Cai Shaofen, 45, is pregnant with her third child: all women who live a happy life have this characteristic.
Cai Shaofen, 45, is pregnant with her third child: all women who live a happy life have this characteristic.
Beauty is a lifetime event, and skin care is not overnight.

on June 28, Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin announced that they were pregnant with their third child in a humorous short video.

netizens all think that this kind of announcement is interesting and true, and offer their blessings one after another.

in addition to being full of dog food, I was more shocked by the state of my mother's skin.

Cai Shaofen, who is already 45 years old, is still full of girlish feelings, and there is no trace of time at all.

We often say that age is the most taboo for women to be mentioned, but in fact, as the Japanese writer Mariko Hayashi said,

No matter how old you are, what you need to care about is how old you look.

it sounds harsh to say that people have a face, but it's true.

people can't tell at first glance if they have money in their pockets, but whether your face is good or not and whether your skin is in good condition can be seen by others three meters away.

the state of a woman's skin is her real age.

We often envy stars who stay up late, shoot films, read scripts and make announcements every day, and their skin is still better than ordinary people, and they can't even see defects.

which girl doesn't want her skin to be tender, but air pollution, residual makeup, excess oil, horny accumulation …...

can lead to a series of problems, such as blackhead, closed mouth, large pores and so on.

will even cause pore blockage, gradually from "pores big enough to transplant seedlings" to full face acne, followed by no matter how expensive skin care products are futile.

the petty bourgeoisie lives a delicate life in the moments, but he is privately defeated by large pores and acne. All that can be done has been done. Why is the skin still fragile?

with regard to skin care, do you really think that using skin care products is enough?

so, the point is: it is very necessary to clean the pores on a regular basis.

you know, for girls, cleaning pores, as the basis of skin care, is also the most important step that directly affects the absorption of follow-up skin care products and the long-term state of the skin.

if you use the wrong cleaning product, it will not only damage the skin, but also affect the absorption of subsequent skin care products.

Today, I would like to share with you a useful deep pore cleaning product, which can be called a brand new "pore vacuum cleaner"

Yue Shi Fengyin volcanic mud mousse mask




composition upgrade, stronger adsorption

the newly upgraded Volcano Mousse mask has twice as much cleaning power as the old version, and the reason for its strong cleaning power is that it is inside

add Jeju volcanic mud sphere complex with twice sebum adsorption


Yue Shi Fengyin grinded Jeju volcanic rock into fine particles, and then developed this

pore cleaning mousse mask


owning it is like having a super strong

"pore vacuum cleaner"

, it can easily suck out the aging sebum, cutin and dust in the skin, and let the skin return to a clean state.


unique mousse texture

more suitable for skin and pores

this new volcano cleaning mask also has a unique texture. With one click and dense mousse texture, it is easier

go deep into the skin texture and easily take away the garbage in the pores


compared with muddy texture, mousse texture can fit the skin better and make it more

Fine particles take away garbage from deep pores

, it is also easier to clean and does not feel tight.

the mask also contains colloidal sulfur to regulate oil and cutin, which helps

skin water-oil balance



Deep cleaning strength

of course seeing is believing

in choosing skin care products, you must not recommend them blindly. Thousands of people thousand noodles, want to choose a suitable for their own cleaning and skin care products, of course, depends on its professional strength.

Yue Shi Fengyin invited different skin women with pore and blackhead problems from 20 to 40 years old to participate in the experiment and questionnaire survey through the organization of Playampport KSkinResearchCenter, to explore the professional strength of mousse mask from six professional dimensions:

adsorb air dust

(apply the "dust" components that come into contact with the air on the skin, and then use the volcanic mud mask)

Air pollution is becoming more and more serious, and delicate skin is attacked by dust all the time, so an excellent pore cleaning product must have the ability to remove dust.

Test of applying a thick layer of dust after using the product

the skin has become much cleaner

, the contrast effect is quite obvious.

Clean makeup residue

(imitate daily makeup and apply eye shadow, use general facial cleansing, and then use mousse mask to deeply clean)

as we all know, it is not clean to remove makeup, how harmful it is to the skin.

the daily cleanser can not completely remove the makeup residue, but the volcanic mousse mask can achieve

Deep cleaning


Clean blackheads and say byebye to strawberry nose

(the effect of cleaning blackheads after using volcanic mud mask)


"Strawberry nose"

troubled girls, please come here! Stop listening to folk remedies and use baking soda or boiled salt water to go to blackheads.The damage to the skin should not be underestimated.

if you want to effectively remove blackheads from your nose, Volcano Mousse Mask can easily help you!

shrink pores

(show the effect of pore contraction through visioface instrument, green is normal pore, red is larger pore)

large pores are actually caused by improper nursing, such as

exuberant skin oil secretion


Deep pore cleaning is not carried out regularly

, coupled with some wrong skin care methods, if you are not careful, your face will become "big pores for transplanting seedlings".

this group of test skin contrast map, we can find that after using volcanic mud mask to clean, the effect of pore reduction is very obvious, feeling to the skin to do a ten-level skin grinding, and the male god zero distance eye contact, do not have to feel guilty.

remove aged cutin

(using professional primos equipment to photograph cheeks, the skin smoothing effect is obvious after using)

want to have a delicate and smooth

Egg face

, it is necessary to remove the aged cutin of facial skin in time.

it is obvious that after using the product, the skin becomes much smoother, and the skin is clean and tender enough to glow.

calm the skin

(using thermal imaging technology to compare the surface temperature of the skin before and after shooting)

especially in hot summer, pores open and oil secretion is more exuberant,

facial skin will hide more dirt and impurities

, the cleaning work can not be ignored.

using a volcanic mud mask to clean, the temperature on the surface of the skin is reduced, soothing and calming.


pore cleaning duet

double nursing, relying on no holes

it is necessary to use cleansing mask once or twice a week to deeply clean pores. And after cleaning, be sure to match the convergence water, further care of pores.

Yue Shi Fengyin volcanic mud pores

conditioning water has strong adsorption capacity

, it can easily help the skin to complete the second cleaning, regulate and control the water and oil balance of the skin, and help

soothing and moisturizing, converging pores


after using it, every pore is clean and the whole face is fresh and bright.

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Beauty is a lifetime event, and pore care is not overnight.

insist on using this volcanic mousse mask to clean the deep pores regularly, so as to strive for the vegetarian muscle fairies with 0 pores as soon as possible.

I hope everyone can find their own romantic love.

just like Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin, they have been married for 11 years, but their love is still the same. If you accompany me, I will see you laugh.

May you never give up the right to love yourself at any time.


I hope everyone can find their own romantic love.

just like Cai Shaofen and Zhang Jin, they have been married for 11 years, but their love is still the same. If you accompany me, I will see you laugh.

May you never give up the right to love yourself at any time.