Alas, who would have thought of Liu Tao's current situation?
Alas, who would have thought of Liu Tao's current situation?
Life always has its ups and downs, please firmly believe that a better tomorrow is worth looking forward to.

the hit drama "the Sea of the Stars" has finally come to an end tonight.

from the beginning to the end, the topic about the play never stops:

I still remember that shortly after the broadcast, there were a lot of complaints because the pictures of "falling in love" between Lin Feng, 41, and Liu Tao, 43, were so hot that they were jokingly called "middle-aged Mary Su drama" by the audience.

I really don't blame the audience for taking a blind eye.

with the unfolding of the plot, the word-of-mouth of "the Sea of the Stars" has gradually collapsed, and it seems to be another routine that does not change.

Liu Tao's heroine Jane Eyre, who lost her parents when she was a child, was sold to a fool as a wife, abused by her aunt, framed by colleagues, deceived by feelings, and frustrated by her career.

but with her extraordinary intelligence and perseverance, she gradually upgraded from a working girl to a monster, and finally counterattacked to become the boss of a multinational company.

this extremely old-fashioned and intricate plot and character relationship setting alone makes people so embarrassed as to vomit blood.

tragic fate, roaring love. Live to take the "crazy literature" all over again.

if the life of Jane Eyre performed by Liu Tao is distressing and sad, it makes people break the defense every minute.

then, once you know Liu Tao's story, it may be even more incredible.

because compared with the people in the play, Liu Tao's real life experience is much more ups and downs than TV dramas.

in the entertainment industry, Liu Tao is notoriously desperate, whether she is filming or recording variety shows, she spares no effort.

however, entering the entertainment industry is unexpected.

Liu Tao was born into an ordinary family in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, with many brothers and sisters and living in poverty.

she has been very sensible since she was a child, and she always takes the initiative to help her parents with housework, whether it is carrying water, washing clothes, buying rice and vegetables, or even changing gas.

it may be that the children of poor families are in charge early. These experiences have trained Liu Tao to be down-to-earth and unafraid of hardships, and have also made her a little stronger inside.

however, a chance changed the course of her life.

in 1993, the Art Troupe of the Nanjing military region went to their school to pick art soldiers and took a fancy to Liu Tao, who had artistic talent at first sight.

during her three years as an art soldier, she had to get up at 5 o'clock every day. In addition to daily military training, she also learned to sing and dance. All kinds of artistic performances.

apart from training and study, she also has to do hard work such as carrying water, growing vegetables and raising pigs. She is not afraid to work hard.

and this "special" learning experience also laid the foundation for her to enter the show business in the future.

Liu Tao, who retired from the art troupe, was also full of confusion about the future and did not know where to go for a moment.

but she knew full well that only by studying could she have a future, so she went to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to study law at her own expense.

she, who has no savings, supports herself by making money from part-time models and shooting advertisements after studying.

Liu Tao gradually became famous because of his several appearances, good looks and good working attitude.

soon, her fate took a turn for the better again.

under the coincidence of chance, he was chosen by the director of "Foreign wife Local Lang" and played the docile and shrewd third wife Hu Xingzi.

although she didn't have many roles, she became a stepping stone to her entry into the show business.

it was precisely because of this show that Yang Peipei, the producer of "returning Pearl 3", noticed Liu Tao, threw out an olive branch and invited her to audition.

who ever thought that when she first arrived on the show, she was stunned. The staff gave her five whole pages of lines full of dish names and asked her to come back for an audition in two days.

however, Liu Tao did not have the word "afraid" in the dictionary. She gritted her teeth and memorized it desperately when she was free.

as a result, there is the Burmese Princess Musa, who dares to love and hate in Huan Zhu GE 3.

the experience of her youth made her know that the opportunity is not easy to come by, and that God will live up to a person who works hard silently.

Liu Tao finally lived up to herself. She found the way she wanted to go and performed many classic roles.

I believe that many people's first impressions of Liu Tao come from "The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils." A Zhu, who is clever and gentle, really exists like the white moonlight.

in order to untie his lover's heart knot, he was willing to sacrifice his life for love, which deeply moved the audience and fell in love with this beautiful actress with excellent acting skills.

after "The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils", Liu Tao's popularity increased greatly and began to attract people's attention.

however, what really makes her a household name is the role of Bai Suzhen in the Legend of the White Snake.

dressed in white, Bai Suzhen, played by Liu Tao, not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has the kindness of compassion.

she is not like Zhao Yazhi's version of immortal air, but a little more fireworks, which brightens people's eyes.

at the end of his acting career, Liu Tao's acting skills have made a qualitative leap, and the film appointment has been even more soft.

later, she has been challenging herself.

