"Don't underestimate that awesome self!" 20 years of memories have gone viral in moments and exploded!
"Don't underestimate that awesome self!" 20 years of memories have gone viral in moments and exploded!
Who defined the past 20 years?

A few days ago, I saw a popular trend on the Internet, which impressed my uncle very much:

"there are only four months to go before 2020, but I always think that there are still 20 years left."

Yes, we all know that time flies, but we didn't expect it to be so fast. Before you know it, most of 2019 is over, and 1999 is already 20 years ago.

after 20 years of life, we have experienced countless moments and made countless choices.

and many times, it is a seemingly inconspicuous moment that changes the fate of you and others, as well as the whole era.

when you are old, when you look back on your life, you will find that it was the brightest moment in your life, and your heart will tremble when you think about it.

so, do you remember any highlight moments that belonged exclusively to you in the past 20 years?


@ Tang Ling Dad: "are you tired, Dad?"

highlight time:


for Tang Ling's father, the highlight moment occurred in 2003.

that year, a terrible SARS virus swept the country, and almost everyone was in danger for a while.

as a father, Tang's father is even more worried. Because, in this SARS storm, daughter Tang Ling's company has also been affected.

Alibaba, the company where Tang Ling works, was forced to seal off all office areas because of a suspected viral infection.

the crisis is unprecedented and their painstaking efforts are about to be wasted. They have no choice but to fight a silent battle.

at that time, e-commerce was just on the rise, and every minute of business consulting could not be done in the company.

Alibaba's staff decided to move the computer and network cable home! Understaffed? Then the family members and relatives will do it together!

Tang Ling's father, who was still taking traditional Chinese medicine at that time, volunteered to use the telephone at the head of his bed as a weapon and never left his bedroom from 9 a.m. to 11:00 in the evening.

the phone rings

, Father Tang said very seriously:

"Hello, this is Alibaba.


and the customers on the other end of the phone have no idea what kind of environment this new company is working with them.

just curious, the voices who answered the phone during that time included old people, children, and old ladies with a strong Hangzhou accent.

his daughter once asked him, "are you tired, Dad?"

but no matter how tired you are? At this moment, I am the only one who can fight side by side with my daughter.

wait until the end of the isolation period, because of Tangling this group of employees, Ali's performance has not been affected at all, but climbed to a new peak.

Tang Ling's father can proudly say: without our support at that time, there would be no Alibaba.

indeed, in order to thank the family members of the employees who accompanied Ali through the difficulties, Jack Ma designated May 10 every year as Ali's relatives and Friends Day.

and this memory is unforgettable for them, even when they are old, they can brag to their children and grandchildren.

that's true.

when you spend every moment of your life with faith and persistence, you will eventually see a completely different landscape. And the strength you pay will also become a gear, affecting the operation of the whole era.


@ Coco: "where there is light, there is hope"

highlight moment: 2006

in 2006, Coco was also a moderator of Taobao Forum.

this aroused the compassion of Coco, who had always been warm-hearted, and she decided to go over and see for herself.

but she didn't expect that the reality was even more tragic than what she saw on the Internet.

the female teacher, Zhou Lihong, originally had a happy family, but a sudden cancer destroyed her like a storm.

after learning about her illness, the husband chose to divorce. In order to treat breast cancer, Zhou Lihong spent all her savings and had to fight against her weak body while opening an online shop to earn tuition for her young daughter, Xiao Mudou.

it is a pity that the good times did not last long. Zhou Lihong's condition did not improve at all and regretfully passed away. At that time, the little magic bean was only 6 years old and was probably going to be lonely

suffering and wandering.

Coco was particularly distressed about her situation, so he volunteered to volunteer to take over Zhou Lihong's Taobao store, using the store income and taking good care of the big and small magic beans.

one big and one young, who are not related by blood, have snuggled up to each other since 2006 and have survived many ups and downs on the road of life together.

because of the experience of Little Magic Dou, Taobao platform created the "Magic Dou Love Project" public welfare project, which is specially used to help women in trouble.

more than ten years have passed, and the little magic bean has grown up.

this summer, she was successfully admitted to the university with a score of 10 points, and the "magic bean hut" Taobao store changed its name to "magic bean mother public welfare official store" and became a "never-closing Taobao store." it inspires more children like her.

you see, what if the road ahead is dark?

there is always a beam of light, as long as you catch it, you will catch hope.


@ Chen Hongwei: "one bet is victory"

highlight moment: 2010

in 2010, Chen Hongwei, who is still working at Everbright Bank, did not expect that a major event that would affect the times would happen to her this year.

at that time, Chen Hongwei was an ordinary head of the bank, the position was not very high, but she always had a hot heart, and she was eager to do something for people.

at that time, the mobile Internet was not particularly developed, and many things had to be solved in queues in the office hall, including the payment of water, electricity and coal charges.

the hall is full of people. In order to save the queuing time, many old people come before dawn, and office workers can only take advantage of the lunch break to pay to avoid water and electricity cuts, which not only delay time but also delay things.

