The best attitude towards life: live well, eat slowly, love deeply
The best attitude towards life: live well, eat slowly, love deeply
No matter where you are, your heart is warm to the sun.

Wen Qian

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there is a question on Zhihu: "what should life be like?"

there is a highly praised answer, which analyzes 75 years of research at Harvard University, and finally comes to the conclusion that there can be no standard answer to this question. If so, life is meaningless.

people live to explore different paths and experience different experiences.

as said in "Zishan Fish Spectrum":

"it's not a bad thing to live a crane that is constantly rising, but even if you are dirty and dirty, you still choose to live like Zishan, and it is meaningful to look dark but lively, free and comfortable in appearance."

there are thousands of paths in life, and how to choose depends on personal choice.

it is a good choice to live well, eat slowly and love deeply.

have a good life

is a must of life

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how precious it is that there is only one life.

if you don't live a good life, won't you waste the beautiful years that God has given you?

in the movie Journey of the mind, a middle-aged jazz musician who works part-time as a teacher, has mediocre qualifications and struggles for many years, and finally waits for a chance to perform with famous jazz musicians.

so, full of reluctance, he sneaked back into the world to find the meaning of life.

he thought that when he went back, he still thought of the performance he had in mind, but later he found that the small details of his life made him happy: delicious pizza, friends in the community, mother's support, students' messages.

these little things that you usually don't have time to pay attention to are the most touching plots in your life.

later, he succeeded in realizing his dream and performed perfectly, but he said, "I've been waiting for this day all my life. I thought I would be different." However, I found that it was no different from the past. "

then he realized that the most beautiful time in life is the daily dribs and drabs.

the performance is just one of the countless dots.

to live well is the necessity of life.

think about it, which life around you is not living well?

the flowers are trying to bloom toward the sun, the grass is desperately poking its head out of the earth, and the wicker dancing gently in the breeze is all about the beauty of life.

I have read such a paragraph:

"Life itself has no meaning, it just allows us to feel the beauty of the world for once, and the perception itself is meaning."

to live a good life is to feel the beauty of life and leave no regrets in your short life.

it is an extraordinary experience to experience what should be experienced, to miss what should be missed, whether it is painful, sad, or happy to let go.

when you finish your life and look back on the past, you will say, I have been in this world, there is no regret, this is enough.

have a good meal

gives people a sense of belonging

Confucius said in the Book of Rites: "when eating men and women, people's great desires exist."

since ancient times, eating has been the biggest thing in life.

every Spring Festival, delicacies are all put on the table, and the family and Meimei sit together and have a good meal, which shows the greatest significance of home.

at this time, worry, depression and entanglement will be left behind, and the taste of delicious food is enough to cure physical and mental exhaustion.

but the fast pace of life, so that a good meal, has almost become an extravagant hope.

there is a truck driver named Dahai on Douyin.

go out for more than 300 days a year, the life in the sea is simple and rough, eating becomes coping.

for a long time, the desolation of perennial wandering is getting thicker and thicker in the heart of the sea.

in 2017, the sea decided to change. He took cutlery and turned the car into a mobile kitchen.

A few pots, a pair of scissors, the tools are simple, but the life in the sea is refined, with delicious steamed buns, steaming tomatoes covered with rice, and pizza with rich ingredients.

the sea said: "originally it was just to solve the problem of food and clothing, but now it has become fun." I just want to live my life and enjoy my mundane life. "

A good meal will make people feel more at home.

the tiring life, with delicious companionship, is no longer so lonely, and the car is no longer a moving tool, but a warm home.

"late Night Canteen" says: "Food is energy, healing, and precious."

in the process of making and enjoying delicious food attentively, the heart will become calm and steady, and life will become richer.

when you taste the food with your taste buds, happiness arises spontaneously.

stop, calm down, enjoy it slowly, savor it carefully, and you will find that no matter how trivial and annoying you are, compared with these ingredients that come from nature, it is just a blink of an eye.

the best of life

is not a kind of getting, but a kind of repayment

there is a sentence in "one hundred years of Solitude":

"all the splendor of life must be repaid with loneliness."

the highlight moments in everyone's life are bought with countless lonely days.

it's either blood, sweat, or a lot of youth.

her wedding room is a ground kiln, and the pot where she eats is full of sand, where there is no electricity, no road, no one around, only the vast sea of sand.

Yin Yuzhen looked at her destitute home and could not stop her tears. if she wanted to have a good life, she had to pay off her debt to God.

dry her tears and she began to plant saplings in the sand.

even if only 10 of the 600 saplings survived, even if 5000 willows were uprooted by the sandstorm, she did not waver at all.

now, Yin Yuzhen has finally lived a good life that everyone envies, but how many people can understand the hardships and sufferings she once had?

Life will not take care of you because of your frustration, nor will it favor you because of your misfortune.

Zeng Guofan once said, "ask not the harvest, but the hard work."

the best way to live is not to get, but to repay.

if you care too much about gains and losses, you can't put your heart and soul into it, and the harvest is naturally limited.

when you work hard without asking for anything in return, the life you look forward to will come unexpectedly.

the best life cannot be created without hard-working hands.

have a good life

eat slowly and love deeply

the historian Mr. Xu Xianyun talked about his view of history in the Thirteen invitations:

"individual is the smallest, politics is slightly longer than individual, economy is slightly longer than politics, society is longer than economy, culture is the longest, and nature is longer."

I think so.

at the beginning of the new year in 2020, the epidemic of COVID-19 swept the world, leaving her life vulnerable to the virus.

A few days ago, floods raged in Henan, large areas of farmland were flooded, rows of houses were destroyed, and thousands of people lost their warm homes overnight.

the universe is so big that people are in it, but an ant and a thin grass.

how to make life more meaningful? How can an individual survive?

in the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Dai was born in a dignitary and lived a carefree life from an early age.

he carefully developed the Lanxue tea, which is made of Qingfei white and tends to plain porcelain, and the cheese of "blowing air wins orchid and soaking into the heart".

Zhang Dai can play to the extreme of anything he likes: cockfighting, playing football, singing. I am proficient in everything.

but he has no interest in getting merit and fame. He can even write the wrong answer format. He has only been a scholar in his life.

at the age of 36, his family was in the middle of life, and the once angry horse in fresh clothes became a man in cloth clothes, and he was in a state of anxiety all day long. It was not that he had not struggled in a desperate situation, but he was relieved after realizing his smallness and the vastness of his life.

even when he was middle-aged, Zhang Dai did not change his romantic nature. when he saw the beginning of the heavy snow, the cold wind swished, put on his clothes and went straight to the West Lake, swinging a canoe and rowing to the pavilion in the middle of the lake.

No matter how things change, Zhang Dai still chooses pure life.

the poor life also made him rich and magnanimous.

perhaps in the eyes of others, this is not a success in the secular sense, but as a life, Zhang Dai has obtained the ultimate freedom.

he has been perceiving the beauty of the world with his eyes, ears, heart, taste and touch all his life.

his understanding of life makes him go beyond the limitation of physical life and realize the release of his own nature.

Zhang Dai's life fully confirms a truth: no answer can save life, and the highest form of survival is

live well, eat slowly, and love deeply.

only through personal practice, observation, and perception can one constantly know and understand the world.

the famous writer Jia Pingwa said in "Walking alone":

"since people come to the world like ants, suddenly live and die, gather and scatter, in just a few decades, they should be free, they should be chic and unrestrained, and each should complete a period of his own life. This is the whole meaning of survival."

people have different destinies and circumstances in this life, whether they are free and easy, or ill-fated, they all have to finish their lives.

in many cases, whether you are extraordinary or ordinary, what you can grasp is very limited.

since this is the case, it is better to cherish what you have and live in the present.

be at ease, be unrestrained and unrestrained, and make every day your last.

only in this way can we live up to our lives and years.