And Qin Lan robbed her husband, but separated for a long time after the flash marriage, alone antenatal examination, this "the most beautiful CCTV hostess", finally regret it?
And Qin Lan robbed her husband, but separated for a long time after the flash marriage, alone antenatal examination, this "the most beautiful CCTV hostess", finally regret it?
Marriage is like a shoe. Only the foot knows whether it fits.


flowers are in full bloom and butterflies come.

but in real life, it is "Hu butterflies in full bloom, Lu Chuan comes from".

in Morning News, her brisk voice awakens the whole city with heavy traffic.

after marrying Lu Chuan Shun, a director 12 years older than herself, she was labeled as a third party.

because Lu Chuan's ex-girlfriend is Qin Lan, a gentle beauty.

before Hu Die, Lu Chuan and Qin Lan, a director and an actor, were a perfect match of talent and beauty.

so that when many people talk about Lu Chuan marrying Hu Die as his wife, they still have doubts:

Why did you give up Qin Lan and marry her?

and the marriage between Hu Die and Lu Chuan is not favored all the way.

on the one hand, it is the 12-year-old age difference between the two; on the other hand, it is the difference in character between the two, one is quiet and elegant, the other is unruly.

the details of the relationship between the two are frequently found in hot searches.

in public, the two seldom show their love;

when Hu Die was pregnant, she was often photographed alone in the hospital for antenatal examination.

after the baby was born, when Hu Die was still in her lunar period, Lu Chuan left her and flew abroad alone.

all the details seem to confirm everyone's predictions about this marriage.

but in fact, Hu Die and Lu Chuan have been hand in hand for six years, loving each other and having a pair of lovely children.

in this unpopular marriage, they are more like two people who resonate with their hearts, keeping company in the world and keeping warm in the world.

not only share firewood, rice, oil and salt, but also become each other's spiritual companions.

is not only a couple, but also a lover, a good friend and a bosom friend.

really answered that sentence:

Marriage is like a shoe, only the foot knows whether it fits.

at school, Hu Die was super high achiever, a proper "other person's child".

not only studied well, but also won all kinds of speech and recitation competitions in the school.

but her bond with the host profession stems from a joke made by her elders:

"Xiao Die has a good mouth and a quick reaction. In the future, he can take the 'Beiguang' exam and be the host."

so Hu Die, who is in the second year of senior high school, remembered the school and began to look forward to the university.

after entering the university, Hu Die didn't slack off at all.

when other students start to fall in love, she is the only one who seizes all the time to enrich herself.

is there no one chasing her?

No, she has been sweet since childhood, but she is even more generous and lovable when she grows up, and there are naturally many people who pursue her.

but she doesn't want to waste her time on it, because she knows exactly what she wants.

during the four years of college, Hu Die never fell in love, and her grades were always among the best.

four years passed in the blink of an eye, but Hu butterfly, with excellent results, was faced with a dilemma.

on the one hand, she received an offer from Beijing TV Station and was able to work in the TV station directly after graduation.

on the other hand, she won the post-graduate places in the school with the first grade in the whole major.

her family advised her to continue her studies. After all, it's not too late to go to the TV station after graduate school.

Hu Die, a 22-year-old, was so calm that she gave up the chance of postgraduate study.

"it's true that this is a good opportunity, but it always feels like I didn't win it by myself. besides, I'm ready to join the job, and I'm determined that I can have a smooth future."

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as a result, since 2005, Beijing TV has added what viewers call "the most beautiful host."

she hosted "Live Beijing". In just two months, the ratings soared by 36%.

at a time when the future is bright, Hu Die has been looking for a self-breakthrough in business.

in 2007, the 5th CCTV host contest began to be selected, and Hu Die signed up.

Bon voyage Hu Die made it to the finals.

but at this time, Beijing Television put forward a request that made Hu Die very difficult:

for such a choice, family and friends thought it was too risky to resign and advised her to give up the game.

but the butterfly is not reconciled, it is not easy to walk all the way, there is no reason to stop.

"the worst is to start all over again!"

she gritted her teeth and submitted her resignation report to Beijing Satellite TV and devoted herself to the host contest.

fight behind your back and burn your bridges.

and the facts have proved once again that when there is no way out, people can always burst out the potential accumulated in the body and achieve a great breakthrough.

Hu Die won, and she became the only female player to win the competition on CCTV in the past seven years.

"making a dowry to help make up a boudoir, singing to and from will become a chapter."

this is a girl's married couplet, which is still circulating on both sides of the Han River, and the person who wrote the couplet is Hu Die's grandfather.

