Exercise is the best nourishment.
Exercise is the best nourishment.
If you find life difficult, go to exercise.

I have heard such a sentence:

exercise is an investment that people will not regret. When you start to fall in love with sports, health will fall in love with you.

the stream goes on and on, and life ends.

people who love sports never have too bad luck.

exercise, enrich the body

"the best way to keep fit is to keep exercising."

appearance is born, but the body depends on acquired exercise.

Auntie Jun is over fifty years old this year and lives in the country.

she gets up at 6 o'clock every morning and jogs up the hill alone.

run around the mountain road, then pick up a bucket of mountain spring water and go home to make breakfast.

in the evening, when the sun goes down, your aunt still jogs around the mountain.

persisted in this way for more than 10 years, and the whole person looked so young that he didn't even breathe when he climbed the stairs.

I asked her why she loves sports so much.

she replied, "I had a serious illness when I was young. I cherished my life and was afraid of death." Exercise every day can make your heart a little more secure. "

it is recorded in the Theory of the causes of Diseases: "when you exercise bone and blood, the qi is strong."

the body is the capital of everything.

if life is a series of numbers and the body is the first "1", the "zeros" of money, fame and wealth are meaningful.

have a good rest, exercise well, and enrich yourself in the combination of work and rest.

exercise, enrich one's life

there are three important things in life: "read, exercise, and breathe."

those who taste the sweetness are addicted to sports.

when you brush your voice, you can always see Li Ruotong's fitness video.

Li Ruotong is famous for playing the little dragon girl in the Sculpture Warriors, and now she is over 50 years old.

on her 54th birthday, she wrote a Weibo message saying:

"for me, there must be meat, but only muscle."

Li Ruotong suffered a life setback in 2005, divorce and the death of her loved ones. She became depressed and afraid to talk to others.

in order to pull herself out of the abyss, she began to exercise, running, push-ups and yoga every day, and used to stay in the gym for five hours in a row.

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day after day, the figure gets better and the mood is no longer depressed.

she said: "at first, fitness was to relieve loneliness, but now it has become a hobby and habit."

nowadays Li Ruotong seldom acts, but she is still loved by many fans, and she is constantly invited to participate in programs.

someone said of her:

years are invincible against such beauties: a delicate life, a rich heart, and physical self-discipline.

when time goes by, the face will grow old, but the body can still be young.

exercise is not to lose weight, but to make life more possible and safe in spite of adversity and prosperity.

Spring comes and autumn goes, go to the mountains and seas, live up to your time.

Life is endless, movement is endless, and blood is boiling.

exercise, rich mentality

writer Haruki Murakami said:

when I am censured by others, or when I feel aggrieved, I always run farther than usual.

running can consume negative emotions and make people more confident.

Professor Li Meijin shared a case:

A pair of parents are very worried about their children: he is timid and cowardly and is bullied at school.

Li Meijin told her parents that you should take him to learn taekwondo and run more usually.

after learning taekwondo for about a year, the child unwittingly became masculine and daring, and no one dared to bully him.

Why is this happening?

on the one hand, this child has strengthened his physique during exercise, so other children naturally do not dare to bully him;

in addition, because of long-term exercise, children's willpower is more tough, can bear hardships, and is not afraid to flinch.

exercise can stabilize the mood and bring a stronger state of mind.

Angela, a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, did a survey. He pointed out that people who exercise self-discipline usually have these traits:

1. Be able to endure suffering and be good at controlling emotions.

2, do not complain about the status quo, do not fear failure;

3, clear goal and strong concentration.

I have heard such a sentence:

"if you want to get angry, rush forward while running. If you feel annoyed, hone yourself with chagrin. "

exercise can not only exercise the body, but also cultivate one's heart.

in the boring repetition, you need to get through the lonely time and constantly overcome your weaknesses.

if you feel life is difficult, then go to exercise, with limited energy, hone an indomitable state of mind.

what can make a person come out of great pain?

"time takes away everything, exercise heals pain, and reading enriches pattern." "

We are a grain of sand in the universe, many things do not persist to the end, you can not see the results.

on the way of life, practice your body and mind and go far away.

after hard work, it is all sunny.