Can you still play like this? Invisible words on the hot pot
Can you still play like this? Invisible words on the hot pot
Useless skills have increased.

recently, the National Institute of Materials Research (NIMS) of Japan posted a video showing the experimental ideas submitted by various netizens, using different principles to present the logo of NIMS. I learned a magical new way of thinking from the video, let's call it the invisible text on the hot pot.

they all look like small white particles, but the text is written in sugar and the background is salt. As the part of the heated sugar is caramelized, the color becomes darker, and the text appears. There is no change in the appearance of salt at this temperature.

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feels like a very useless skill, but it would be nice to get a skeleton pattern (however, there is no sugar at home, so I haven't tried it yet). Heating in the oven should be safer than using fire. The temperature at which the sugar begins to melt and caramel reacts is about 186 ℃. The main problem is that the accuracy of the pattern is probably very low.

original video: