Bird murder: assassination of a bald sea eagle
Bird murder: assassination of a bald sea eagle
It's a pity that no one filmed the video.

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recently, biologist Danielle D'Auria shared an unusual bird murder in a blog post.

in the early morning of July 26th, 2019, a bald sea eagle was found in Highland Lake Lake, Maine, USA. The deceased floated face down on the water with stab wounds to his chest and a dead baby diving bird nearby.

(dead bald sea eagle. Photographer: Nat Woodruff)

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then, biologists studying wild birds arrived at the scene and took away the unusual-looking white-headed sea eagle for investigation. The X-ray showed that the bald eagle was not hit by any bullet. Further dissection showed that the stab wound on its chest was consistent with the shape and size of the bird's beak. The stab wound went straight to the heart and should have led to the bald eagle's death on the spot. On the other hand, the dead underbird chick has the same scars as the claws of the bald eagle. It seems that a diving bird stood up for the young and stabbed the incoming predator to death.

this should be the first time people have recorded the assassination of a bald sea eagle by a submersible bird. Unfortunately, there were no witnesses at the crime scene, and only one woman said she did hear a noisy sound the night before the bird was found. It would be very exciting if there were video materials to stay.

PS: the original text does not specify which kind of diving bird is here. Here is a picture of the common diving bird (Gavia immer) for reference. The adults and chicks look roughly like this: