A year after Ding Zhen became popular, his home became like this.
A year after Ding Zhen became popular, his home became like this.
Exploding fire is just an opportunity, what is difficult is the process of waiting, and the ability to grasp it in the end.


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Last November, a "superstar" was born on the Internet.

A Tibetan boy who has just returned from grazing accidentally appeared in a video of a photographer.

was so awesome that it caused a big tsunami on the Internet.

he laments that his eyes are clean and his smile is pure;

it is said that he is milk and wolf, but he can be good and wild, and he is called "Sweet Wild Boy".

naturally, he was scolded by others, feeling that he was inexplicably popular.

all in all, Ding Zhen is hot, and it's a mess.

at first, people thought that he would definitely shoot videos, appear on programs, become an Internet celebrity and become another "Hangzhou Xiao Wu".

he took a completely opposite path--

when he got into a state-owned enterprise, with a salary of 3500 yuan a month, he became a tourism ambassador!

just when everyone thinks that he wants to make a big dumpling horse galloping on this "broad road", he will stay safe until he is old--

Ding Zhen went to shoot!

was filmed with Hong Kong media and broadcast on TVB.

netizens heard the sound and rushed to the bottom of the video to see what Ding really wanted to do.

as a result, he rolled up his sleeves and came back tearfully.

with hazy tearful eyes and trembling hands, they gave this piece a high score of 9.6 on Douban.

there is no other reason: it's too real.

"Infinite Road" is the name of this documentary, and the word "infinity" is a pun here--

there is no end, no poverty.

this is a documentary about "the current situation of Poverty Alleviation in the mainland" shot by TVB in Hong Kong. Among the places I visited was Ding Zhen's hometown-Litang.

Litang is a veritable "sky city", with an elevation of more than 4000 meters, which is higher than that of Lhasa.

this is the yearning of Cangyang Gyatso in his dream. He once praised Litang in his poem White Crane:

"the crane in the sky lends me a pair of white wings. I don't fly far away, but I'll be back when I get to Litang."

there are "Kangding Love songs" spread all over the world, including tall Kangba men and beautiful Danba girls.

but the traffic here is inconvenient and there is no network, so most of the world is blind to Litang.

more than 70,000 Tibetans live here by grazing for a living, digging Cordyceps sinensis in summer and carrying severe cold in winter.

I still remember that after Ding Zhen became popular, many people laughed at him as "a fish that missed the net in the nine-year compulsory education".

but that really means not eating minced meat. Not only Ding Zhen, but most of the children here have no conditions or school to go to school at all.

Snow mountains, glaciers, people and animals live together, and there is no water or electricity.

the program group said: "this is one of the last and most difficult bastions of deep poverty in the country."

Ding Zhen suddenly burst into flames, giving the Litang government a hope to save itself.

in line with the trend, they tied Ding Zhen and Litang together and played a set of marketing combination punches, which successfully made people all over the country remember this mysterious, wild and innocent teenager.

even remembered the more mysterious, wild and innocent Litang behind him.

the local tourism industry began to flourish, and Litang received a total of 313000 tourists in a year.

they came because of Ding Zhen, but ended up trapped in Li Tong.

there is a saying circulating on the Internet: "Litang is not lucky to have Ding Zhen, but Ding Zhen is lucky to be born in Litang."

Ding Zhen himself nodded again and again: "who doesn't say my hometown is good!"

(how does Shandong taste inexplicably)

Litang officially got rid of poverty and took off its hat, from an unvisited area to an online celebrity county that is now flocking to it.

the story of Litang is by no means an isolated case.

Cliff Village is located in Daliang Mountain, Sichuan Province.

their ancestors, originally nomads, stumbled upon this paradise while passing by and made their home on a cliff 1500 meters above sea level.

it has beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains and secluded valleys.

era rolled forward, and roads were built and populated in other places.

with an almost right-angled slope, there is no safety protection, and every time going up and down the hill is a life-related bet.

Cliff village, to put it better, is isolated from the world, and to put it bluntly, it is abandoned by the times.

"poverty" has been intertwined with them for generations.

because there is no other way, it is extremely difficult for children to go to school.

walking from 1400 meters above sea level to 2500 meters above sea level is only half of the journey.

A group of little dolls usually set out before dawn and arrive at school after dark.

because children are too young to walk the rattan ladder, it is normal for them to enter the first grade at the age of 11 or 12.

later, the government funded the repair of steel ladders for them, although the safety factorThere has been improvement, but going up and down the mountain is still an insurmountable problem.

1500 tons of steel pipes, 2556 steel ladders, the host of the program group, it took six hours to climb this section of the road alone.

