A few good habits to make you beautiful
A few good habits to make you beautiful
Act together and be a beauty of both internal and external training.


the love of beauty is self-appreciation and respect for life, and it is a kind of beautiful spiritual yearning.

Carnegie said: "to make yourself more beautiful is the most direct way to improve your charm."

in the matter of beauty, you have to rely on your parents before the age of 18 and on your own after the age of 18.

everyone can be beautiful as long as they put some effort into it.

go to bed early and get up early

whether you can have a good life or not, sleep habits are very important.

Night can be used for TV shows, shopping and collapse, but it is actually more tiring than during the day.

people who go to bed early are not swayed by the outside world, so they perfectly avoid the moment of overflowing emotions and gain happiness in their sleep.

the body is like an energy field, releasing energy during the day and replenishing it at night.

go to bed early, timely and reasonable repair of the body, make people keep a clear head and energetic.

getting up early makes people do things more efficiently, always walk in front of others, win more time, and give priority to taking the initiative in life.

those who insist on going to bed early and getting up early can control life.

the poet Byron once said:

"early to bed and early to rise can brighten a beautiful face and reduce the price of rouge."

people who go to bed early and get up early wake up with everything and see the morning dew and the morning light, and their eyes are full of love for life.

they have a good metabolism and look younger and glowing.

early to bed and early to rise is the most cost-effective investment on the way to beauty.

keep exercising

writer Roland said: "apart from strengthening the body, exercise is also the best way to keep people mentally fresh."

the most intuitive benefit of exercise is to burn calories, build a light and stable body, tighten the muscles and brighten the skin.

during exercise, the body secretes happy elements such as dopamine and serotonin, which makes people have a positive and optimistic attitude and full of energy.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported that people who exercise regularly have a 2% increase in hippocampal volume compared with those who do not exercise.

the hippocampus is mainly responsible for the storage, conversion and orientation of long-term memory.

in other words, people who exercise for a long time will improve their memory and their brains will become smarter.

exercise, forge your figure, improve your appearance, improve your temperament, change your brain, and show the beauty of vitality all the time.

exercise is the source of all life and the best weapon against the years. It makes people reborn and reap a happy life.

every drop of sweat you shed when you exercise will be the light that shines on you in the future.

improve self-confidence

Yang Lan once said: "the beauty of a woman does not lie in the skin, but in the confidence accumulated on her face."

the face will grow old, but the self-confidence on the face makes people always in high spirits.

self-confidence is an affirmation of self-worth, which makes people recognize their own strengths and potential and generate courage and strength to move forward.

it does not let people drift with the current, but calmly, safeguarding the dignity and beauty of life.

even if it is not satisfactory, there is unparalleled certainty and indifference.

therefore, the real strength of a person is self-confidence.

confident people are the most attractive, self-confidence will be gentle, gentle will be calm, calm will be free and easy.

according to psychological research, body and mind is a process of mutual influence and mutual promotion.

when a person is confident, he will do some behavior, and these behaviors can in turn enhance self-confidence.

some people say that it is not necessarily genius who works miracles, but ordinary people with self-confidence.

self-confidence can dispel the haze in front of you, turn small into greatness and mediocrity into magic.

in the days to come, you don't have to care about the vision of others, give full play to your strengths, and enhance your aura.

believe in yourself and be yourself.

keep smiling

there are many good sentences about the beauty of a smile since ancient times:

A smile stirs the heart, and the autumn waves take a picture of the soul.

laugh at the city, and then laugh at the country.

although the poems are pleasing to the eye and make people imagine, they are not worth a smile.

think about it, most of the time we will forget a person's appearance, but never forget the exciting smile of ta.

A smile has a strong attraction and will convey a good mood to each other.

as the saying goes: anger makes a man old, and a smile becomes less.

A smile stimulates more than 50 facial muscles to contract, causing the corners of the mouth to rise and release a lot of positive energy.

Life has eagerness to look forward to, and there will be unexpected joy, dancing calmly on windy days and holding umbrellas when it rains.

A smile has the magic of healing everything. It dispels the wind of sad clouds and makes thorns blossom out of the mud.

it is not because you are happy that you smile, but because you are happier with a smile.

change the world with your smile, don't let the world changeChange your smile.

believe in this sentence: girls who love to laugh, their luck will not be too bad.

go to bed when you are tired and smile when you wake up.

the smile is warm and calm.


I have seen a question: "what are the characteristics of those who do not read?"

there is an answer that makes me feel deeply: "they speak simply and bluntly, like to cut corners, and hide their inner unease with impulse."

people who read books and people who don't read books really lead a different life.

Reading allows us to follow words to travel, to know the world, to feel life, and to solve 80% of our doubts.

enables us to find bosom friends in books and become considerate.

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I like a passage in Sanmao's book very much:

"if you read more, your appearance will change naturally. Most of the time, the books I have read have become a thing of the past, but in fact they are still potential. In temperament, in conversation, in the boundlessness of mind. "

Life cannot be arranged by others, it is up to you to strive for it.

Learning is the nobility with the lowest threshold that can bring us sense of security.

people who take learning as an interest have a free and comfortable mood, outstanding temperament, and the future is all in control.

as the saying goes, "the essence of learning is not what you remember, but what it triggers your thinking."

A lifelong learner has stars in his eyes and a Poseidon needle in his heart, and his life must be exquisite.

learn to praise

sincere praise, like the warm sun shining in the depths of the heart, makes people feel like a spring breeze; like a candy in a difficult day, it makes people smile through tears.

the power of praise is extraordinary, it can positively imply, and even change a person's life.

it is a kind of bearing and a kind of self-cultivation for a gentleman to become a man of beauty and to admit that others are excellent.

being good at discovering beauty and knowing how to praise, there is no doubt that he has wise eyes and a gentle heart, so that both sides find a sense of existence.

in fact, while elevating others, you are also helping yourself.

in the journey of life, with a little more affirmation of others, we will have a little more space in our lives.

with more love and support, there will be less loneliness and wind and rain.

I have read a sentence: "if you regard others as demons, you will live in hell; if you regard others as angels, you will live in heaven."

if you want others to appreciate you, learn to praise them first.

appreciating imperfections with perfect eyes will reap the goodwill and goodwill of others. Life will go smoothly and make you shine.

many people will look down on a lazy woman, but not a woman who loves beauty.

because cherishing yourself is a sign of love for life.

Dong Qing said: "the beauty of appearance is short-lived, and only with knowledge and self-cultivation can we have a beautiful life."

True beauty, health and vitality, elegance and wisdom, enthusiasm on the face and aroma of the soul.

Don't give up the pursuit of beauty no matter when and where.

you will find that as you become more and more beautiful, everything will go better and better.

, let's act together and be a beauty who studies both inside and outside.