A 35-year-old woman in Wuhan committed suicide by jumping off a building in the early morning, and chat records were exposed, infuriating the whole circle of friends.
A 35-year-old woman in Wuhan committed suicide by jumping off a building in the early morning, and chat records were exposed, infuriating the whole circle of friends.
I hope similar tragedies will not happen again in the future.

recently, everyone must have paid attention to the incident in which Ms. Lu committed suicide by jumping off a building in Wuhan.

saw what had happened, he was angry and saddened at the same time.

on September 16, Ms. Lu was chased by a dog in the community.

she has always been afraid of dogs because she has been bitten by dogs since she was a child.

after being frightened, Ms. Lu picked up a branch by the side of the road and tried to scare the dog away.

unexpectedly, the old lady who walked the dog without a rope not only did not apologize, but thought that Ms. Lu wanted to hurt her dog and quarreled with her on the spot.

if it is unacceptable for villains to fight back, then what happens next is even more infuriating.

the old lady walking her dog soon gathered a group of friends who also owned dogs because she was the owner of the community.

these people usually have nothing to do, besieging Ms. Lu on her way to work early every morning, and taking dogs to provoke and abuse her.

Ms. Lu did not want to be aggrieved by this, so she brought a stick to defend herself.

did not expect her resistance, but completely aroused the ferocity of this group of people.

daughter-in-law, who walks her dog, called her "crazy bitch" and "bitch born cheap enough" in various WeChat groups, and even slapped her in the face.

the friend of the old lady who walks the dog is strange in the group, calling the dog's biting behavior a kiss, saying that the person who is being chased is not a person, but a dog.

the day before the incident, the old lady walking the dog herself beat her with a stick at the gate of the community.

the ferocious display of these people, led by the old lady walking the dog, after tearing off their usually kind faces, is really frightening.

Ms. Lu tried to find the property, but the property did nothing: "there is nothing but asking me to call the police on Wechat, there is no one in the duty room."

the containment, abuse, and beating lasted nearly two months.

in the early morning of November 13, she jumped off the roof of the 32nd floor, ending her young life.

after things have fermented, netizens are talking about:


is it worth risking your life in order to let the community no longer walk the dog and risk its own life?


to be honest, it turned out to be a little ironic.

before Ms. Lu's accident, another owner said that the elderly had encountered a group of dogs in the way when they sent their children to kindergarten.

also had a dispute with several old women, who were waiting for their children to go to school with their dogs untied every day.

the family had to avoid it and made a detour around the underground garage for a year.

after Ms. Lu died, although civilized dog tips were added to the community, an owner immediately said that on the evening of the 21st, her husband was bitten again by an untied dog.

you think you can wake up the wicked by betting on your life. In fact, you can never wake up a person who pretends to sleep.

in the eyes of dog owners who walk their dogs without pulling ropes:

"Gee, my dog is very good and never bites."

"if you don't scare him, how can he chase you?"

I thought it must be the dog who knows the dog best, but these people always think they know the dog better than the dog.

and are those villains punished?

the old lady, who has besieged her for nearly two months, has not made any apology. After the incident broke out, her family moved out of the neighborhood.

the old lady's wife, who abused her in the group, ran away with her luggage that day.

you see, do not underestimate the shamelessness of the bad guys, nor overestimate the conscience of the bad guys.

Ms. Lu said, "I'm dead, and they won't live in peace for the rest of their lives."

but the truth is, "they" will not only feel no guilt, but even have the joy of victory.

for unreasonable people, it is a pleasure to see the other person swallow his anger and see the other person being cornered by himself.

they can still live well in another neighborhood, maybe they can continue to walk the dog without a rope, and a person has only one life, and if they lose it, they will never be able to do it again.

use your precious life in exchange for each other's conscience.

this price is too heavy!

such an ending is too tragic!

back to the original question: is it worth it?

it's really not worth it.

in this tragedy, the old lady who walked her dog without a rope won, and Ms. Lu, who jumped off a building and lost her life, lost.

"this is probably the last video. Thank you for your company."

although she wears exquisite makeup, she shows a trace of malaise and does not have the vitality and vitality of the past.

in the video, she confessed: "suffering from depression

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for a long time, I have even been in hospital for two months. "

in order to infect everyone with happiness, she always pretends to be happy.

but the grievances that have been quietly swallowed can no longer be held back.

however, there is no shortage of onlookers in the world, and Luo's video quickly received 40w + likes.

as soon as the live broadcast opened, some sharp-eyed netizens were curious about the bottle of liquid on her desk.

she said calmly, "this is a pesticide. I was going to drink it later."... "

as soon as her voice fell, the light in her eyes dimmed, and the studioBut it boiled over.

she was discouraged from doing anything stupid, but the kindness was immediately drowned out by another voice.

more and more spectators began to encourage her and abuse her with all kinds of vulgar words:

"go ahead and drink!"

"drink it!"

"it's not pee in the bottle, is it?"

I just wanted to get some comfort, but I didn't expect that the words of strangers were as sharp as razor blades.

her psychological line of defense was completely defeated, so she picked up the beverage bottle and drank it.

but does she really have no attachment to life?

I don't think so.

although she is desperate and depressed, she still has expectations for the world.

her pesticide was diluted with a drink. She regretted it the moment she drank the pesticide on impulse and immediately dialed 120.

but unfortunately, after a day of emergency treatment, she still could not be saved.

it can be said that it was not only her depression and impulses that killed her, but also the indifferent onlookers.

if the voice of kindness is louder;

if she had not been shackled by these indifferent voices;

if she doesn't act impulsively;


will there be another ending to this matter?

but the tragedy has happened, which is sad and even more alarming.

Bad guys are hateful, but never take other people's fault and fight with life and death.

tragedies caused by impulses will only make their parents grieved and endure the torment of white-haired people to send black-haired people.

and those "murderers" who are not afraid of Taiwan High in the theatre have already left the studio contentedly and moved on to the next studio as if they were none of their own business.

there are good people and evil people in this world.

some people are full of friendliness, others are malicious.

neither Ms. Lu who jumped from a building nor the cat Luo who drank medicine was treated gently by life.

but we can't expect everyone to be kind, let alone underestimate the ability of evil people to be demons.

the wicked don't care about how you feel or whether you live or die.

Don't expect too much, hurting yourself will make the other person feel guilty.

even if you give your life, they will only think of you as vulnerable and put off all the responsibility.

the only people who really get hurt are themselves and those who love you.

Nietzsche said in the other side of good and Evil:

"if you struggle with the dragon for too long, you will become the dragon itself." If you stare at the abyss for too long, the abyss will come back to gaze. "

never punish ourselves with the wickedness of others. We should live better than the wicked.

I also hope that everyone will understand that people can be as humble as dust and not distorted like maggots.

even if you can't change the world, at least you should be kind, leave leeway, and don't trample on other people's lives and dignity at will.

, but may similar tragedies not happen again in the future.