Hu Die is a girl in Hanzhong. As the couplet said, even if there is a natural barrier between Qin and Ba, it can't stop her from singing.

study all the wayTo give up Baoyan, and then to choose CCTV, Hu Die trudged courageously all the way through wind and rain.

every time, she is very clear about the path she wants to take and can always make the most appropriate choice.

this is also her character, stubborn and strong.

"what you want, you have to work hard to get it."

she is like a beautiful butterfly, flapping her wings on her way of life.

in the beautiful CCTV, why is Hu Die so popular among netizens?

A host of CCTV News Channel hit the nail on the head:

in fact, in addition to the extra points of her image, Hu Die's efforts and kindness are also the reasons why she has won the favor of the public.

after joining CCTV, Hu Die seemed to hang up.

she gets up at 4 o'clock every day and arrives at the station in advance to prepare for the live broadcast of Morning News.

after presiding over the work, she had to practice reading manuscripts when she got home, and she often didn't go to bed until more than ten o'clock.

travel around communities, schools, enterprises, villages and towns, come and go through the wind and rain, interview people's clothing, food, housing and transportation, and pay attention to the rights and interests of vulnerable groups and migrant workers.

she said:

"only by going deep into the news scene can we feel the pulse of the news, understand the aspirations of the masses, and dig into the stories in the depths of the news."

as a journalist, she devotes herself to all her feelings and always does righteous deeds for the things in the news.

there was a live broadcast of an unfilial daughter who left her seriously ill mother alone in the hospital.

when Hu Butterfly broadcast the news, he couldn't restrain his anger.

program was broadcast, she immediately went to the hospital to visit the lonely mother.

the information center has launched a campaign to donate money to leukemia patients, and Hu butterflies come to donate money every time.

she once read in the newspaper about the poor college students in the Qinba Mountains in southern Shaanxi, and her heart was very heavy.

immediately, she contacted the local women's federation and offered to subsidize two poor female college students.

but when she saw that the children in the mountains were admitted to college but did not have the conditions to study, all she thought was that they must not be allowed to drop out of school!

as the saying goes, phase comes from the heart.

A person's beauty comes from the inside out.

just like a butterfly, there is always a sense of intimacy on the body, and people can't help but want to get close. This is a kind face.

in her, you can also see the simplicity and persistence of being a news anchor.

she has the vitality and passion of this era, has deep feelings for thousands of audiences, and has an unremitting pursuit of journalism.

after the career is stable, it is natural to put love on the agenda.

in 2015, director Lu Chuan announced his marriage to Hu Die on a social platform.

one of the reasons is that Lu Chuan is 12 years older than Hu Die, a whole round.

in everyone's opinion, although Lu Chuan is also an outstanding director of the Mesozoic era, there is "Nanjing!" Nanjing! Hoh Xili and other masterpieces.

but why should a host who is so popular with an audience, such as Hu Die, who is good-looking, good-looking, and young, should find someone so much older than himself?

second, Lu Chuan's previous emotional experience is very rich and is a famous prodigal son.

Lu Chuan had a failed marriage before he set foot in the entertainment industry, and he said nothing about it.

since then, Lu Chuan has had an affair with a number of actresses.

and the most famous relationship is Qin Lan.

in Lu Chuan's most difficult time, Qin Lan was paid to act in Lu Chuan's movie.

Lu Chuan also swore that he would not marry without Qin Lan in this life.

at that time, many people suspected that it was Hu Die's intervention that caused Lu Chuan to break up with Qin Lan.

but in fact, Hu Die was introduced by their mutual friends after Lu Chuan broke up, and there is no "mistress" link.

in the words, reveal the treasure to the butterfly.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said: "the years are quiet for a moment, and chicken feathers are daily."

when it comes to marriage, no matter how beautiful love is, you have to face the trivialities of life.

therefore, we do not see that Hu Die and Lu Chuan are like paint and glue, but two people work hard together.

because of the need for shooting, Lu Chuan spent most of his time in the UK, and Hu Die did not give up his career, but added several columns.

after Hu Die became pregnant, she went to the antenatal examination alone every time, which was true for a long time, which also made rumors spread everywhere.

but in a relationship, companionship alone is useless, and companionship does not conquer everything.

for the strong Hu butterfly, a hard-working husband may be more useful than a husband who only accompanies him.

moreover, as long as conditions permit, Lu Chuan will fly back from England to visit her, even though he is at home for only one day at a time.

and after the arrival of the little life, Lu Chuan had a greater sense of responsibility in addition to being happy.

"this year has experienced too much, your arrival is hope, is auspicious, hope can take care of your life."

you mean not only the children, but also the wives who have been with them for six years.

someone once asked Hu Die: