@ everyone, you have a happiness guide for Spring Festival, please check it.
@ everyone, you have a happiness guide for Spring Festival, please check it.
The talent of every child is worth seeing.

New Year's Eve, family reunion.

you must have been with your family and shared the happiness of your family at this moment.

it seems that from the moment I got home, my heart, which had been running about for a year, settled down. There is no need to do anything more, as long as you chat with your father and chat with your mother, you can feel the warmest happiness in life from the ordinary trivialities.

indeed, wherever we go, reunion is the deepest concern.

this is the same for anyone.

in another corner of life, there is also such a group of distressed children, just like everyone else, enjoying the moment of reunion with their parents.

it's just that their identity makes this moment particularly precious and rare.

poke the video below to see the reunion moment of the children


the weight behind the reunion

after watching this short film, I can't help feeling full of emotion.

in fact, Zixu and Yanyan in the short film, as well as thousands of children like them in life, all share a common name--

left-behind and migrant children.

they either stay in their hometown in the countryside or move around in the city, even if the reunion dinner, which is common to us, is not available to them.

before, when my uncle was doing public welfare activities, he also knew several such children.

there was a little girl Doudou who stayed at home. She was very obedient and sensible at an early age and never asked her family what she wanted. However, when we opened her exercise book, it wrote the same words over and over again: "Mom and Dad, I miss you."

but when she really saw her parents, she shrank behind her grandmother and dared not even say a word.

like "little migratory birds", they are eagerly looking forward to being reunited with their parents, but sometimes it is easy to see and sometimes difficult to see. Sometimes only during the Spring Festival can they meet their parents in a hurry and fly to the east, south and west.

moreover, due to the long-term separation, there is no common topic between them and their parents, even if they get together happily, they often have nothing to say about each other.

it sounds like it may be a little far from happiness.

in fact, who of the parents in the world would want to leave their children? But everyone has their own burden to carry. In order to make a living, they can only spend less time with their children, and they have no idea about their children's talents and dreams.

but fortunately,

KFC Little Migratory Bird Fund

provides a happiness guide for these "little migratory bird" families, giving many "little migratory bird" families like Zixu and Yanyan a chance to "see" each other.


the habitat of small migratory birds

@ Zixu, 11 years old, from Hebei Province

Zixu, 11 years old this year, is from Hebei Province. his parents work in Beijing and usually live in his hometown in Hebei with his grandparents.

he is the kind of good boy that everyone will like: good grades and sensible. Because he understands the difficulties of his parents, no matter how much he doesn't want to be separated from his parents, he won't say it to his face. Dad said that he always cried secretly and never let anyone see him.

however, even the uncle could not help feeling sad when he poured out his thoughts for his parents in a place where there was no one.

what is hidden in the heart of this little man is not only secret thoughts, but also great pursuits: he likes singing and dancing.

for a time, my father did not understand: boys, why do you want to learn these soft things? It's good to learn martial arts.

however, with the help of the KFC Little Migratory Bird Foundation, Zixu demonstrated his determination with action.

Last August, together with 50 left-behind migrant children, he attended the KFC Little migrant Bird Summer Happy Camp, which was his first time on the stage, but the performance was an unexpected success.

in November, he even stepped onto the happy mahua stage, starring in the popular comedy "negotiator."

facing the spotlight and the audience, the boy from the country had no stage fright. He believes:

"if I express this play well, I can make a good impression on my father and see a new me."

and the parents who watched the whole journey saw it in their eyes and remembered it in their hearts, and even shed tears several times because of their shining son.

Zixu is with his parents

We always think that the happiness needed by these "little migratory birds" is only time with their parents.

this is not the case.

@ Research, 8 years old, from Zhumadian City, Henan Province

and Zi Xu boarded the happy mahua stage at the same time, there is also a girl named Yanyan, 8 years old this year.

unlike Zixu, Yanyan and his mother live in a temporary house on the outskirts of Beijing.

however, although she lives under the same roof, she can't see her mother for the first time until she falls asleep.

she spends most of her time at home alone, either doing her homework at her desk or skipping rope outside the house, accompanied by a stray dog named Little Grey.

