For the rest of my life, I just want to be with comfortable people.
For the rest of my life, I just want to be with comfortable people.
Shallow intersection, a touch of joy.

We will meet a lot of people in our life. Some people get along like a spring breeze, comfortable and warm, but some people get along with each other like thorns in their backs, making people restless.

Life is already very tiring. If some people struggle to get along, don't force yourself to continue to socialize.

for the rest of your life, stay away from people who make you uncomfortable and make friends who are comfortable with each other.


A comfortable relationship, all know how to think of others

Walking in this world, each has his own hardship, and everyone's life is not easy.

Life is difficult. At this time, you should compare your heart to heart and think of others. Your consideration and care can bring great warmth to others.

there is a saying in Di Zi Gui: if a person is short, do not reveal it; if a person is selfish, do not say it.

considering others and not putting a burden on others is a person's top EQ.

there is such a scene in A Dream of Red Mansions. Mother Jia invited a group of actors to celebrate Baochai's birthday.

after the end of the song, Wang Xifeng, in order to liven up the atmosphere, pulled one of the little girls singing and asked everyone with a smile:

"the child looks like a person. Who do you think it is?"

in ancient times, performers had a low status, and most of them were poor, and only children with dead parents were sent to learn to sing opera for others to enjoy.

it would be a great shame for Miss boudoir to be said to be like an actor.

so although both Baochai and Baoyu saw that the girl looked like Daiyu, they did not say so in order to take care of Sister Lin's feelings.

only Xiang Yun, who was outspoken, blurted out, "she looks like Sister Lin."

Baoyu, who was well aware of Daiyu's mind, hurriedly advised: sister Lin is a sensitive person, Sister Yun, why do you have to say it to offend people?

although Xiangyun meant no harm, she did not understand Daiyu's state of mind, so much so that she hurt Daiyu's sensitive self-esteem.

most of the time, aren't many people just like Xiangyun? Although I didn't do it on purpose, I hurt the people around me again and again because I didn't know how to think about others and built my happiness on the sufferings of others.

on the contrary, Baoyu, it was his warm heart that gave Daiyu a little comfort in this Jia mansion.

everyone who knows how to compare his heart to heart can understand the difficulties of others and bring unexpected warmth to the people around him.

as the saying goes, those who love to return, and those who are blessed come back.

if you think of others, they will think of you, and if you help them tide over the difficulties, they will give you timely help.

heart to heart is the most popular.


A comfortable relationship, even silence is just right

get along comfortably because we understand each other.

as Gu Cheng wrote in his poem:

the grass is bearing its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, we stand silent, it is very beautiful.

the most comfortable mode of relationship between people is probably, I said, you know what I mean, I don't say, you know what I want to say.

the story of Boya and Ziqi must have been heard by everyone. Boya is good at playing the piano and listening well in his childhood. Because they understand each other and understand each other, the two have achieved a good story that "mountains and rivers meet bosom friends."

later, when Ziqi died, Boya was so grieved that he ran to his grave to play "High Mountains and flowing Rivers", but he did not expect that all the onlookers, men and women, old and young, laughed.

Boya was very puzzled and said that I had poured such sadness into the sound of the piano. Why are you laughing?

everyone replied that we thought the sound of the piano was wonderful and laughed unconsciously.

Boya threw the piano angrily: "the man has gone, and there is no one who knows it all over the world. What good is it to play the piano?"

after that, Boya vowed not to play again for the rest of his life, because there was no one in the world who understood him.

those who know me say I am worried; those who do not know me say what I want.

two people who know each other, even with a few words, can understand each other.

people who don't understand each other, even if they say a thousand words, they are just casting pearls before swine and wasting their breath.

Liao Yimei wrote a sentence in "soft":

everyone is lonely. In our life, encounter love, encounter sex is not rare, what is rare is to meet understanding.

with deep feelings, only a person who understands you can see your sadness and fragility, read what you can't say, and will support you without hesitation in the strange eyes of others.

High mountains and flowing rivers, bosom friends are hard to find, meeting is fate, when you meet the person who understands you, you must cherish it.


A comfortable relationship, you don't have to pretend

some people say that when people reach a certain age, they no longer want to please anyone, and any relationship that takes great pains to maintain is not what they want, and they can be with whoever they are comfortable with.

I think so.

it took me half a lifetime to realize that a relationship that makes me feel comfortable doesn't have to take pains to disguise myself, much less to manage it.

there is a hot topic on Zhihu-"what is the best state between lovers?"

the answer of one of the netizens named Gu Qing was pushed to the first place:

before I went shopping with him, I was tired to have a meal. I thought it was just an ordinary restaurant, but when I sat down and looked at the menu, they both saw a pale look on each other's face: this dish is too expensive!

as soon as the waiter came, I tactfully asked him, "didn't you say there was something else to do?" Let's come to dinner after we finish our business. "

he immediately understood and said yes, so let's go quickly.

there is no embarrassment or depression, no swollen face, no lack of face, I know you and you know me, we don't have to pretend to be rich.

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maybe this is the best way to love. You can be yourself in front of him and accept him for who you really are.

sometimes we yearn for a relationship. In the final analysis, we yearn for someone in this world who can share everything with us, and a relationship in which we don't have to pretend to be ourselves.

in order to survive in this world, we always wear all kinds of masks and deal with all kinds of people.

but fortunately, there is such a person, so that you can take off all the camouflage in front of him, regardless of whether others like it or not, anyway.

it is a relationship that does not have to pretend, a person who can make you feel at ease to be yourself, that brings us a trace of freedom and joy in this complex world, and gives us the motivation and courage to move on.

there seems to be a lot of trouble in the life of people coming and going, but after some separation, I feel more and more:

the communication between people is actually very simple, friends or lovers, whether they feel comfortable together, if they feel uncomfortable, stay away, and don't force each other.

in such contacts, there is no intrigue or mutual defense. You know what I want to say, and I appreciate your bitterness and bitterness.

shallow intersection, a touch of joy. So, that's enough.

Life is already very tiring, so don't force yourself to run an uncomfortable relationship, and stay away from people who don't think of others, don't understand us, and need us to please.

the rest of my life is rare. Remember to be with people who are comfortable with each other.


one book a week, no matter how busy it is, don't forget to recharge it.

Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.