Hello at 2020. Goodbye at 2019.
Hello at 2020. Goodbye at 2019.
May all expectations be fulfilled and thousands of long-cherished thoughts turn the corner.

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when I was a child, I always felt that time was very slow. I was scratching my fingers and counting, but I still couldn't count to the end.

when I grow up, I slip by quietly in the morning light of traffic jams, late nights of overtime, daily life, and unread messages in the work group.

I had to bid farewell to the year before I could achieve a few small goals set at the beginning of the year.

good-bye, non-stop 2019; Hello, looking forward to 2020.

2020, let bygones be bygones and start all over again

the biggest thing in life is not worth it, is to let yourself get stuck in the bad past and never recover.

promise me that from now on, I will classify the fragments of the past and clear away 2019 of all negative energy and bad emotions with one click.

get rid of grievances, discard decadence, break uncomfortable relationships, change unsatisfactory jobs, and bid farewell to unrealistic goals.

say goodbye to those moments of frustration, collapse, and crying; to those who can't let go of the pain and sudden parting; to the 2019 of "I'm too South".

Don't fall asleep over and over again, don't feel sorry for missing, put what you should put, forget what you should forget, and start your love and expectation of life again.

Clean the house, buy a few green plants, write down your wishes for the new year, and open your 2020 neatly and ceremonially.

work hard silently, keep working hard, and do what you promised yourself one by one.

the good things you look forward to will certainly arrive in 2020.

2020, may you do what you want and love what you love

2020, it sounds like a romantic year.

the new 2020, I wish you can spend the New year with cherished friends, eat delicious food, watch bright fireworks, and count down happily like a child.

when the first bell of the new year rings, say to them, "Happy New year, dear."

the new 2020, may you successfully buy a ticket home, go back to your parents, help them, and chat with them.

this time, be patient with them, cherish this rare time of reunion, and return to your hometown more often in the days to come.

the new 2020, may you not be afraid of age and words, still believe in love and look forward to it, and be brave to meet it.

and that right person, sign in together, go through spring, summer, autumn and winter, enjoy the beautiful scenery at 04:00, and hope that "I don't know where the mountains are high and cloudy".

New 2020, may you have loved ones around you, things you love, happiness for the rest of your life, and endless happiness and good luck for rats.

2020, the world is worth it, you are more worthy

in 2019, we seem to be particularly prone to collapse, the drunken Nanjing guy on the subway, the Hangzhou guy who was fined for retrograde traffic, and the Luoyang girl who couldn't find her home by car.

the trivia of life is often like the last straw that crushes our state of mind.

but with a few more complicated things, we all got through it, and so did we.

hug the self who has persisted for a long time, and thank the sincere, kind-hearted and indomitable self.

the new 2020, you have to believe that you are precious and worthy.

Don't deny yourself easily and criticize yourself too much. If you are too tired, give yourself a long holiday. If you are sad, find a place where there is no one to cry.

Control the rhythm of your life and never overdraw your health. You can work hard, but you can't work hard.

Don't always stay up late, take three meals a day seriously, and reward yourself with small gifts once in a while to make ordinary days sparkle.

listen to your favorite songs, read your favorite books, see the wider world, and experience unknown pleasures. Prepare your New year's shirt, change into your favorite hairstyle, and greet the new year with the most comfortable and beautiful posture.

you deserve all the good things in the world.

next decade,

Dress in the stylish long white formal dresses and bring out your body figure clearly. Take time to drink in these spectacular collections!

never forget the original ideal and ambition, not afraid of difficulties

in the past ten years, have you ever felt warm because of a moment?

do you still remember the retrograde persistence in the earthquake, the forced landing of Sichuan Airlines at the moment of life and death, and the fire hero who made people cry?

there is no kind of work that is not hard, thanks to those ordinary heroes who carry heavy loads for us. Fortunately, with them, we have good years and good health.

in the past decade, domestic violence, cyber violence, school violence. Pile news makes people indignant and even more regrettable.

in the past ten years, the idols I have pursued have become old, the cartoons I have read have come to an end, the stars I worship have retired, the king of the universe has been attributed to the universe, and the hero Jin Yong has also retired.

the childhood protagonists who bring us brilliance stop one by one, and even we begin to maintain and exercise ourselves.

it's time to cherish those smiles and tears, tenderness and emotion, and then move on bravely and firmly to the next stage of life.

for the rest of my life, there are thousands of roads, the first one is not afraid of difficulties; thousands of dreams, do not forget the first ideal and ambition.

next decade,

win every year, be happy year after year

finally came to the long-awaited future in the primary school composition. Are you ready for a better life?

in the next decade, quit staying up late, give up midnight snacks, go to bed early and get up early.Go all out to love and start every day with optimism and clarity.

in the next ten years, send yourself a trip, see the vastness of the stars with three or five friends, hope the sea of clouds surging, and happily encounter more small joys.

in the next ten years, to meet someone worth staying with, feel the palpitating heart that I haven't seen for a long time, there are long thorns ahead, I believe that he is there, I will be full of peace of mind.

in the next decade, make good money, guard your family attentively, take them for medical examination regularly, and strive to become their support. I hope I can accompany them year after year, ten years after ten years.

in the next decade, may all expectations be fulfilled and thousands of long-cherished thoughts turn the corner.

Hello, 2020,

Hello, next decade,

Happy New year and New year to you.

win every year and be happy year after year.

(an uncle will always accompany you ❤)


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.