Don't believe it, your image determines your income.
Don't believe it, your image determines your income.
A person's image often hides his attitude towards life, which also determines his life.

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I read an article by Yang Lan before going to bed a few days ago, and I had some feelings.

at that time, she was studying in the UK and was refused many times to find a job.

on one occasion, an interviewer refused to ask her any more questions because she felt that her image did not match her resume.

the landlord is a very demanding middle-aged woman who must turn off the lights and go to bed before 12:00. She is not allowed to enter her living room unless she is well dressed. Yang Lan must wear lipstick when she has guests.

once, Yang Lan just finished washing his hair and sat on the bed, flipping through the job postings in the newspaper while eating rolls.

the landlord rushed over, snatched her bread and newspaper, and roared:

"you unqualified Chinese girl, get out of my house."

an angry Yang Lan, with loose hair, wrapped a coat over her pajamas and rushed out the door. She entered a cafe.

opposite her sat an old lady who was more elegant and well-dressed than the landlord. She took a note from the side, wrote a line and handed it to Yang Lan: the bathroom is around the corner on your left.

messy hair, even a little bread crumbs around the nose, although the coat is of good quality, it is worn out by baggy pajamas.

Yang Lan looked down on herself for the first time. How disrespectful she was in such a dress that she made others think that I didn't respect them either.

when she returned to her seat again, the old lady had left, and there was another sentence on the note: as a woman, you must be delicate, this is a woman's dignity.

A person's image often hides his attitude towards life, which also determines his life.

the world looks at the face after all

whether you admit it or not, the world depends on the face.

Xiao Longnu fainted at the mouth of the valley of despair, dying.

Gongsun, the master of the valley, happened to be passing by, and the servant said to Gongsun, there is a girl in front of her, and she seems to be dying.

Gong Sun, who was sitting in the sedan chair, waved a big hand and left her alone. We left the world alone, let her go and went on our way.

when Gong Sun only passed by Xiao Longnu, he glanced at the fact that there were such immortal-looking women in the world who immediately ordered people to stop the sedan chair. It was another story: it is better to save a life than to build a seven-level pagoda. Take this girl back to the valley for treatment.

people who are good-looking and have a good image tend to have more opportunities, so they are more likely to be treated gently.

two interviewers with similar abilities, the one with a better image is more likely to be hired.

Pang Tong is on a par with Zhuge Liang. Because of his ugly appearance and low EQ, he was rejected for an interview with Sun Quan. Liu Bei barely passed when he came to Liu Bei. Liu Bei was not in the mood to use him at first, even though his ability was comparable to that of Zhuge Liang.

if you visit a strange customer at the same time, the good-looking one is more likely to talk to the customer.

also made mistakes, and people with good looks are more likely to be forgiven;

also walk in the street together, the good-looking ones will always be looked at by others.

in this face-looking era, a good image can really serve as a meal. In the workplace, your image can often determine your income and career height.

judging people by their appearance has never been a commendatory word, but it should not be a derogatory term either. 99% of people will judge people by their appearance, so the existence of such prejudice must be reasonable.

in many cases, the level and state of a person can be judged from his or her dress, delicacy and temperament.

excellent people, well-bred people, tend to pay more attention to image, pay attention to the taste of life, even if the family is useless, a handful of withered branches, a drink bottle, can make the house full of new ideas.

Noble people do not have much wealth, but never make do with life, never carelessly.

do these four things well, be a delicate person

the image of a person does not only refer to what he wears and how to dress up, but also the temperament, aura and mental state emitted from him.

because of their bad image, there are a lot of people with low self-esteem and cowardice, and people who are frustrated everywhere can be found everywhere.

sometimes, even if you are really good, if you can't even get a ticket to show your talent, no matter how powerful you are, you can only do nothing.

so, you are so excellent, do not let yourself lose in the image, no matter male or female, should be a delicate person, should do these things well.

read books and improve your temperament and knowledge

the belly is full of poetry and book. if a person's appearance and external image do not have an advantage, then he can still rely on talent to make up for it.

and inner temperament, talent, and self-cultivation are often a person's best business card, and the shelf life is also the longest.

I often talk about this with people around me. Once, when I attended a forum summit, a chubby girl came on stage and was so corny and incongruous next to a group of beautiful workplace "bone spirits".

but when she opens her mouth, you will feel the powerful aura and unusual charm.

Talent and thought, no matter how advanced cosmetics, no matter how good the quality of clothes can not dress up.

exercise and fitness

The difference between the buyer show and the seller show often comes from the huge difference in figure. It is important to develop the habit of exercise and fitness so that you have a good figure.

the mental state of a person who exercises regularly is very different from that of a person who often does not exercise.

learn to communicate

good words are warm in three winters, and evil words are cold in June. People who can speak can often make people feel like spring breeze with one word, but they can't speak, and their image will be greatly compromised in the eyes of others.

A person's way of speaking shows his self-cultivation and knowledge.

dress and take care of yourself

what kind of clothes to wear on any occasion, not seductive, not affected, not vulgar, generous and decent, elegant.

people rely on clothes and horses on the saddle. I never think that a person who pays attention to his external image is superficial. People who pay attention to clothing and make-up tend to love life more.

most of the time, your image often determines your life and, more directly, your career and income.

Want to look like a fairytale princess in a magnificent vintage style formal dresses without spending a fortune? Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

whether rich or poor, at peak or low, please be a delicate person with a little more respect for life, and life will be gentle to you.

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