"how much sorrow can you have?" one person plays two roles, both the Emperor Zhou E and the lady of Hua Rui.;

the magnanimous, kind and patient Han Dayun in the good wife;

Jiang Mulan, who is bold and resourceful and takes into account both family and career in "having something to depend on for the Old"


however, it is precisely because the roles of Zhu and Bai Suzhen are so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

, Liu Tao was labeled as "national wife" and "good wife and mother".

until the appearance of Nirvana in Fire, what is different from the previous role is that Liu Tao plays the role of the Neon Princess, who can lead troops to fight, retreat from the court, and women do not let the eyebrows.

can be said to break through the self, although the play is not much, but it is impressive, the princess's strength and softness and the moonlight wind are interpreted properly.

even if she is rooted in the men's gang, she is not inferior, convincing the audience with her acting skills and charm.

then in the later Ode to Joy, Andy let us see a different Liu Tao.

not only has the unique charm of women, but also realistic rationality, do not rely on anyone, get free and easy.

she seems indifferent and difficult to get in touch with, but she is actually kind-hearted. No matter what problems Si Mei encounters, she is willing to help.

is also very clear emotionally, love is love, do not love, do not love, when love challenges to the bottom line and principles, no matter how love can afford to let go.

after watching the play, how many girls are eager to live like Andy.

and in reality, Liu Tao has captured a CEO husband who dotes on him!

in 2008, Liu Tao, at the peak of his career, met Wang Ke, the "four young people in the capital", and the two got married 20 days later.

that marriage caused a sensation in the entertainment industry.

Wang Ke, who is worth ten billion yuan, spent 4 million yuan to hold an extremely luxurious wedding for Liu Tao, with long queues of all kinds of luxury cars.

at the wedding, Liu Tao directly announced that he would quit the entertainment industry and become a wealthy wife who devoted herself to her husband and raising children.

Cinderella married Prince Charming, and this prosperous marriage is the envy of countless people.

but you never know.

soon after their sweetness lasted, Wang Ke's career was hit hard by the financial crisis, instantly falling to the bottom and burdened with huge debts.

in the face of career difficulties and great pressure, Wang Ke had insomnia and headache all night, and his spirit was on the verge of collapse. He began to take sleeping pills to escape the cruel reality.

at that time, Liu Tao was pregnant with her second child, and Wang Ke even filed for divorce many times in order not to affect her and her children.

but Liu Tao never gives up, even if he is pregnant, he will take her husband around for fun and watch football.

slowly Wang Ke took a turn for the better.

after the test of life and death, Wang Ke no longer relied on drugs and slowly began to work. And, Liu Tao has been by his side, so day by day, Wang Ke finally left the haze.

Liu Tao once said:

"now that I have chosen him, I can't give him up!" Even if everyone turns their back on him, at least I'll stay with him! God, since we met, this is not the end. "

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so, in order to help her husband pay his debts, Liu Tao chose to make a comeback and became a famous "desperate San Niang" in the entertainment industry.

starting all over again from the supporting role to the protagonist, she tried her best to take the play everywhere, traveling day and night, tossing and turning in various troupes.

I live in the crew almost every day, and I have made 25 films in 4 years without end. The intensity of the work is beyond the reach of ordinary people, and I have finally paid off the debt I owed.

when talking about these past events many years later, Liu Tao always smiled. Instead of complaining and regretting, he thanked these experiences and made them know how to cherish each other more.

for Liu Tao, her family is her root. The root is gone, and it doesn't make sense to bloom beautifully.

now he has a bumper career and a happy family. It is Liu Tao who has suffered a little bit in exchange for his happiness.

Today, Liu Tao is still walking nonstop.

keep trying in various fields, glowing and glowing:

in "Crossing King," she regained her original love for music, and her singing stunned the whole audience and won the championship.

Dear Inn, she is the landlady of everything, cooking and cleaning everything.

there is no doubt that Liu Tao is hard on himself and never hides his "ambition."

because she knows very well that good life is not given by others, but earned by herself.

as Venus said when interviewing Liu Tao:

"it is reasonable for Liu Tao to be able to make so many people like her and recognize her. This is by no means falling from the sky. She picked it off little by little, put it in her pocket and held it in her hand. "

Liu Tao proves to each of us that fate is always in our own hands, and it depends on how we create it.

Life always has its ups and downs, and please firmly believe that a better tomorrow is worth looking forward to.

, I hope you and I can, like Liu Tao, stay awake, do our best, live up to our time and live up to ourselves.