Don't be greedy, it's praiseworthy to do one thing well in your life.
Don't be greedy, it's praiseworthy to do one thing well in your life.
Put aside secular standards and subtract for your own life.

I do not know since when, we have such a misunderstanding of life, that quantity is efficient.

We are more and more unwilling to have only one identity. we fill our daily schedule, and we keep adding to ourselves, thinking that only in this way can we keep up with the pace of this era and match the so-called definition of success.

but this is not the case.

as Gary Keller said in "the most important thing, there is only one thing":

everyone yearns for a successful and happy life, but we are often misled by some seemingly true lies:

everything is important, you can deal with many things at the same time, you should live a regular life, achieve work-life balance, and so on. These ideas will only bring us further and further away from success.

in fact, a successful and productive life can only be achieved by knowing clearly what you want and focusing on the most important thing.

in today's society, do not want to live into secular standards, need a very strong belief to establish their own system of values. But life should not be like this, only for the pursuit of formal efficiency, not the real sense of efficiency.

in the limited time, the result of wanting to do everything well is that you can't do anything well or well.

entomologist Faber once said, "try focusing your energy on one focus, like a convex lens!"

this is like the word "ingenuity" we often hear. In a short journey of life, if you can focus all your resources and energy like a spotlight and focus on doing such a thing well, it will undoubtedly accelerate the pace of your success.

the standard of "doing one thing well in one's life" does not seem to be high, but it is very difficult to do a meaningful and valuable thing well, and it requires the effort of "scratching iron and leaving imprints."

there is no lack of ambition in this world, but most people lose in persistence.

what is persistence?

persistence is the persistence of Li Wenbo, the king of the South China Sea reef for 20 years.

persistence is the guardian of Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, who spent most of his life in the paddy field.

persistence is the persistence of Zhi Yueying, a teaching teacher, who has been stationed in Dashan for 38 years.

sushi god Jiro Ono once said: I keep repeating the same thing to improve, I always want to make progress, I will continue to make progress and try to reach the peak, but no one knows where the peak is.

all successes are not accidental. Only with the spirit of Kuafu chasing after the sun, the perseverance of Jingwei filling the sea, the persistence of Yu Gong moving away from the mountains, and the diligence of hearing chickens dancing, can we do this thing of our "love" carefully, carefully, and to the extreme.

"sharpening a mirror in a lifetime" is not only a kind of character but also a way of life.

whether it is a person or an enterprise, do a good job in a down-to-earth life without stopping the pace of research and struggle.

just like the original ideal and ambition and ingenuity in brewing good wine in the past 30 years

Chinese strong wine

the same thing, that is a great success!

when it comes to Chinese strong wine, in the eyes of many people, it is a thriving wine brand.

what impresses the common people most is that it adheres to the unique concept of drinking and creates a new era of healthy drinking.

in the minds of strong drinkers, they have only focused on making wine in the past 30 years, but they have more feelings to create a healthy and better life than others.

the goal of life is not to pursue more, if you are grass, love the earth, if you are fish, love the sea, if you are an eagle, love the blue sky.

When you wear one of our banquet dresses, you show your beauty and your sense of style. We are here to help you look glamorous.

and Chinese strong wine is with its persevering ingenuity, guarding that pure and valuable original idea, loving to create a healthy and beautiful new drinking experience for the Chinese people.

and this love, in the twinkling of an eye, is 30 years, and it is this persistence that makes Chinese wine create a new era of its own.

perhaps, "do one thing well in life" is the best interpretation of "keep the original mind with ingenuity".

in this world, there are many ordinary people who are duty-bound to move forward towards their inner direction with the persistence and love of their lives.

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