Details can be seen in character, trifles in the hearts of the people
Details can be seen in character, trifles in the hearts of the people
Only when you have good character first can you have good popularity later.


there is a saying: "the goods are in the things, the heart is hidden in the body."

it is difficult for us to really know a person from the surface.

but you can see a person's character and sincerity from the details of life.

those seemingly inconspicuous actions often best reflect the true face of a person.

people who can think of others in detail will certainly not be bad in character, and they will not be false in their sincerity.

for details, see character

some people say: "A person's real capital is not beauty, but character."

character is not only the embodiment of a person's self-cultivation, but also the best card of a person.

good character is not only reflected in the face of right and wrong, but also in the details of life.

being able to take care of others and make people comfortable is also the embodiment of a person's character.

have seen such a story:

there was a young girl who came home late at night because she worked overtime.

when she took the elevator and was about to close the elevator door and go upstairs, two uncles happened to press the elevator outside.

after the elevator door opened, the two uncles glanced at the girl. One uncle made a gesture to go in, and the other uncle grabbed him and said, wait.

because the uncle took care of the girl being alone and was afraid that she was afraid, he said to the girl:

"I'm really sorry, he's drunk. We have a strong smell of alcohol. I'm afraid we'll smoke you. Go up first!"

the girl was surprised and warm in her heart. She shook her hand and said, "it's okay."

but the uncle still insisted that the girl go up first.

A person's character is reflected in some small details.

in life, give people a hand when you go in and out, and speak kindly when talking to people.

these details are the embodiment of good character.

people with good character will think of others in everything.

Zuo Zhuan records: "there is virtue in the supreme, followed by meritorious service, followed by words, which have been spread for a long time, which is called immortality."

character is always the first.

details are most easily overlooked and can best see a person's character.

small things can be seen in the hearts of the people

if you don't try water, you don't know the depth; if you don't make friends, you don't know whether it's good or bad.

it is often said that people know the face but not the heart. The human heart is the most complex and unpredictable.

in fact, if you want to see a person's heart clearly, you only need to look at his attitude from small things.

in ancient times, a Tai Shou stayed in Dongdu, and a local sage came under his door as a doorman.

all the other doormen in the house said that the doorman was selfish.

Tai Shou could not tell whether it was true or false, so he asked the doorman to play chess with him.

the two men agreed to play chess, and the doorman won a reward of two taels of silver.

midway, Taishou had official documents to deal with, so he walked away.

and the doorman knew that he would lose if he continued to play this game, so he took the opportunity to move the position of the pieces to turn his inferior situation into an advantageous situation.

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when Tai Shou came back, he easily beat Tai Shou and took two taels of silver.

in fact, when Tai Shou came back, he had already noticed that he had moved the pieces, but he did not expose him.

the next day, Tai Shou asked him to work as a doorman in another place.

the doorman wondered why he was fired, and asked the reason when he left.

Tai Shou said:

"when you are faced with interests, you do not want to solve problems, but choose to beat me by means. If something really happens, you will only take care of your own interests and abandon me in danger, so you are not fit to stay by my side. "

Keigo Higano said: "there are two things in the world that cannot be looked directly at: one is the sun, and the other is the human heart."

people are the most difficult to guard against.

you don't know whether there is a knife hidden behind the smile.

it is true that people are unpredictable, but one can still see that a person is not sincere in terms of trifles.

if a person, in the face of temptations and difficulties, will still think for us, such people are sincere to us.

the heart is not in the mouth, but in the heart.

only by seeing the hearts of the people clearly can you make friends with the right people and keep yourself from getting hurt.

details, you can see a person most clearly

details, you can see a person best.

the true face of a person is always revealed inadvertently.

if you want to know whether a person is worthy of your trust, just observe the details of what he does.

in Japan, a small company specializing in sports equipment wanted to cooperate with a large trading company, but the boss of the small company, Tanaka, failed to talk about cooperation many times.

one day, Tanaka tried again and failed again, which made him very depressed.

when he was about to leave, it rained heavily outside, and the wind blew wantonly into the hall from the entrance, blowing the front desk newspapers all over the floor.

Tanaka picked up the newspaper on the ground, put it back and turned to leave, thinking that the wind would still blow the newspaper on the ground, so he went out and found a stone on the newspaper and left with peace of mind.

these actions were seen by the president standing not far away. He was moved by Tanaka's behavior and thought that Tanaka was a serious and responsible person, so he decided to cooperate with Tanaka.

it turns out that the two familiesThe cooperation of the company is successful.

Tanaka's small company is also growing, and now it has set up many subsidiaries around the world, with customers all over the world.

as the old saying goes, "words are the voice of the heart, but actions are the expression of the heart."

one can judge a person's inner thoughts by his speech and behavior.

details, you can see a person's self-cultivation.

people who do things seriously will pay attention to details; people who do things carelessly will ignore details.

people who can do a good job in details are not only conscientious and reliable, but also better able to take into account the feelings of others.

such people deserve our deep acquaintance.

Laozi once said, "Great events in the world must be done in detail."

small things make great things, but details make perfect.

in many cases, details can help us to better understand a person.

details can be seen in character, trifles in the hearts of the people.

A good character is the wealth of a lifetime; to be sincere is a lifetime of luck.

only when you have a good character can you become popular later.