Eight years of marriage, one son and one daughter, late at night "cheating" was filmed: another spoiled wife in the entertainment industry collapsed!
Eight years of marriage, one son and one daughter, late at night "cheating" was filmed: another spoiled wife in the entertainment industry collapsed!
The so-called husband and wife are two people who love each other, helping each other to move forward.

another "good man" in the entertainment industry has collapsed his house!

not long ago, actor Yang Shuo was photographed having a party in a hot spring with a group of friends. After the party, friends went home one after another, but Yang Shuo went home with a rich daughter.

not only did the two ride in the same car late at night, but Yang Shuo also helped the girl push open the unit door downstairs.

in Yang Shuo's wife

@ Wang Liwen

Weibo account, just after her birthday, she was reminded by netizens: "your husband is having an affair again."

for married people, keeping the distance between men and women should be the most basic rule, but obviously, Yang Shuo doesn't care, as if his wife's birthday and the couple have no interaction.

as early as three years ago, an insider posted a screenshot of a chat record suspected of Yang Shuo.

in the screenshot, Yang Shuo said bluntly that he "slept well last night" while transferring 10,000 yuan to the other party to "buy some snacks."

if he had room for sophistry, the next revelations hammered him to the ground.

at 40: 00 in the morning, he volunteered to tell a girl his hotel room number, and everyone knew the rest of the story.

although Studio Yang Shuo immediately sent Weibo to clarify:

"all the screenshots have been retained, and none of them can run away. Wait for the lawyer's letter!"

but onlookers waited and waited, but so far there was no so-called lawyer's letter, only a light statement asking the media and netizens to stop retweeting.

if you really answer that bad sentence, men have cheated only 0 times and countless times.

but it seems to him to be "commonplace", but it is the most painful harm to his wife and two children at home.

after eight years of marriage, his wife Wang Liwen gave up her career and accompanied him from obscurity to fame, raising a son and a daughter for him.

Yang Shuo once said on the program that during the seven years since his son was born, he spent less than half a year with him because he was busy with his work. It can be said that his son has hardly felt fatherly love.

I thought he was busy making money to support his family, but now it seems that he is busy having an affair.

Yang Shuo, who relies on spoiling his wife to set up a circle, has completely collapsed this time!

A spoiled wife is the best amulet for a scum man

before it was revealed that he was having an affair, few people could compare with Yang Shuo in terms of "spoiling his wife".

in 2017, Yang Shuo said on Weibo that he would give his wife a rewedding when he was rich.

A year later, Yang Xin immediately fulfilled his oath and held a grand wedding for Wang Liwen by virtue of the big fire of "Bao Bao" in Ode to Joy.

the halo of "beloved wife" instantly overshadowed netizens' complaints about his "greasy" acting skills. Relying on "spoiling his wife", his popularity reached its peak in an instant, and the crew also came to the door one after another, and even made news of sky-high pay at that time.

maybe it was at this time that he found that setting up a "beloved wife" is a lucrative business: just pay more attention in front of the screen. How do netizens know what happened behind the screen?

so he took his wife and mother to participate in the variety show "my favorite Women". Now looking back on this variety show, I can only sigh that there are some things that can't be faked.

program, he made a "big move", saying that he had already drawn up a "divorce agreement":

all the property under Yang Shuo's name belongs to you, Wang Liwen.

the agreement does not say the year, month, day, when you want to divorce, you take this agreement is valid.

although some lawyers later said that the agreement did not have any legal benefits, Yang Shuo managed to circle a wave of fans in this unique way of spoiling his wife.

but no matter how well a person pretends, a flaw will be revealed over a long time.

the variety show "my favorite Women" is a family observation variety show in which the husband will take his mother and wife on a trip.

before the trip began, Yang Shuo began to assign tasks to Wang Liwen: "would you like to cook for a trip?"

Wang Liwen obviously didn't realize that she had to cook when she went on a trip. She was stupefied for a while before she euphemistically expressed her dissatisfaction: "Don't you always talk about wanting to eat our mother's cooking?" I'll help our mother then. "

is the tone euphemistic enough? Have you given enough steps? Yang Shuo was suddenly a black face and asked Sanlian:

"my mom goes out as a babysitter, right?"

"you can't let Mom go out and clean up, can you?"

"you should share more."

what should Yang Shuo do? No one thought, he unexpectedly said: "I should cultivate my character there, and then read more books, do you think it is right?"

when you need to set up a person, you will take care of my property; after setting up a person, you will take care of my food and dirty clothes.

they put their smiling faces and thoughts in front of the camera, as if they were netizens, not wives who get along with them every day.

they think that having popularity means having everything, but the higher they stand, the worse they fall.

being a hypocritical "perfect husband" does make a lot of money, but no one can afford it.

it is easier to set up people, but it is easier to destroy people

Yang Shuo, who has eaten the bonuses of "boss Xiaobao" and "divorce agreement", is also an out-and-out "overbearing president" in child rearing.

however, no one bought him this time. After watching his "Let's go Dad", netizens said that he was not parenting, but child abuse.

other dadsWhen they arrive at the plateau, they all hold their children in their arms for fear that the children will suffer from altitude sickness. Because of his son's incorrect walking posture, Yang Shuo asked him to walk back and forth on the uphill road again.

when other fathers take pictures with their children, they will specially make their children laugh. In spite of his son's wishes, Yang Shuo directly pulled his clothes and pulled his son to the camera.

there was a lot of fatherly love and wanted to wash his son's feet, but after his son shouted "hot", he forced his feet into hot water.

he is so physically rude, not to mention his mental "abuse" of his son.

program, the village head asked each child to choose the serial number of the house. Yang Yuchen smiled and said "No. 5", because No. 5 is his lucky number.

Yang Shuo said, "that number five is not my lucky number", which instantly made the smile on my son's face disappear.

other children happily ran to their father's arms after finishing the task to be praised. Only Yang Yuchen stood there blankly, not knowing what to do.

Yang Yuchen is not ignorant, but so sensible that he would rather hold back his tears and hide his grievances in his heart than dare to act coquettish in his father's arms.

in the face of doubts from netizens, Yang Shuo not only did not reflect on himself, but also plausibly said: "I think we should be harsher to our son. As a man, the burden on your shoulders is heavier than others."

can Yang Shuo, as a man, husband and father, "take responsibility"?

No. To put it bluntly, such men only love themselves and only do things that are good for them.

Yu Xiaoguang, for example, is well known by South Korean netizens for his love with Qiu Kyun, and Koreans even call him "the representative of a good Chinese man".

so, in a variety show in South Korea, he will take the initiative to do housework, hand over financial power to Qiu Kyun-hyun, and promise to become an "obedient husband like a son."

when he returned to China and dazzled with Qiu porcelain, he let the girl sit on his lap.

they earn enough praise and money in front of the camera, but show their dirty faces to their wives and children.

it is not so much their wives and children as the "tools" they set up.

if you want the wind to get the wind and the rain to get the rain, men at this time will always overestimate themselves and play with everything. Don't you know that feng shui turns around.

after "my favorite Women" was broadcast, Yang Shuo's spoiled wife fell down.

after the broadcast of "Let's go Dad", Yang Shuo's wind comments fell to the bottom, and almost all netizens were blaming: "Psycho bar, do not understand that it is facing the enemy, did not expect to be facing their own son."

Yu Xiaoguang, who relies on the autumn porcelain fire, has not received a new job endorsement since he lost his name as a "good man".

I hope all male stars can understand that netizens are not fools.

of course, you can set up a human setting. After all, a good human setting is also an example for the public, but only if the human setting is in line with one's own reality.

otherwise, while relying on people to make money, while having an affair, he thinks he can fool everyone in the past, but he doesn't know that a messy marriage life will eat up his own career.

you deserve to be scolded, but the most unfair thing is that your wife is under great pressure to come out and apologize to the public for you and deal with the emotions of your children.

so, since you choose to be a husband and father, please shoulder the responsibility of a man.

living in a down-to-earth manner is the best "human setting"

I remember that after Yang Shuo's chat was exposed, many netizens were discussing whether husband and wife could check their mobile phones after all.

not long ago, Dong Haifeng, Weiya's husband, said on the program that she had no personal space with Weiya and that Viya knew all the phone passwords and that the phone status was always ringing so that Weiya could contact her at any time.

if you want to really spoil your wife, you don't rely on weddings and agreements with no legal benefits, but on the details of daily life, because the smaller the details of getting along with each other, the more difficult it is to pretend.

Wang Liwen reluctantly agreed to cook and wash dishes in the variety show in order to save Yang Shuo's face. While introducing lipstick, Weiya can directly pull her husband over to try the color.

Our dress for acquaintance party will make you look stunning. Our collection has now made it super cool to get your choice.

Yang Shuo used busy work as an excuse not to go home to take care of the children, but Weiya's husband was photographed picking up his wife from work at 2: 00 in the morning, and the couple took their daughter out on weekends.

when a man puts his mind on his family, he will not want to take shortcuts, but will live a solid life with his wife.

but when the two met, 18-year-old Weiya was helping out at her mother's clothing store. Dong Haifeng was just a poor college student who occasionally worked as a part-time dancer.

even after the relationship was stable, when Weiya took Dong Haifeng to meet her parents, her mother was not very satisfied: "he can only dance, how can you guarantee your future life?"

this sentence not only did not persuade Dong Haifeng to quit, but also aroused his fighting spirit. He and Weiya unanimously decided to start a clothing store.

when they first went to Guangdong to do an online store, the two lost a lot of money, and the only lifesaver was Singles' Day.

however, there was a single overcoat in the store, and the refund rate was extremely high because it did not communicate with the factory to prepare the goods in advance, resulting in a loss of 2 million.

when Weiya wanted to give up, Dong Haifeng advised her, "Let's sell another apartment for a year."

after the rise of live streaming, many people did not want to be the first to test the waters, but Dong Haifeng was well aware of the importance of traffic in the process of running the store, so he encouraged Weiya to try.

husband and wife are two.People who love each other help each other to move forward.

not "I earn more than you, you should listen to me", but two people go together, work together to make home better.

only when husbands understand that their wives pay no less than they do, whether they are working mothers or full-time housewives, can they correct their words and deeds and assume their responsibilities as husbands;

only when wives understand that there is no emotion in the world that is unrequited and taken for granted, can they take off the mask of forbearance and really live for themselves.

only when husband and wife have experienced all kinds of life together will they find that "living in a down-to-earth way" is the most moving seven words.