​ was born a human being. May you have the sun and the moon in your heart and the stars in your eyes.
People can be refined, but not Yin!
May you and I live a warm rest of life with a cool and thin spirit.
The really reliable relationship is that each has its own "cool and thin".
Life is calm because it is quiet and elegant because it is calm.
A person's best living condition is simple in material and full in spirit.
May all expectations be fulfilled and thousands of long-cherished thoughts turn the corner.
Hello at 2020. Goodbye at 2019.
Young in mind
Think about something before you go to bed
You don't have to bear too much burden when you live a lifetime.
2020: take off your tiredness and let bygones be bygones
No matter where you are, your heart is warm to the sun.
The best attitude towards life: live well, eat slowly, love deeply
I hope we can all have our own beautiful life!
The first tear gas film in 2020: understand what fatherly love is until you understand it.