Disposable warm handbag: simple and warm chemical reaction
Disposable warm handbag: simple and warm chemical reaction
Simple crystallization process and simple redox reaction are the source of people's warmth.

warm handbags can help people get through the cold weather. There are many principles of this kind of products, such as rechargeable ones, small retro heaters, and products that use supersaturated sodium acetate solution to crystallize and exothermic (that is, "hot ice"):

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Today, let's talk about disposable warm handbags. What brings warmth this time is the chemical reaction.

the core of this chemical reaction is actually quite simple. When removed from the outer package that insulates the air, the oxygen enters the inner package of the warm handbag, oxidizing the iron powder to form iron oxide (Fe2O3) and releasing heat.

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of course, for it to work smoothly, you need some other ingredients: water, salt, activated carbon and some "absorbent materials". With these ingredients, primary batteries can be formed to promote the oxidation of iron, while the function of "absorbing materials" is to absorb and retain water. The materials used can be water-absorbing resins such as sodium polyacrylate or minerals such as vermiculite.

(warm baby composition table)

in addition, the packaging material is also very important to the effect of the warm handbag. For the inner packaging, how many pores and how much oxygen it passes through will directly affect the rate of reaction. The important task of the outer packaging is to keep it sealed as much as possible to avoid air leakage, otherwise the reactants will be exhausted before they are used.

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