A person's best living condition is simple in material and full in spirit.
A person's best living condition is simple in material and full in spirit.
Life is calm because it is quiet and elegant because it is calm.

Uncle Ben tells you about the Art of Life

an uncle

there is such a small fable, a gold panning team walking in the desert, everyone's pace is heavy, miserable, only one person is smiling.

others asked him, "Why are you so cozy?"

he smiled and replied, "because I bring the least things."

the sea of life, in fact, happiness is very simple.

Let go of those unnecessary encumbrances and look at the troubles of the world with a simple heart.

Today, Uncle Lin Yutang wants to share this book "the Art of Life" with his book friends. I hope that after reading the article, you can travel light and sing all the way.


only when the material is simple can you feel at ease

Zhuangzi wandered freely said: "Wren nests in the deep forest, but one branch; Yan rat drinks the river, but full."

Wren nests in a deep forest, and no matter how big the forest is, it can only occupy one of them; when a rat goes to the Yellow River to drink water, no matter how big the Yellow River is, it can only fill its stomach.

people. The material resources in this world are endless, but all we need is enough food and a comfortable bed for one party.

when people are alive, it is good to have enough money without too much money, a car is not too expensive, it is good to be able to travel, and the house is not too big, it is good to have a family.

only when material life is simple, everything around you becomes clear.

A blogger once filmed a video of "breaking up", which caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

in the video, she cleans dozens of clothes that have not even been removed from the tag; a lot of unused mobile phone casings and data cables; and various gifts left in the corner.

after throwing away these unwanted sundries, I even made room for a small half of the home, and the whole person and space became bright.

there are too many such people in life, always indulge in material desires, resulting in the hoarding of a large number of goods, not to mention space, but also the consumption of time and energy.

the temptation in the world is colorful, and a mountain is higher than a mountain. Once you indulge in material desires, you will fall into a never-ending chase, tired physically and mentally.

"three thousand years of reading history is nothing but fame and fortune; 90,000 miles of enlightenment will eventually lead to poetry, wine and countryside."

Life in the world, three thousand prosperous, after all simple, life really does not have to pursue too much.

it is the wisdom of life not to be burdened by things, to keep things simple, to identify false things, and to keep the real things.


Life is the best before it lasts for a long time

you must have seen this cartoon of digging wells for water:

every time they are close to the water source, the workers choose to give up and dig in another place.

cycle round and round again and again.

from God's point of view, we all laugh at workers' inattention, but in reality, don't we do the same a lot of times?

the result of being eager for success and being distracted is that nothing can be done well and nothing can be done well.

as Lin Yutang said:

"the truth of life is that no matter how rich the industry is and how many opportunities there are in the world, there are only a few things that each of us can do well."

there are so many choices in the world, but only one is really suitable for you. It is better to focus on one thing, look at it, and do it deeply than a lot of perfunctory things.

I remember Buffett and Bill Gates were invited to participate in an interview in which the host asked them:

"what do you think is the most precious thing in this era?"

both of them gave the same answer: "focus", focus.

I take it for granted that the simplest focus is the commendable quality.

instead of spending a lot of time and energy digging a deep well, it is better to spend the same energy digging a deep well and make the best of what you like. Even if success comes slowly, it is more valuable.

he who does only one thing all his life is a true master.

get rid of superfluous thoughts, put your energy into what you really love, and have no distractions, so you can go further.


the most earthly flavor is Qinghuan

in philosophy, there is a question that bothers countless people: what is happiness?

everyone has different definitions of happiness, but I think only Mr. Lin Yutang's answer is the most convincing.

he said that a happy life is nothing more than four things:

one is to sleep in his own bed, the second is to eat the food cooked by his parents, the third is to listen to love words, and the fourth is to play games with children.

after going through the hustle and bustle of the world, I understand the value of ordinary life.

only after tasting the delicacies of the world can we know that the greatest taste in the world is Qinghuan.

it is only after watching other people's dreams that they realize that fame and fortune is just a thing of the past.

after most of the journey of life, I realized that the most difficult and valuable thing in the world is to have an indifferent and contented heart.

if you want less, you will suffer less; if you put more, life will be lighter. Rein in your desires and know how to be simple, so that you will be happier.

Su Shi experienced many ups and downs in his life.

when youngHe also could not let go of this fame and wealth.

in the face of the unspeakable reality, he wrote down angrily, "I hate this person for a long time, when to forget the camp", and there is no place to vent my grievances.

but after several storms, my heart became indifferent.

even if you are in a desolate ancient temple, you can enjoy the comfort of "where there is no moon at night, where there is no bamboo and cypress, but few idle people are like both of us".

it turns out that when a person's level is higher, the pursuit is more simple and simple.

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they get rid of their inner desires, give up the things in their lives that are too bloated, and live a comfortable and thorough life.

after seeing many ups and downs in this world, we will eventually understand:

if people want to be really happy, they don't care about truth and falsehood, gain and loss, fame and gain, wealth and inferiority, poverty and wealth, but simply live happily and discover the poetry of life.

in this bustling world, may you calm down and be an interesting person, insert a bouquet of flowers, light a lamp, hold a book, recite a poem, and make life an art.

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