A person's best way of life
A person's best way of life
If you have love in your heart, you can let it go.

an uncle

Mid-Autumn Festival, Guixiang Fuyu.

in my uncle's memory, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the time for families to enjoy the moon, talk and eat moon cakes together. At that time, "reunion" was the warmest word.

later, as he grew older and carried too much burden, he found that "reunion" had become a luxury desire.

those who do not go home during the Mid-Autumn Festival can only look at their parents and children through video calls when they are busy.

back home, or inseparable from the sporadic trivialities of work, it is difficult to give sufficient company to the family, the time together is always short.

it's another mid-autumn day of the year. Have you gone home this year?

if you feel lonely and helpless at the moment, and don't know how to live the life you want, maybe the book "good Weather alone" will give you the answer you want.

Today, Uncle walked with everyone into the inner world of the protagonist Zhishou and her 71-year-old uncle and aunt Yinzi to see how they lead an ordinary life in poetry.


be loved

Zhishou's parents, who graduated from high school, were divorced. She didn't want to go to school, so she came to Tokyo alone and went to Yinzi, a distant relative.

Yinzi is an ordinary old lady. Her husband died early, leaving her to guard the old house alone. Her life was dull but with a little flavor.

although she is 71, she lives like a 17-year-old girl.

she likes cooking, shredded eggs, cherry blossom fish cake, konjac jelly. It can always make Zhishou eat with relish;

she likes embroidery, even if no one praises it;

she likes to wear makeup, and no matter how old she is, she has to be elegant herself.

she also likes dancing, signed up for the social dance class in the civic hall, and strengthened the predestined person.

in front of the years, heroes will grow old and beauties will grow old.

but people like Yinzi will not be hindered by age, but will only live more and more wonderful.

because no matter how difficult the day is, no matter what others think, she will love life and keep her enthusiasm.

A person's best way of life is to love life, appreciate small bridge and flowing water and master firewood, rice and salt.

Sanmao once said: "the best time lies in its inevitable passage." Spring flowers, autumn moon, summer, winter snow. I don't have time to be young seriously, but when I understand it, I can only choose to grow old seriously. "

since time will not stay, it would be better to take it easy, be gentle, and try to live your age into temperament.


know how to let go

Life is like a circle. When we go around in circles, we will meet our best friends and leave imperfections. Time will not bring us back to our starting point until we have tasted all our joys and sorrows.

Zhishou in the book has been in love for three times, and nothing is more impressive than her relationship with platform assistant Fujita.

in this relationship, her love is a little humble, but as long as she can be with Fujita, she is happy.

gradually, Fujita took her forbearance for granted, never answering her phone calls, not sending her home, and joking with other women in front of her.

Fujita's ignore, do not care, do not cherish, like a thorn, across the heart of Zhishou, and finally they can only go their separate ways.

at the time of parting, Zhishou was still reluctant to give up, but she did not catch up, but said "protect-heavy-ah" coldly to Fujita's back.

Uncle Yinzi, the uncle of Zhishou, once described how she felt when she broke up with her first love:

"I cried all day and hated the world so much that I seemed to have used up all my hatred all my life."

when she is over 50 years old, when she looks back at that time, it is just a light cloud.

she has already put aside her past grudges and used ordinary trivialities to make up for her regrets so as to become a better self.

in this world, what we have is a fluke, but what we lose is life.

Life is really bitter, as long as you know how to let it go, have an open-minded state of mind, take a look at everything, and believe that sorrow will disappear.

May we not only endure the dullness of life, but also meet the waves of the world for the rest of our lives.


learn to be alone

Qihui Aoyama, author of A good Weather alone, once said:

"keep getting to know people and being known by others, but the good weather is given to yourself."

just like the protagonist Zhishou in the book, she met her boyfriend, parents and relatives Yinzi, but finally went their separate ways with her boyfriend. Her parents divorced and all left her across the ocean.

Binzi was the one who gave her the most warmth, but because of the job transfer, she had to move into the staff dormitory and gradually lost touch with Yanzi.

maybe all the relationships in the world point to parting.

whether you are traveling in company or alone, you must have the ability to be alone.

later someone asked him, "it must be lonely for you to live there alone. You really want to see people, especially in the snowy weather."

Thoreau replied, "Why do I feel lonely?"? So far, I have not found a partner as kind as being alone, and when I am alone, I am myself again. "

there are happy events to be alone, but you may not know each other all your life.

I have to go alone for the rest of my life. Learn to be alone and have the ability to be independent in order to make life more broad-minded and full.

only by getting rid of useless socializing and rejecting the temptation of fame and wealth can you leave a pure land in your heart and wait for the flowers to bloom.


in fact, our life is as insipid as Qihui Aoyama wrote, but in this book, we can feel a secret and gentle power to grow up with us.

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as Zhishou said, "Life won't surprise you too much, but it won't break you."

A person's best living condition is that his eyes are full of stories, but his face is full of wind and frost, accepting all rivers, free and easy.

walking on the shore of life, we see sentient beings, see heaven and earth, and then meet ourselves, and finally learn to be modest and accept the ordinary.

in this impetuous world, may we not envy, laugh at or rely on anyone, and then quietly live as we like.

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