusion with bandages on her hands and fell asleep on her father's back.

and that subway comes slowly, about every eight minutes.

but in order to make his daughter sleep more comfortably, the father kept the cat on his waist and remained motionless.

that's right, our father is not a superhero.

they are ordinary and ordinary, tired, vulnerable and scared like everyone else. But in spite of this, they are willing to do their best to protect our integrity.

even if they are not heroes, they are better than heroes.


even if life is not perfect

also live a beautiful life

but the wisest and most far-sighted thing is to teach children how to face life.

Guido, who heard the news, hid his son in a tin cabinet and waited for rescue. He dressed up as a woman and went to save his wife alone. But unexpectedly, on the way to rescue, Guido was found by Nazi officers.

waiting for himIt's going to be a standing shooting.

but when Guido was escorted by the Nazis past the tin cabinet where his son was hiding, he stepped forward like a clown and turned to make faces for the child, pretending that he was playing with the enemy.

until the last moment of his life, he left his children with a bright, optimistic smile.

in such a difficult environment in the concentration camp, Guido taught his son not fear and cowardice, but optimism and strength.

so when Joshua recalled the story many years later, he still said with emotion:

"Beautiful life is not beautiful, it is to tell us that life is not terrible, what is terrible is how to face it."



once taught him how to laugh at life and how to face the cruelty of life. And this serious and positive attitude towards life is the best love for a father to his child.

I have seen someone ask on the Internet, what is a good native family like?

maybe the movie "Beautiful Life" gives us the answer that a good native family has nothing to do with material things and conditions, but whether it can bring children a serious and positive attitude towards life.

Life has a long way to go, and we will encounter all kinds of setbacks.

and the optimism and positivity that a person inherits from his parents is enough to resist the vicissitudes of life and help them have a perfect life.

you might as well go into the cinema to revisit the charm of this classic film and feel the great and wise love of a father.