Behind all the big patterns, there is a kind of kindness.
Behind all the big patterns, there is a kind of kindness.
When you have a good heart and a big pattern, God will not treat you badly.

recently I read a book and saw a story.

when Germany invaded the Soviet Union, an old woman dug up the body of her son in the broken rubble.

she should have hated the Germans.

but when a hungry German soldier appeared in front of her, she handed over a small piece of bread in her hand.

in the broad mind of this Soviet grandmother, there is an incomparably kind heart.

the more people and things I see, the more I find that behind the so-called big pattern, there is actually a kind of kindness.

Peng Jianfeng, a professor at Renmin University of China, once said something about Ren Zhengfei.

once, Ren Zhengfei went to Beijing on business and had lunch with his party at noon.

Ren Zhengfei's itinerary is very tight. After meeting the customers, he will return to Shenzhen non-stop.

at that time, the waiter of the restaurant was an intern, unskilled in business, and slow in serving and serving.

when she checked out, an executive criticized her and the waiter began to cry on the spot.

Ren Zhengfei hurriedly got round the ball:

"Don't be so mean to waiters. At such a young age and low salary, it's not easy to go to Beijing to work, and you should be more friendly to them."

Ren Zhengfei specially tipped the waiter when he left the restaurant.

as the saying goes, "tolerance is great."

the so-called pattern means that people should have a tolerant heart and be able to tolerate things that cannot be tolerated in the world.

use a tolerant heart, to understand, to understand others.

once Mei Lanfang performed "Chang'e rushes to the Moon" and went to the theater to dress up and get ready to appear.

at this time, suddenly there was a curse in charge backstage. Master Liu, who was in charge of the props, had forgotten a flower sickle of "Chang'e rushing to the Moon".

because Master Liu's wife was ill, he was distracted and made a low-level mistake.

instead of being angry, Mei Lanfang gently said to Master Liu:

"Don't worry, hurry up and take my car back to get it, and everyone will make room for you. It's my fault, too. I didn't even know your wife was sick, and I asked you to come. "

writer Luo Dali once said:

"A man's heart is only as big as a fist, but a good man's heart can hold the whole world."

pattern is a person's personality and bearing, but if there is no kindness, there will be no real big pattern.

when Abel Mutai of Kenya was still some distance from the finish line, he was confused by the road sign and mistakenly thought he had reached the finish line, so he stopped.

Spain's Ivan, who followed him, realized that Mutai was confused by road signs.

this is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Ivan only needs to sprint across the finish line to win the championship.

but instead of doing so, he ran straight to Mutai, reminding Mutai to keep running.

because of the different language, Mutai stood where he was, staring blankly at Ivan who shouted at him, not knowing what had happened.

at this time, Ivan made a move that took everyone by surprise.

he pushed Mutai forward and crossed the finish line to help Mutai win the championship.

the reporter interviewed Ivan after the match: "Why did you let the Kenyans win?"

Ivan replied, "I didn't let him win, he will win." The game is his. "

Ivan smiled and replied, "but what good is my victory?" What is the honor of this medal? What would my mother think? "

Abel Mutai was able to win this game not only by strength, but also by the overall structure of his opponent.

the kind-hearted Ivan overcame the weakness of human nature and did not take advantage of his opponent's mistakes to gain honor for himself.

on the contrary, he relied on his own big pattern to fulfill his opponent and make the real winner brilliant.

everyone knows that it means a lot to athletes to win a gold medal.

but what is more important than flowers and applause is the kindness engraved in the bones.

Shakespeare said, "A kind heart is gold."

only by being upright and doing things aboveboard can we win the respect and recognition of others and go long-term.

I like this paragraph very much:

"Life is a process of constantly improving your pattern, and every choice you make afterwards indicates your pattern.

the size of your pattern determines your future path and what kind of life you will live in the future. "

how big a person's pattern is and how kind he is at the bottom of his heart, the bliss will be as deep as he or she is.

the father of Cao Dewang, the king of glass, warned him when he was very young:

"those who are blessed must have quantity first, and happiness is sought from the quantity."

one day in December 2000, an employee in Cao Dewang factory was admitted to the hospital for drinking and had a stomachache. As a result, he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, and the doctor said it was incurable.

company called Cao Dewang and asked him that he had contacted the family members of the employees and planned to give him tens of thousands of yuan to go home for treatment.

after hearing this, Cao Dewang decisively refused to say:

"what you are doing is inappropriate. You can't let him go home for treatment. He is only in his 20s. We must help him."

hang up the phone, Cao deWang called the secretary and asked the secretary to contact the municipal tumor hospital, found a bed and arranged for the sick staff to live in.

Cao Dewang called the hospital, this employee must be saved, no matter how much money is spent, it is from me Cao Dewang.

then, Cao Dewang transferred 100000 yuan and 200000 yuan to the hospital account for employee treatment.

Feel free to stand out in the crowd in one of our gorgeous homecoming gowns with long sleeves. Immediately after buying, you get a peace of mind.

when Cao Dewang went to the hospital to visit the staff, he told the staff:

"if you feel at ease to recuperate, you don't have to worry about the medical expenses. I will bear the medical expenses. I will pay the salary during the illness as usual."

when the employee is ill in hospital, the boss not only does not ignore it, but also helps to advance the medical expenses and pay the salary normally. This is a big pattern, and it is also the greatest kindness in life.

on another occasion, the child of an employee had leukemia, and the employee was very desperate.

when Cao Dewang learned of this, he asked his employees to stop their work and take their children to Beijing to see a doctor, no matter how much money they spent in the end.

later, the child was cured, spending more than NT $1 million, all of which was paid for by Cao Dewang.

Cao Dewang is structured and kind-hearted to his employees, as well as to society.

Cao Dewang wrote in his autobiography "Heart if Bodhi": "only by being kind can one become rich."

people with a large pattern, with others in their hearts, are more likely to see things from a distance.

the more such people do not care about gains and losses, and the more generous they are to give help to others, the more they will get the gift of fate.

Russell said: "of all moral qualities, the nature of goodness is the most needed in the world."

people with small patterns are narrow-minded and cagey, with no one else in their eyes but themselves.

people with large patterns have great love in their hearts, fear all the good qualities in the world, and hold others in their hearts.

in this life, when you have a good heart and a big pattern, God will not treat you badly.

, may we all be kind and broad-minded people.