Why can Chinese people "jump the queue" when they get vaccinated? You must know the mystery behind this.
Why can Chinese people "jump the queue" when they get vaccinated? You must know the mystery behind this.
Dignity is always above the sword!

recently, the experience of a travel blogger abroad has triggered discussion among more than 100 million netizens.

on the evening of October 30th, Mr. Li in Pakistan was preparing to be vaccinated there.

when he was driving to the front, he was suddenly stopped by a soldier and asked for his passport.

he cooperated to hand over his Chinese passport.

unexpectedly, the other party looked excited after reading it and said to him:

"Thank you for the vaccine sent by China, which helped Pakistan. China is our best brother."

then tell him that you don't have to wait in line, you can go to the front and play directly.

Mr. Li was a little surprised, but refused and insisted on standing in line according to the rules.

after waiting for half an hour, other staff members came one after another to show their friendship, and repeatedly invited him to go directly to the front to play.

during the vaccination, when the staff learned that he was Chinese, they were very happy and kept saying to him that they were grateful for the Chinese vaccine.

Mr. Li was deeply impressed by the experience of not having to wait in line for this vaccination.

he sighed:

"as a Chinese, I am very proud and thank our motherland."

in fact, Mr. Li's experience is not special.

after the outbreak of COVID-19, netizens

@ Leavemealone

also shared a story:

in the Middle East, there is an unknown small country-Oman.

there are about 3000 Chinese working here, and the netizen's mother is one of them.

more than 1000 people have been vaccinated in China, but the remaining 2000 are still waiting for the vaccine.

it was at a time of global outbreaks, and vaccines were very tight in most countries.

for Oman, it is difficult for them to take care of the people of their own country, let alone give it to Chinese expatriates.

but our country, in order to ensure that these 2000 people can be vaccinated, sent 100, 000 doses directly to the Omani government.

except for the part for the Chinese, all the rest is donated to Oman.

and there is only one condition:

you must call the Chinese first!

in order to express its gratitude, the Omani government directly sent the best doctors in the country to vaccinate the Chinese.

in just two weeks, netizens' mothers were vaccinated.

this is our motherland, for the safety of 2000 people, "brazenly" directly donated 100000 doses of vaccine.

not only that, in March this year, the Chinese government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched a plan that shocked the world:

Operation Chunmiao.

in order to vaccinate overseas Chinese in time, our government has donated 1 million doses of vaccine directly to Thailand, 300000 doses to Laos and 500000 doses to Vietnam.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are, as long as you are Chinese, you can get the vaccine given by your mother.

the only condition every time is the warm and hot-blooded sentence, "the Chinese must fight first!"

there is a kind of pride, called "Chinese first"!

Chinese people living in Thailand proudly wrote on Weibo:

"not only is there no money, but also the handling fee is saved. Because the director of the local hospital thinks that it is unreasonable for the Chinese to collect money after donating so many vaccines. "

the staff in the Sahara said:

"people in Africa have just been vaccinated today, and many countries have begun to pay attention to where China's spring seedling campaign has covered."

up to now, the "Spring Seedling Initiative" has been carried out in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, and more than 1.18 million overseas Chinese compatriots have been vaccinated by the motherland.

think of that vivid metaphor on the Internet:

"it's like going to a friend's house to lodge. Your parents are worried that you can't eat meat, so they send a pig to your friend's house directly, so that you can have a bite of meat and be nice to you."

Chinese people in a foreign country not only do not feel uncomfortable, but are treated as the most distinguished guests and received the most warm reception.

how can such an experience not make people proud?

in the past two years, the arrival of the epidemic has changed people's lives, just like a sudden "big test".

the test is not only the performance of the individual, but also the ability of the country.

the answers handed over by China are constantly refreshing the world's impression of China.

Today, China is becoming a looked up country, and the identity of the Chinese people will become an enviable symbol.

how powerful is China now? A speech by the person in charge of the State Grain Administration will tell you the answer.

by the end of this year, China's grain output will remain above 1.3 trillion jin for seven consecutive years.

there are more than 5500 emergency grain processing enterprises nationwide, which can process 1.5 million tons of rice and 800000 tons of wheat every day.

in other words, if each person eats one jin of grain every day, the rice noodles processed in one day will be enough for the people of the whole country to eat for two days.

moreover, China's strength is more than that.

in June this year, the last "Beidou system" networking satellite was successfully launched.

once some people laughed at us for being weak, but now we fight back most forcefully with action.

after the outbreak of the epidemic, China immediately organized researchers to develop vaccines.

so far, China has the largest vaccine production capacity.

China is no longer the country with backward medical strength, and the COVID-19 vaccine we export is regarded as a life-saving elixir by countless countries.

in September this year, after being held for 1028 days, Meng Wanzhou finally returned to his motherland.

France's Alstom was arrested because the person in charge was arrested, and finally the humiliating sale of its core business is still vivid, while China relied on its own strength and allowed Meng Wanzhou to return home safely without giving up any benefits.

is it true that the world has suddenly become friendly?

No, it's because our country is getting stronger and stronger.

so strong that no one can manipulate us at will, and that no one can talk to us arrogantly anymore.

I very much agree with such a sentence: "Dignity is always above the sword!"

all the strength comes from their own strength. Without a strong motherland, how can there be a happy individual?

it is precisely because of this increasingly strong national strength that our security and happiness have been steadily supported.

in a variety show, South Korean artist Wu Shangjin once exposed such a thing.

in 2015, Wu Shangjin was doing public welfare activities in Nepal.

before he could return, a massive earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale struck Nepal.

his first reaction at that time was to contact the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the hope that they could send someone to take him home and leave this dangerous place.

however, when he went to great pains to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the other party ignored his plight and pushed him to the land department like a ball.

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this is the first foreign rescue force after the accident.

they dropped the relief supplies, pulled up all their expatriates, and flew away.

and Wu Shangjin can only watch eagerly as the Chinese expatriates take the lead in leaving.

until the end, he failed to wait for help from his own country.

he tried every means to buy a ticket to Guangzhou and then transferred to South Korea.

Meng Wanzhou wrote a paragraph when he returned home, which moved countless people:

"We pray for peace. Fortunately, we were born in a peaceful age; we advocate greatness, and it is valuable that we were born in a great country."

the world is still that world, and the cruel reality of bullying the weak and weak countries without diplomacy continues to this day.

and China is no longer what it used to be, and its strength has been able to protect our integrity.

in the past, some people were proud of their foreign passports and green cards, and always thought that the moon abroad was relatively round.

now, facts have proved that China is the safest place in the world.

when Dr. Zhang Wenhong connects with students studying in the United States, the most frequently said sentence is:

"you can forget any phone number, the number of the embassy, never forget."

because although the Chinese passport can't take you anywhere, it can take you home from anywhere!

although it doesn't bring you more wealth, it can give you more respect overseas!

someone once asked on the Internet: "Why should we be patriotic?"

maybe everyone has a different answer to this question.

but in the final analysis, it's because it's worth it! Because it loves us, too!

it is too early to say what the future world pattern will be.

but now, our motherland has been able to make us feel extremely reassuring and proud.

I'm really glad I was born in today's China.

for our increasingly powerful motherland.