35-year-old Gao Yixiang accidental death: life is impermanent, nothing is worth fighting for!
35-year-old Gao Yixiang accidental death: life is impermanent, nothing is worth fighting for!
Life comes and goes, but not for long.



Today, 35-year-old actor Gao Yixiang left us forever because of his sudden cardiac death during the recording program.

at first I thought it was just a small accident, but just an hour later, the official reported the bad news of the death.

the day before, he smiled and said goodbye to the fans who sent him to the show.

but in the twinkling of an eye, this humble and gentle big boy, forever fixed on the screen, became the Wang Lichuan in everyone's heart.

it turns out that not all goodbye can be answered.

if it hadn't been for the accident, he would have attended his friend's wedding two days later, dressed elegantly and became the best man who attracted the whole audience.

Are you dizzy in searching for the sturdy, exquisite and 1940s wedding dresses now? You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

he should find a sunny day to lay off his work and have a good time, as his friend said.

maybe he can still marry and have children with the girl he loves, and spend the rest of his life with each other in spite of quarrelling.

but on such an ordinary day, he left.

everything is gone.

it turns out that life is so impermanent that the real farewell is not good wine and food on the long Pavilion Road. It is on a rare and ordinary day that he turns away from the gate and never comes back.

in the past, I always lamented the helplessness of birth, old age, sickness and death, but now I increasingly realize that it is not easy to grow old safely and happily.

Life is numerous and fragile, so do and love and cherish.


there is a topic on Weibo: "is there anything else you want to do on your life list?"

received a lot of answers below:

I want to open my own flower shop, give up my busy work and spend time with my family. I want to take part in a marathon, shake hands and hug everyone I know.

but there is more than this list in life? There's still a lot of unfinished business.

We always think that there will be a long time to come, but we do not realize that regret is always on the way.

always regard youth as capital, no matter how strong the body can not withstand the operation of overload.

Hua Shao, a 38-year-old host, has been inflated since last year, and is often questioned by viewers that he can't manage himself well and let his figure gain weight.

and in a talk show, Hua Shao confessed:

as a result of being too busy at work, eating irregularly, often turning upside down on schedule, and being unable to exercise due to head injuries, I naturally get fatter and fatter.

on a serious occasion, two blood vessels burst in the lungs and once vomited 500cc's blood.

it was not until he dealt with the illness that he began to reflect on the meaning of life: the most expensive thing in life is health.

under fame, there are many scars.

there are always worse things in life than the present. Maybe you are not satisfied with the status quo, and it will be heaven in a few years' time.

there are many regrets, but when you have an illness, you will understand it all.

Yu Juan, a female professor in Fudan, lived a life of great progress in the 30 years before her illness: studying, taking the postgraduate entrance examination, studying for doctoral programs, and studying abroad.

like a tireless bird, she chased one target after another until one day she was strangled by fate.

she wrote in the Life Diary:

"if you have time, spend time with your children, buy a pair of shoes for your parents with the money for a car, and don't try your best to change a big house. With people who love each other, living in a humble home is also warm."

Yes, what could be happier than living healthily and sitting warmly with a family?

Schopenhauer wrote in the Wisdom of Life: "the biggest mistake human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body."

some people say that the world is yours and mine, but in the final analysis it belongs to those who are in good health and live for a long time.

We always feel that there is a long way to go, because we always bet on our health, take youth as capital, and endure unscrupulously.

but as long as there is an accident, it will bring everything back to the original.

We are just an ordinary mortal body without three heads and six arms.

I don't want to wait until you are old to realize the importance of health, so be nice to yourself and don't joke about your body.

when you feel too busy, stop and slow down and look at a flower to see the beauty of life.

when you are tired, you should have an early rest and have a good rest. It is never too late to start again after you are refreshed.

find a place where there is no one to cry when you feel bad, and it's okay to be weak once in a while.

Don't always struggle with yourself, don't always embarrass yourself.

after all, living well is the greatest wealth in the world!


have seen such a short film:

the short film is only 5 minutes long. it has no grand picture or inspiring cries, but simply makes an account for our lives.

if a person lives to be 78, then:

it takes about 28.3 years to sleep, which takes up 1/3 of your life;

it takes about 10.5 years to work, and it is likely to be unsatisfactory;

the time spent on TV and social media will also take up 9.5 years;

spend another 6 years on housework, 4 years;


in the end, the time I really left for myself was only nine years.

it's just that when one specific number after another emerges in front of my eyes, I suddenly tremble in a deep corner of my heart.

We always think that there is a long time to go, there is plenty of time to squander and wait, and we always think that there is a lot of tomorrow and a long time to come.

so beautiful clothes want to wait, interesting places should wait until there is plenty of time to go, and those who want to see them will see you when they are free.

We are used to pinning our hopes on the future, but we suddenly look back and find that countless expectations and wishes are irrevocable while waiting.

as Xi Murong once wrote in Little Red Gate:

"you think that since the day comes day by day, of course it should go by like this. There should be no difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

but there will be one time: as soon as you let go and turn around, some things change completely. The sun goes down, and before it rises again, some people will be with you forever. "

A lot of people never get in touch with each other when they walk, and they never see each other again after saying goodbye.

the fragility of life and the helplessness of personnel are sometimes so cruel and heartbreaking.

there are thousands of expectations in the world, and the best one is called tomorrow.

there are thousands of lies in life, and the biggest one is called a long time to come.

We never know which comes first, tomorrow or accident.

We spend all our lives, and all we can hold in our hands is the present and the present.

so take advantage of the sunshine and the breeze to see the people you want to see and do what you want to do.

Life comes and goes, and the days to come are not long.

Don't wait, don't regret.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.