A wish in life, there is a small courtyard
A wish in life, there is a small courtyard
Steal half a day of floating life idle, the greatest taste of the world is Qinghuan.

aesthetician Jiang Xun once said:

"Let's not forget that there is one word in Chinese characters that should be reflected on, that is, the word" busy ".

people write down 'busy', which is the 'heart' plus the 'death' of death. If you are too busy, the soul will surely die. "

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being too busy will destroy our hearts.

the ancients used to say: how happy life is since ancient times, stealing half a day's leisure from floating life.

in the fast-paced, impetuous world, there is a feeling that is becoming more and more obvious, and a desire that is becoming more and more real:

want to have a small yard, grow flowers and drink tea to live.

flirting is the best way to keep fit

the famous writer Lin Qingxuan worked very hard when he was young. When I was busiest, I wrote 18 columns in the newspaper, worked as the manager of the TV company, and did the radio program "Lin Qingxuan time".

his heart is not happy with success, but longs to return to nature, pure, calm, philosophical and interesting.

Lin Qingxuan likes to enjoy flowers, and he will be happy when he comes across a flower on the way for a walk. His deep feelings for a flower, a cup of tea and a breeze all flow in his words.

in the impetuous world, Lin Qingxuan's writing is calm and elegant. "the text is like running water, and the language is like Dongyang." the Nebula Master once praised him in this way.

the more you live in the iron and steel jungle of the city, the more people yearn for the ease of the courtyard.

the ancients said: heaven and man are one.

people raise flowers and plants, and so do flowers. In the courtyard, to keep a spare time messing around is to save a pure spirit for the soul.

make a cup of warm tea and feel the natural flavor. Pots of red flowers and green grass surround you with vitality.

the wall is cold, the ground is cold, but life is not.

pieces of tea and flowers blossom. Nature is the best companion to heal the soul.

peace of mind, pure heart

heard a story:

there is a carpenter working in his yard. Some friends came to visit him, and everyone was chatting in the yard.

A friend's watch strap suddenly broke and his watch fell off. As the ground was covered with shavings and sawdust, the watch could not be found.

my friend is in a panic because the watch is an engagement gift. The craftsman told his friends not to worry, go home first and pick it up tomorrow morning.

my friend went home with doubts. The next morning, sure enough, the carpenter returned the watch to his friend.

my friend was surprised, and the carpenter said, "every night, the yard is very quiet. I stayed quietly in it. I soon heard the tick-tock, tick-tock sound of my watch, and found it with the sound."

the stillness of the yard is pleasant and magical.

make a pot of tea, burn a furnace of incense, sit in silence, facing heaven and earth alone, you can enjoy this rare serenity.

philosopher Heidegger once said:

"people live quietly, even quietly, listening to the wind can feel the poetic beauty."

the more impetuous the environment is, the more anxious people are, the more they should know how to brake and find a place to sit still.

there is a very good courtyard, let the heart calm down, organize themselves, look at the flowers, listen to the rain and smell the fragrance, tranquil and calm.

has a courtyard to provide for the aged with good friends

"when you are old, how will you provide for the aged?" Zhihu, someone has asked this question.

A highly praised answer is: there is a courtyard, with retired friends, forget the time, forget everything, and live a small life of sunrise and sunset.

I know an aunt who lived a quiet life in a courtyard on the outskirts of the city with several good sisters she had known for many years.

the belongings are very simple, only basic daily necessities, books, speakers for playing light music, tea banquets.

someone asked them, "now that life is getting better and better, why do you have to live so hard?"

"the living conditions are getting better and better, but the hearts of the people have also become complicated. Here, it is not bitter, but Qinghuan." She answered with a smile.

Life is not easy, and friends everywhere have their own pressures. If you can get together in a small courtyard, in the flowers and shade, the heart will take off its armor and become soft again.

bosom friends gather together, not with good wine and food, but as long as they are free and quiet.

talking and laughing comfortably, not disturbed by others, not bothered by the busy market, enjoying flowers and tasting tea are the good things of life.

architect Liang Sicheng said:

"for Chinese people, it is only when they have their own yard that their spirit is truly settled."

Chinese people are industrious, and Chinese people also yearn for leisure.

when it's time to be busy, focus on it; when it's time to relax, enjoy the softness of time.

when the flamboyance fades, I would rather have my own courtyard, grow flowers and taste tea, avoid the hustle and bustle, live in the way I like, and steal half a day of floating life.