A really good husband never helps his wife with housework!
A really good husband never helps his wife with housework!
A person's attitude towards housework determines the temperature of a home.


Men who like to do housework have high EQ

M á rquez once said: "Daily trivialities are more difficult to avoid than the great disasters in marriage."

and housework is undoubtedly the most trivial worry in an intimate relationship.

A person's attitude towards housework determines the temperature of a home.

as soon as the variety show "Men doing housework" came out, netizens were knocked down by "Yuan Hong-style beloved wife" one after another.

at 6 o'clock in the morning, when his wife Zhang Xianyi was still asleep, Yuan Hong began to get up and prepare breakfast.

when everything was ready, I gently woke my wife up for breakfast.

when he heard the baby crying, Yuan Hong skillfully brewed milk powder for the baby and fed the baby patiently.

after his wife finished eating, Yuan Hong gave the children to his wife before he went to dinner and took the initiative to clean up the bowl after the meal.

then, whether he went out to pick up the express delivery or massaged his wife, Yuan Hong, who was busy, did not show any dissatisfaction.

even Zhu Dan can't help envy:

"Dad takes care of it all. This has never happened in our family."

reveal the current situation of thousands of families in one word.

Men with low EQ take this for granted. Inside and outside the woman, the woman should do the housework and the woman should take care of the children.

but ask, if a man does nothing and gives nothing, how can you prove that you are a member of this family?

people who really love you, no matter how busy they are, will take time out of one hand to share the housework with you.

just as Yuan Hong understands the anxiety of his wife and child, takes care of his wife's inexplicable mood swings, and is willing to share everything he can for his wife.

Wang Anyi wrote in the article about housework:

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in the past, I admired men like Gao Jiancang, tall, resolute, never smiling, and seemed to bear the suffering and responsibility of the world.

but gradually, my understanding of men is becoming more and more ordinary. I hope he can be considerate of women and bear even the small labor of washing dishes for women.

there is no rule on who must do housework, but since the family is jointly created by men and women, it is necessary to learn to share between two people.

A man with high EQ knows how to find a balance in marriage, even in small housework, there is boundless love for his wife.

those who can be affectionate to the white head of the marriage, there must be meticulous consideration and deep love, what he does is not housework, but a love and responsibility.


housework is the most basic responsibility to the family

there was a very popular video called: what you look like is what your daughter's future husband looks like.

an elderly father went to see his daughter. When the daughter came home from work, she was as busy as a top, cooking dinner, taking care of the children, washing clothes and replying to emails.

while the son-in-law is calmly drinking coffee and watching TV.

this is her daughter's daily routine, which she has become accustomed to, but her father feels guilty.

he is not qualified to blame his son-in-law. As a husband, he is ashamed of his wife because, like his current son-in-law, he never does housework.

as a father, he does not have the strength to set an example for his daughter, and now her daughter has returned to her wife's old path and has become a strong girl.

it was not until he saw the current situation of his daughter's life that the father woke up to the fact that the original family he had created had been passed on to the next generation.

although the video is short, it has earned many people's tears.

but how many parents educate their children according to the concepts that "you can't do housework now, you can't get married in the future" and "men have to do great things, and housework can be done for women?"

No one knows that men who become important things are more likely to succeed. Men who can bend down and pay for their families are more likely to succeed.

the famous director Ang Lee is an example.

before Ang Lee became famous, his wife was in charge of making money. He studied movies at home. In addition, he did all the housework. The happiest thing every day was waiting for his wife to come home for dinner with his children.

after Ang Li became famous, someone met him shopping with his wife and said to his wife with envy:

"Mrs. Li, you are really the happiest woman in the world. Your husband is so famous that he can accompany you to go shopping!"

as a result, his wife replied, "you are mistaken. I accompanied him to buy vegetables."

the man who has you in his heart will never forget his original ideal and ambition, no matter how much he has achieved.

after Ang Lee won the prize for the second time, his wife replied:

"No matter how many golden men you hold, you are still the same Ang Lee; home is not the set, and you still have to do the housework you have to do."

Yes, home is not a set. No matter how famous you are, you still have to do the housework you should do.

for men, it is not shameful to do housework at all. It is the responsibility of men as husbands and fathers.

all real men have tigers in their hearts and sniff the roses.


take the initiative to do housework, not obligation but "love"

Home is not a person's home, and housework has never been a person's obligation, it represents the division of labor of the family and the love between families.

judge whether a man is good or not, not by how capable he is, nor how much money he can earn, but whether he will take the initiative to do housework.

when the wife is busy in the kitchen, the husband can help pick vegetables and lend a hand;

the wife prepares dinner, and the husband can wash the dishes and chopsticks after dinner.

as the saying goes: men and women work together, they are not tired of work.

although the words are vulgar, they are not vulgar at all.

when is a man most attractive to women?

this is not the time for him to negotiate methodically with his clients in a suit;

is not the time for him to stand on the podium and talk to the oppressed audience.

but when he got home, he rolled up his sleeves, took over the work from his wife and gently said, "after a hard day's work, you go and rest, and I'll do the rest."

then you realize that you are the host of this house, not a guest.

you don't help your wife buy food and cook, because you also need to eat, and you also live in this family.

you are not helping your wife take care of the children, because you are also the father of the children, and you also have compulsory education children;


A really good husband never helps his wife with housework, because housework is not a generous help.

sharing housework between two people can not only harmonize the family, but also enhance the relationship between husband and wife. Why not do it?

as Zhang Xianyi said in the program,

"diligent or lazy, it doesn't matter if you do more or less, but you must do it in order to make each other happy."

from today on, it is a kind of happiness to be a responsible man, not to take housework as a task, and to be happy to pay for your lover.


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