CellPAINT painting Competition: a chance to get a big touch of the original
CellPAINT painting Competition: a chance to get a big touch of the original
Can you draw a blind picture?

do you remember David S. Goodsell, a structural biologist who painted big touches? Recently, the drawing tool CellPAINT, which he helped develop, has added a coronavirus model to draw the key structure of the coronavirus. At the same time, I also found that they are holding a competition to draw coronavirus using CellPAINT.

this competition can be submitted until May 31, and there are two categories: "science" and "art". The science group pursues the accurate restoration of the structure of cells and viruses, while the art group can free itself to express itself in some special ways.

(sample creation of the science and art group)

key point: the person who finally wins in these two groups will get a big touch of the original painting, which is also the coronavirus of the painting (such as the picture below)

I wonder if anyone will be interested. The drawing tool can be opened from the web page: the description of the https://ccsb.scripps.edu/cellpaint/

competition can be seen here:


this version can add the envelope, protein and other structures of coronavirus to the screen, as well as some components of plasma and human cells. If you want to paint scientifically and rigorously, you need a lot of patience, and you probably have to look for references, but blind painting is fine.

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