Wanna buy a flirty attires ivory flower girl and flaunt your luscious curves? Take your picks and enjoy big 70% discount!

because the road is difficult, people on the mountain will be maliciously depressed even if they want to go down the mountain to sell some of their own corn, because the people at the foot of the mountain are convinced:

"you can't memorize it again."

repairing ladders cannot solve practical problems, and the "poor roots" in the mountains are still deeply planted.

where the situation is the same as the "cliff village", there is also the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan.

it is the raging and roaring Nu River that binds the people here to poverty.

how terrible is the Nujiang River?

it is called "the fold of the earth". The current is 1.6 times faster than that of the Yellow River.

if people here want to get out of the house, they have to cross the Nujiang River with a rope.

A rope, a hook, several straps around the body, this is all the safety measures.

the Nujiang River eats up several passing lives every year, which means that there are no bones left in the real sense.

the blocking of traffic also leads to the solidification of thought.

there are many "straight through ethnic groups" in Yunnan, which means to transition directly from primitive society to modern society.

they have no sense of time and property. They need to be taught to wash their faces, brush their teeth, wash their hands and wash their feet.

Don't even think about the idea that "knowledge changes fate".

in their opinion, one less person to read, one more person to work.

it is a deep-rooted and natural idea that boys work, girls get married and even be sold.

there was a little girl in the sixth grade of primary school who was forcibly sold as a wife by her parents for 200000 yuan. The village director went to the parents to argue that the parents could choke back when they said, "it's none of your business."

in the end, she was sued in court and the girl was saved.

sometimes, in addition to natural cutting, there are also natural disasters that force people into poverty.

"Xihaigu", the name must be no stranger to everyone. At the beginning of the year, the story here has become a household name.

before that, their name was more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people-- suffering first in the world.

"there are no birds flying in the sky, no grass growing on the ground, no people living on the beach, and the wind blowing sand and stone running" was once a true portrayal of this place.

if the villagers want to drink water, they can only rely on the rain from the sky, but here, it can not rain for ten years.

more than 40 years ago, United Nations food development experts commented here that "there are no basic conditions for human survival."

in order to support their families, most young adults choose to leave their native land and go to work in other places.

therefore, the phenomenon of "left-behind children" is everywhere.

Children are eagerly waiting for the Spring Festival, which not only means that they can have a better meal, but more importantly, they can see their mother.

they sing "only mothers are good in the world", but they don't know where their mothers are and where they are good.

the land stretches for thousands of miles, but nature cannot treat every people equally.

if you want to improve the lives of the poor, you must completely change the local face and go to Tianbo.

needs not only money but also wisdom.

in Chinese dictionaries, the best thing is to face up to difficulties.

in 2013, a "precise Poverty Alleviation" was officially promulgated.

hundreds of thousands of investigators went from mountain to mountain, island to island, door to door.

they identified a total of 128,000 poor villages, targeted nearly 99 million poor people, and implemented a series of targeted measures.

"rattan ladder to steel ladder" doesn't work, so let's let it "steel ladder into staircase".

in 2020, Cliff Village moved into a new home at the foot of the mountain, a government-funded house that had been built for four years.

neat buildings stood in rows, greeting 350000 former poor people.

under the cliff, there is happiness.

as the saying goes, "if you want to be rich, build a road."

trapped in the Nujiang River, stuck in traffic. The slip line is dangerous and difficult, so let it "slip the cable into a bridge".

in 2016, the Yunnan government funded 2 billion Nujiang Bridge to be launched, replacing all the cables in the country.

it used to take a whole day's walk, but now it takes half an hour by bike.

Nujiang people no longer need to risk their lives when they go out, and no one needs to die in vain.

then, "as soon as the road is clear, help the wisdom first".

in Nujiang, there are more than a thousand teenagers who drop out of school at the right age.

for these children, the local government has specially built a boarding school for the integration of general and vocational education.

the teachers of the school went door to door, climbed every hill and went to every village.

as long as one more child comes back to school, there will be one more hope.

the children learned auto repair, cooking and haircutting at school, and even one child took part in the World Robotics Competition and won the second prize.

every child is an angel who comes down to earth, and education gives them wings.

Acharian, a 15-year-old girl, is the most real example here.

before coming to this school, her life came to an end: getting married, having children, and spending the rest of her life in the mountains.

came to this school, she had a new dream: "to be a cook and open a business."The hotel. "

when the host asked the significance of the teachers' work, the teacher's answer was simple and warm:

"at least we want to see those girls, not to get married as soon as they graduate, so that those children who have dreams have a skill."

for places with extremely bad ecology, poverty alleviation measures are also in place:

since "one side of the soil and water cannot support the other", then we will "change the soil and water and enrich the other."

the villagers of Xihaigu have come to Minning Town from "Diaozhuang immigrants" from all directions.

experts from Fujian help them hand in hand to teach them how to prevent wind and fix sand, how to develop industrial parks, how to plant fruit trees and how to raise mushrooms.