Can a mobile phone make a blockbuster? All the "future images" you want are here!
Can a mobile phone make a blockbuster? All the "future images" you want are here!
All the "future images" you want are here!


what is your imaginary "future image"?

-is artificial intelligence replacing tradition?

-is the shadow of science and technology everywhere?

-or can you use VR technology without leaving home?

We are always curious about the unknown and the experiences we may experience, so there are endless possibilities in the future.

and in director Peng Yurun's Eye of the Future, the colors shown in Future Images are particularly fantastic and magnificent:

rows of tall buildings are covered by cyber punk flares;

the electronic screens that can be seen everywhere jump with sci-fi words;

while the traditional sugar shops and stalls are still all over the streets;


through "Cat's Eye", "Bug's ear", "Bee's hand" and "Fish's mind", we see another dimension of the future and feel a completely different landscape.

there is no doubt that time is roaring in and technology is changing with each passing day. We are experiencing the baptism of countless new things every day, and the world of "future images" has already opened the door for us in advance.

take this short film that looks like money is burning.

it only uses

Huawei P30 Pro bare Metal

, in addition to not using any external equipment, but shot a long gun and short gun is difficult to reach the visual effect.

this is exactly

Future Image

: you don't need expensive camera equipment, you only need a mobile phone to make a blockbuster.

and Huawei invited a group of cutting-edge directors and artists, including Peng Yuron, to participate in

"Future Image Art Co-creation"

, we jointly explain the new concept of "future image".

Uncle believes that with the first online

Future Image Gallery

will certainly set off a new wave of "future images".


that's true.

as a matter of fact, since entering the era of national vlog, making blockbuster films is no longer the monopoly of directors.

with the help of continuous technological breakthroughs and innovation, Huawei has taken a big step forward in the future direction of Sina. With the help of Huawei P30 series image technology, anyone can become an artist.

walking into Huawei P30 series "Future Image Gallery", it is not difficult to see Huawei's new interpretation of "future image"--

when shooting a sci-fi blockbuster like the Eye of the Future, you only need a Huawei P30 Pro phone, as well as a tripod, a stabilizer and two light sticks, with the help of Huawei P30 Pro's supersensitive Leica to clearly record the brilliant details and colors in the dark.

through the ultra-photosensitive dark beat and super macro function of Huawei P30 Pro,

the local details of animals can also be beautifully restored.

No matter how dark the light in the alley is, it can always fully capture the cat's dynamic and static close-ups.

even the cat's particularly sensitive pupils,

can also be clearly recorded in the lens with the help of unprecedented photosensitivity.

and the super macro of 2.5cm makes flowers, rain and dew and insects even more delicate.

because it is closer, it is brighter, smaller, gentler and more equal.

the film Wukong subverts the traditional camera language.

boldly use vertical screen composition for content creation.

through the vertical screen shooting method, the sense of "first person" becomes extremely strong, and the upper and lower information that the horizontal picture does not have also makes the picture rich and full, showing a poster-like beauty as a whole.

it's as if you can be there, feel the boy's chase and loss, and be impressed by the folding time in the film.

in addition, the stop-motion animation technology, which used to have a high threshold, has also been included in the Huawei P30 series.

Mai's "Elephant" is made up of 2500 photos edited one by one, in which the delicate and sensible clothing fabrics, vivid facial expressions and concise and smooth fighting movements of the characters are well displayed through the Huawei P30 series.

the simplicity and innocence of traditional animation is reflected in the allegory extension of touching the elephant for the blind and the narration of children, and it also reveals a truth: the way we observe the world must not be limited by a certain established pattern.

frame by frame, exhaustive efforts are all filled with the sense of "rustling" of traditional Chinese martial arts.


"one city per picture"

with the help of the high-definition 4K lens of Huawei P30 Pro, it completely records the touching and beauty in the corner of the city.

from the thousand-year-old city to the fashion capital, from the hustle and bustle to the bright lights, all kinds of history are condensed in these images, and every memory of the city has become warm and tactile ever since.

although each short film uses different creative methods and techniques, it is undeniable that in the new wave of "future images" led by Huawei P30 series,

Image art creation will become something that everyone can do when they pick up their mobile phone.

through the great power of technology, Huawei P30 series has broken artists and ordinary people.The boundary of

helps people freeze the beauty around them anytime and anywhere, and also gives people the ability to perceive "future images"

add wings to the imagination,

allows everyone to enter their own "future image" world.


