Don't complain, you win.
Don't complain, you win.
If you learn to live a life without complaining, you will achieve good results.

you say "the World without complaining"

an uncle

complaining is human instinct.

"getting up early every day to catch the subway, there are all kinds of strange smells in the carriage, and it is still so crowded that it makes people upset."

"has the price of food in the canteen gone up again today? That chicken nugget is really terrible. It's not worth twenty yuan! "

"I came to the company two years earlier than he did. Why does he earn more and have a higher position than me?"

"Why do other people's children are sensible and conscious, and don't let their parents worry about their study? what am I giving birth to?"... "

Yes, almost everyone has said similar things, and there are a variety of complaints.

for most of your life, you may struggle with negativity and complaint, just like everyone else.

but life is like time, which is fair to everyone, except that some people spend it on progress, while others spend it on complaining.

complain that apart from annoying others and only adding to your own troubles, you get nothing and waste your time.

just as fish are not aware of the water around them and people are not aware of the air around them, it is difficult for us to feel the existence of complaints.

if you can't help complaining in your daily life, learn how to control your inner Warcraft with an uncle in the World of No complaining today.

when we have positive mental strength, abandon our once imperfect self, and strive to change, we will naturally become better.


complaining is a kind of negative energy

in this lifetime, nine times out of ten unsatisfactory things can be said to be the same as others.

there are always some ditches and hurdles that cannot be crossed in life.

maybe talking can give us a moment of comfort, but unfortunately, it is often full of grievances and negative energy.

complaining is like lifting a stone and dropping it on your own feet, which is not good for others, bad for yourself, and useless for things.

husband and wife complain about each other and their feelings gradually fade away; children complain to their parents, which deepens the gap between them; subordinates complain to their superiors, will the boss appreciate such people?

"if you are too upset, you will always stop later." If Gai complains about the sky for no reason, then heaven will not allow it, and if there is no reason for people, then people will not be obeyed, and it is only natural to feel. "

Zeng Guofan's remark precisely shows that it is necessary to stop complaining, otherwise it will be disliked.

there is a story in the book that goes like this:

two construction workers sat down for lunch together, and one of them opened the lunch box and complained, "Oh, my God, meatloaf sandwich." I hate this. " His friend didn't say anything.

the two met again for lunch the next day.

similarly, the first worker opened the fast food box and looked inside and became more angry: "how come it's a meatloaf sandwich again? I hate meatloaf sandwiches!"

his friend remained silent as he did yesterday.

on the third day, when they had to prepare for lunch, the first worker shouted, "I've had enough. It's the same thing day after day. I want to eat something else!"

A friend asked him, "Why don't you just ask your wife to do something else for you?"

the first man looked puzzled: "what are you talking about?" I make my own lunch. "

you see, when you are tired of meatloaf sandwiches, you make yourself the same lunch every day.

the so-called complaining is actually adding drama to yourself and seeking attention in many ways.

our time and energy are limited, so instead of spending time on these meaningless things, we might as well devote these complaining forces to change.

there is no real empathy in this world, and we are lucky to go the same way once in a while.

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just like some people always complain about bad, but put on a lot of weight.

"complaining" is like bad breath, but you and I don't know it, and people who are used to complaining are throwing dirty water on their shoes.

if you learn a life without complaining, you will achieve good results.


A life without complaining will make more money.

Life is not easy, we will encounter a series of unpleasant things every day, or laugh at or sad.

it's just that smart people choose to laugh it off, relax, and have a relaxing day.

some people are apt to complain that the whole world is happy, but they are treated badly, and their mood gets worse all day.

these negative emotions are like viruses that can spread to people around you, causing massive restlessness.

Life is too short. If we waste our time complaining, wouldn't it be a pity to spend most of our good time?

if you want to stop complaining, you must first heal your restless soul.

author will

when Bowen encountered a bottleneck in his career, instead of complaining, he realized that he should change his work attitude and urge himself with the help of his colleagues and family.

before long, the wife asked, "have you noticed that we kiss more often than before?"

A good mood is not only helpful to your work, but also makes your relationship with your lover happier.

Yes, be patient, change yourself, stop complaining, there are plenty of good things waiting for you in the future!

the writer Liu Liu wrote in an article:

"studying Jack Ma's life, in the first 37 years, his life is full of two words: failure.

after the age of 37, he suddenly prospered, and the secret was two words: never complain. "

when it comes to complaining, Jack Ma should be more qualified than anyone else to complain. After all, he failed so many times, but he didn't do so.

by comparison, what can we do as most of us?

I have read such a sentence: I think the rich will lead a fuller life than we do. I think there will be no worries if they are satisfied materially.

what we think is our usual subconscious, but what about it? Everyone has their own troubles, the key is how you look at it.

complaining about this is like an infinite loop of decimal 0.333. Even if you repeat a thousand and ten thousand times after the decimal point, you can't get close to the goal of 1.

people who give up on themselves will only complain again and again, which not only wastes time, but also disturbs the people around them.

A true wise man knows how to face problems squarely, not arrogant or impetuous, and change his situation with a positive attitude and action.

as Zhang ailing once said:

some people always complain that they can't find good people. Once or twice, it doesn't matter, if there are too many, there will be problems.

first of all, you have to review whether you have any problems. If not, you should examine your own vision. Why do you meet bad guys every time?

when you start to stop complaining, your life will become clearer.


instead of complaining, change

the essence of life is to constantly encounter and solve problems, which is a must for anyone.

No one wants to be in the midst of blaming and complaining for a long time, but if the problem has come, it would be better to accept it and try to cut a window in these misfortunes to let the sun in and drive away the haze.

author will

Bowen launched a 21-day "don't complain" campaign.

invite each participant to wear a special purple bracelet and change it to the other hand when complaining, until you can form a new habit without complaining, criticizing or gossiping for 21 days.

do you find it difficult? After all, most of the "auditory pollution" we create during the day is caused by the unconscious.

it is mentioned in the book that complaining will not help us improve the situation, on the contrary, it will aggravate the problem.

very often, when problems come, it is also the day of spiritual practice.

people should not be too strict with others, for they are bound to make the same mistakes as others.

people who complain about themselves should try to learn to change themselves.

people who complain about others should try to think from other people's point of view and speak politely.

only in this way can your life be saved from chaos, and your life will be more beautiful and complete.

now, you can also make a "21-day" plan, wear a purple bracelet, accept the challenge, use the positive energy of continuous action to dissipate the negative magnetic field of complaint, and try to be a non-complainer!

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