Boing, why put a note in someone's eye...
Boing, why put a note in someone's eye...
See how the researchers collect tears.

(first in the fruit shell, slightly changed)

Last week's science and technology interesting picture: see how researchers collect tears on tested animals.

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A graduated absorbent test strip was used to absorb tears for research. The subject in the picture below is a big mouth 𫛭:

this is another subject who received a tear collection-- a barn owl:

the photo may look aggrieved, but the process should not be too painful, and the researchers tried to appease the animal's mood. In addition, in fact, this kind of graduated test strip is also used in human eye examination, which can be used to judge whether the amount of tear secretion is normal.

tears play an important role in maintaining eye health, but before that, the components of tears in only a few mammals have been studied. This time, Brazilian researchers broadened the scope of their research: they collected tear samples from seven species of birds and reptiles and analyzed their composition and the crystal form produced after the tears evaporated. In general, the composition of these species is similar to that of human tears. However, there are still many differences in the contents of protein, urea and electrolyte ions in tears of different animals, and the crystal forms produced during evaporation are also very different.

analyzing the tears of different animals can not only understand the evolution of tears, but also find tear formulations that make the tear film more stable, which may help people better treat eye diseases such as xerophthalmia.