Research is sometimes aggrieved: she doesn't want her mother to take a part-time job and wants her to stay at home with her.

but, for my mother, this is something that must be done in order for her to live a better life.

although she experienced a premature separation at an early age, research did not give up her dream.

she said she wanted to be an actress and make her mother proud and proud of herself.

and the KFC Little Migratory Bird Foundation also provides this stage for research:

off the stage, she memorized herself with a thick stack of line books; on the stage, she patted her chest and performed the ghosts incisively and vividly, winning unprecedented applause and cheers.

this also makes her mother have a new understanding of her: it turns out that research is not just a clever and quiet little girl.

I believe that when Yanyan and his mother hug each other, they must be extremely happy.

Research is with mom

Destiny is responsible for dealing cards, but the players are always on their own.

these lovely "little migratory birds" have not only gained the affirmation of love through their own efforts, but also brought their parents together to see more possibilities in the future.


every child's talent is worth seeing

left-behind migrant children are like flowers forgotten in the corner.

many of them learn to be independent prematurely, but still miss their parents' embrace.

but that doesn't mean they should be forgotten.

when we explore what kind of happiness these children need, we might as well listen to their voices:

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they also need to bloom, they still have a lot of undiscovered talents, and too many dreams that don't have a chance to say it.

as KFC, which always pays attention to left-behind and migrant children, has always believed:

every child's talent is worth seeing.

perhaps only need a stage, an affirmation, their talent will no longer be dusty, but blooming the most dazzling light.

and KFC also hopes to give them a chance to make their dream come true.


KFC in 2016,

join hands with public welfare organizations to set up

KFC Little Migratory Bird Fund


from 2019 to 2020, help was given to many children, including Zixu and Yanyan:

from the summer happy study camp in August 19, to the happy mahua stage in November 19, to the Spring Festival reunion short film in January this year. The KFC Little Migratory Bird Foundation has been following this group of children continuously, witnessing their growth and transformation.

sometimes you can't imagine that it may be such a special experience that may affect a child's life.

from the initial daze and timidity to the present self-confidence and boldness, these "little migratory birds" have interpreted the characters vividly through their own feelings.

Today, these "little migratory birds" standing on the stage not only create their own moments of highlight, but also refresh their parents and see more shining points worthy of understanding and recognition in them.

Zi Xu's father is no longer obsessed with prejudices, but is surprised by Zi Xu's talent. He said frankly: although he doesn't understand, he will try his best to support his son.

the mother of the research, seeing the other side of the research that is different from being clever and quiet, decided to give her full support to her daughter to pursue her dream.

and this group of "little migratory birds" who once lived alone can also use the wings built by love to explore their own new world freely.


only love can heal the scars of parting

time goes back to now.

during the Spring Festival in 2020, Zixu's father and research mother returned to their children with yearning and understanding for a reunion holiday.

for them, this Spring Festival reunion has a special taste of happiness.

is no longer like some times before, even if you are under the same roof, you can only look at each other silently.

this year, these "little migratory birds" have more common topics with their parents. They can sit together and talk about life, thoughts and dreams.

swipe right to see

Spring Festival reunion of families of small migratory birds

as a result of seeing, the parent-child relationship is getting closer and closer, and parents are no longer limited to the guilt of lack of companionship, but grow up with their children in a deeper and more detached way.

because of an affirmation, children have the opportunity to thrive and begin to know how to play their own roles and live their own lives in attempts and challenges.

I think this is exactly the happiness that these "little migratory birds" really look forward to:

is not only reunited with parents, but also the whole family can see each other, and this is also the real meaning of Spring Festival reunion.

of course, while we are thinking about how to make the "little migratory bird" happy, don't forget to create our own happiness.

after a hard trip home, you might as well put down your cell phone, get rid of boring social activities, chat with your family and have a heart-to-heart talk, so as to create the meaning of reunion by "seeing" attentively.

this is also what the KFC Little Migratory Bird Foundation wants to tell us through practical action: cherish the people around you and do what needs to be done.

A real happiness guide for the Spring Festival depends on us to create it ourselves.