"after marriage, who does the housework belong to?" It took them 20 years to finally figure out the problem.
"after marriage, who does the housework belong to?" It took them 20 years to finally figure out the problem.
Shared responsibility, hand in hand to walk together, is the best outcome.

recently, "Reader" has been a hot search again.

the reason is also very interesting.

Mom and Dad, a couple, said they used to be neck and neck over housework.

both of them are excellent and outstanding in their respective fields, and neither wants to be soft first.

as a result, they made a ten-year contract, stipulating that whoever contributes more will not be able to do housework.

and Dad McGrady's achievements are unsurpassed.

New wheat varieties such as "Bainong 62" and "Bainong 64" were born in his hands one after another.

the ten-year contract ended in a tie.

but who will do the housework?

this problem has not been solved yet.

then the appointment of the second decade began.

for them, sharing the burden and walking hand in hand is the best outcome.

in the variety show, the problem of housework ownership of husband and wife has been solved, but in real life, this problem has always existed.

"who will be responsible for the housework after marriage?"

I believe that many people will have similar problems.

watching "talk Show" the other day, the contestant Yan Yi Yan Yue's complaint about men doing housework is so real that it is embarrassing.

"my father never does housework, never washes dishes and makes a lot of excuses.

for example, he sprained his hand, held the remote control in his hand, and carried his hand behind his back. "

although it is a joke, it is not difficult to see people's attitude towards housework.

just like all kinds of messages from netizens in the comment area after listening to the story of Mom and Dad:

"in my family, both people go to work, but my husband comes back from work later, so I have to do it. I am not reconciled to it. I often quarrel."

"it's almost 10:00 when I get home from work every day. I don't have the energy to do housework. I just want to lie down and not move when I get home."

"I have to take care of the children, cook for the children and help them with their homework after work. I am tired enough to do the housework."


under the fast-paced life, everyone is doing their best to make money, busy all day, come home tired, naturally do not want to bother to do housework.

and many things, which seem simple, are not easy to do well.

yesterday, I received a message from a reader:

when eating on Saturday night, the child accidentally spilled the good meal all over the floor. After a tired day, I was really angry, so I scolded the child in the face.

but my husband thinks I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. Don't you just make the ground dirty? why don't you just drag it a little bit?

after hearing this, I felt more and more aggrieved and angry.

what he doesn't know is that I get up at 6: 00 in the morning to cook for the children.

after sending the children, pick up the dishes, wash dishes, wash clothes, mop the floor, tidy up the wardrobe. I was busy for a long time.

among them, the most tiring is mopping the floor.

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the floor was covered with dust, stains and hair. I swept the floor and fetched water. I bent over and dragged it over and over again. After I finished it, I washed the mop, and I collapsed directly on the sofa.

as a result, when the child spilled, I did it in the afternoon, which was really exasperating. "

I believe that it is not just her, but many people in life have had a similar experience. The fruits of a day's hard work are easily destroyed, and there is no place to vent their anger.

when can I not be so tired when I do housework? When can doing housework become a relaxed and pleasant thing?


Sharks who have been focused on cleaning for more than 20 years are going to solve their problems! This year's Singles Day holiday launched their new product

ED200 floor washer

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Shark washing machine


the traditional mop is only put in the corner, which is ugly and difficult to use. Sweep the floor, fetch water, mop the floor, wash the mop. At the end of a round, the ground is often not finished, but people are paralyzed.


Shark washing machine

will completely save you from this distress!

inhale, drag and wash all in one

it can clean the dry and wet garbage together, and realizes

inhale, drag and wash as a whole

, it saves you time and effort when you mop the floor.

you don't have to sweep in advance, you don't have to fetch water back and forth, and you don't have to wash the mop over and over again, you just need to turn on the switch to realize the freedom of housework.

Live water cleaning system

different from traditional cleaning tools, shark washing machine comes with its own

Live water cleaning system

, it can separate dirty water from clean water and clean it while rolling brush, which thoroughly solves the trouble that the ground is getting dirtier and dirtier.

self-cleaning base

what is more excitingYes, it also comes with a

self-cleaning base


friends often complain that they don't want to mop the floor, but they just don't bother to wash the mop.

Yes, if you wash it by hand, you will find it is too dirty.

especially those who have just finished mopping oil or rice, I believe not many people are willing to touch them.

the most shocking thing is that after washing for a long time, it can't always be cleaned.

but with this floor washer, there is no need to worry about these problems.

after mopping the floor, all you have to do is put it on its base, press the automatic cleaning button, and you can go and lie down on the sofa.

automatic cleaning


stain separation

, you don't have to worry at all.

it really did it, the whole house was clean and it was done with one button.

easy floor washing system

at the same time, shark washing machine also comes with

strong traction

, with an ergonomic design handle, it can be operated with one hand without stooping or effortlessly, and every time it is as easy as a walk.

feel good to use?

fragrance of fresh white tea

of course, it's more than that.

knock on the blackboard, here comes the point.

the most unique thing is that it can help us

dispel odors


when it comes to mopping the floor, it must be the vomit of a drunken husband, the excrement of cats and dogs, and the wine stains all over the house after dinner.

these unpleasant-smelling rubbish really make people want to stay away.

even after cleaning, I always feel that there is a "special" smell in the air, which makes people feel inexplicably uncomfortable.

Shark washing machine comes with customized fragrance tablets--

fresh white tea fragrance

, that's so sweet.

after using it to mop the floor, not only does it have no smell, but the room is full of white tea and smells happy.

since it is a high-tech appliance, we have to mention the charging life of shark washing.

if it takes 40 minutes to recharge electricity, people with lazy cancer will be blessed. Calculated according to the delay of 10 minutes at a time, this battery life can be said to be sufficient.

in addition to the powerful core functions, this floor washer is also perfect in detail.

for example, this good-looking appearance not only has the style, but also does not lose the grade, which can be said to be necessary for exquisite beauties at home.

in addition, it comes with

corner dust removal function

. It can easily deal with the places where the floor sweeping robot is difficult to clean, such as the foot of the table and the corner of the wall.

and it comes with

LED display


Smart Voice prompt

, so that the elderly at home can also be easily used, it can be said to be very intimate and humanized.

from the overall appearance to the core functions, to the detailed design, the shark washing machine can be said to be comprehensive.

with regard to product quality, people are even less worried.

as a Shark who has been in the cleaning industry for more than 20 years, Shark has long been the No. 1 brand in sales of high-tech cleaning products in the United States, and has been the No. 1 in sales in the United States for four consecutive years.

10 years

, Shark has sold more than 78 million products in North America, equivalent to an average of 1 in 2 North American households who have purchased Shark.

finally, let's talk about the price that everyone is most concerned about.

the price is really conscientious, at the same price, this configuration has far exceeded other similar products.

quality must be the most important factor in the purchase of household appliances.

imagine that it usually takes an hour to mop the floor, but now it can be done in 10 minutes. With the time and energy saved, you can do what you like.

therefore, there is nothing wrong with starting within the scope of ability to accept. after all, making money is also to better enjoy life.