Chen Hongwei, who witnessed all this, hesitated in the face of Alipay, which came to cooperate.

is it reliable that Alipay has only been established for a few years? Is it safe? Does anyone use it?

people are afraid of being the first to eat crabs, just as they are afraid of the unknown.

she thought, if you don't gamble, how do you know if you will win in the end? If I don't push, no one will do it. At this moment, it's me.

after tossing and turning for a whole night, she decisively decided to do it!

she gathers all the payment resources and makes unremitting efforts to promote contact. Finally, under the matchmaking of Everbright Bank, Alipay realized online payment service.

originally it was just a test of the water, but it caused an uproar in society. Some people even went to the news and asked:

"when can we pay online here?"

Chen Hongwei breathed a sigh of relief: although it was a bet, she won the bet.

nowadays, more than 50% of the popular functions can be handled directly on the Internet. It can be said that all this started from the moment Chen Hongwei made the decision.

indeed, if not now, when will it be? If it wasn't you, who would it be?

as long as you have a mission and vision, all boundaries can be broken, and all ideals have a chance to be realized.


@ Feng Zhengkai: "I feel like I'm no different from Jack Ma."

highlight moment: 2013

in 2013, Feng Zhengkai's life changed dramatically.

as a severe polio patient, he completely lost his ability to walk on the 100th day after birth, so he has been suffering from indifference and bullying:

when he appeared in the yard when he was a child, he would be pushed down by other children as a horse.

his parents spent money to treat him, and he was ridiculed by his neighbors: "if it's all like this, why waste money?"

managed to find a job, but after three months of hard work, the boss only paid 200 yuan.


in such a growing environment, Feng Zhengkai was so inferiority complex that he even thought of ending his life with a fruit knife.

however, the spirit hidden in his bones made him unwilling to let his dignity be trampled on all the time.

he decided to stand on his own feet and impress those who despise him.

there are many people like him here, some lose their legs, some lose their arms, some have no basic mobility, and they have to be supported by others when they walk.

however, although they are physically disabled, they have a strong heart.

Feng Zhengkai was inspired by this group of companions and confidently drew a vision for himself:

he can't walk, so he types with his hands; if he's not good at words, he practices it over and over again.

at the time of Singles Day holiday, he even got 17000 yuan a month, which was higher than the salary of everyone in his family.

Feng Zhengkai said that he was happy to be scolded across the screen, because it meant that he was treated like an ordinary person.

now, Feng Zhengkai, who has been the customer service of Ali Special Cloud for 6 years, has solved the problems of countless customers and officially upgraded to a teacher at the base.

he finally got rid of the hesitation of the past, was full of confidence in his future, and even said with great ambition:

"maybe one day I can sit next to Jack Ma. I feel no different from him. "

even if fate deals bad cards, Feng Zhengkai always believes that he will be able to play cards well through hard work.

what if there are thorns everywhere?

people who have dreams in their hearts can always break out a broad sky on their own.

for them, as long as they dare to believe and dare to do, to explore and try, there is nothing difficult to do in the world.


@ Mr. Zhu: "Why can't old people use smartphones?"

highlight moment: 2017

there is a saying that you should do things at the same age.

however, in Zhu's heart, he never believed this sentence.

in 2017, 72-year-old Zhu made an unexpected move by writing a 1500-word handwritten letter to the newspaper. The content of the letter is very interesting--

in his letter, Mr. Zhu complained with some dissatisfaction:

"Why can't older people use smartphones?"

indeed, in this era of rapid development of the Internet, it seems that all technological products are designed for young people.

overly complex operation pages, difficult gesture steps. It makes many old people like Mr. Zhu feel miserable. They can't even pay with their mobile phones, so they have a lot of trouble.

but Uncle Zhu is unwilling to admit that once he reaches their age, he is doomed to be abandoned by the times.

therefore, he boldly speaks on behalf of the elderly group, hoping to use this letter to help more elderly people to embrace the trend.

they took the initiative to hand out an olive branch to Mr. Zhu and developed an introduction to Alipay for their parents, which contains many pictures and big words, just as Mr. Zhu expected.

and Uncle Zhu listed a full two-page outline in advance for the sake of this manual.

since then, he has learned online shopping and mobile payments, and even relied on his own skills to teach in the senior college community, becoming a big star among his old friends.

and 2017 has become a new starting point in his life.

in fact, how can life start too late?

what we lack is never time, but the determination and courage to change.


Peach and Li spring breeze a pot of wine, rivers and lakes night rain ten years lamp.

looking back after 20 years, everyone is doing ordinary things in front of ordinary people in the torrent of time.

but as the saying goes:

"every life that comes into the world is destined to change the world."

believes that the world belongs to ordinary people, and the highlights you experience will illuminate the path of others.


in the past 20 years, what is the "here and now" that "must be you"?

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