Cai Chengjie, the director of Wukong, said a sentence in an interview that impressed Uncle:

"any kind of rule exists to break, and we should break it."

indeed, in the traditional way of shooting images, there are always many shackles and rules, such as personnel, equipment, technology, and so on. If one is difficult to solve, the whole cannot be carried out.

but Huawei wants to tell you:

the length of imagination can erase all boundaries.

if you don't believe me, look:

those streets that seem to be full of science fiction in the future world don't actually use a lot of technology, and what it needs is very simple-a piece of dazzling paper.

as long as you put the dazzling paper in front of Huawei's P30 Pro mobile phone camera, you can film the original daily life into cyber punk.

and the seemingly high-tech stop-motion animation only needs to use the photo function of Huawei P30 Pro.

turn on the camera to add a guide line to the photo, assist each photo to align in the same position, then gently touch the focus, long press to lock the focus, drag to adjust the light measuring point, and constantly change the action of the doll while keeping the picture fixed.

as long as you are careful, careful and attentive, you can always edit and summarize it into your own stop-motion animation.

not only that, the Huawei P30 series is also suitable for shooting real-life scenes.

such as the pupil of a cat:

turn on the super macro mode, aim at the part you want to shoot, and you can capture its wide-open eyes.

such as the three creative scenes in Wukong:

the mother wiped the tears for the boy, the line of sight changed from hazy to clear, and the vivid expression was unforgettable.

in fact, all you have to do is drop a sticky transparent liquid in front of the camera and wipe it off by the actor himself to dry your tears.

the pain is particularly real in the scene of the boy falling off the hillside, but it does not require actors to fight in person.

as long as the phone is tied to a barrel and pushed down the hillside, the camera shows the special perspective and dynamic special effects of people falling and tumbling.

and this scene of the boy fishing in the water is even more simple.

put the Huawei P30 Pro into the special waterproof shell of the Huawei P30 series, and then choose the underwater camera mode, and you can capture the unique scenery in the water.


you don't need too complicated operation and equipment, you only need a Huawei P30 series mobile phone to do it all in one machine. Even rookies who have never experienced before can learn the skills of shooting quickly with the help of Huawei P30 series "video class".

this breaks the hardware shackles and shooting rules of traditional images, so that ordinary people can record

Future Image in mind


in this wild imagination, mobile phones also have some advantages that cameras do not have.

Director Peng Yu-lun once said that when she was sitting in the crew's car and suddenly saw an interesting picture, she could get out of the car and start shooting directly with her mobile phone, which was definitely impossible for her to shoot with a camera in the past.

traditional photography equipment is too complex and heavy, and shooting is often limited, but lightweight mobile phones can just make up for this.

Exhausted of searching for an outstanding off white wedding dresses? Immediately after buying, you get a peace of mind.

underwater photography mentioned above, if taken with a professional camera, often requires a lot of auxiliary equipment, which is both time-consuming and labor-consuming, while shooting with Huawei P30 Pro can be easily done with a waterproof shell.

in addition, the lens area of the camera is large, and it is difficult to achieve the effect of tearful eyes by using a viscous transparent liquid.

while shooting insects, cats and other small animals, the mobile phone camera can be closer, so that the animals will not be scared to run away, the overall picture will appear more real.

so to speak,

Mobile phone shooting has not only changed the form of image creation, but also changed people's view of the world, and brought more innovative possibilities to the film industry.

in fact, there is never a boundary for image creation.

as long as you want, you can use Huawei P30 series to be the director of your own life and truly express yourself.


as director Wang Chaoge said:

"the biggest place in the world is our hearts. The place you see is not necessarily the biggest, but the place you want to see is the biggest. "

the "Future Image Gallery" created by Huawei P30 series exists as an extension of science and technology. It hopes to expand people's "desired space" and inspire the possibility of people's creation with the help of "future image art co-creation".

Super photographic dark shot, super macro, super wide angle, 50x digital zoom, ToF portrait.

on the basis of meeting the daily shooting needs, Huawei P30 series constantly breaks through the boundary of artistic creation and reaches the entrance of the future world, which makes the creation of "future images" gradually from rarity to the public.

believes that in the future image era, everyone can become an artist, and everyone can meet their own "future image" in the course of creation, exploration and experiment.

at present, the first online "Future Image Gallery" of Huawei P30 series has been launched.


now stamp

"read the original"

, enter the Future Image Museum, maybe the next artist will be you!