For the rest of my life, learn to walk alone.
For the rest of my life, learn to walk alone.
Childhood is not only the root of the source of strength, but also the initial dream.


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Zhihu has read a topic: which moment do you suddenly find that you have grown up?

some people say that when I called my father, I found him unseemly old, and I was the only one to take care of the rest.

some people say that there are fewer and fewer people with common topics, and sometimes they can't find a partner if they want to complain.

some people say that nothing can make me happy anymore, and if there is, I won't laugh as much as I used to.


We are always urged by time to move forward, the road goes farther and farther, and the burden becomes heavier and heavier. Until one day when I want to stop and have a rest, I will find that childhood has quietly come to an end, and what I want to catch has been inadvertently missed.

as Lin Haiyin said in the Old stories in the South of the City: "how much we like to grow tall and become adults, and how scared we are!"

Today, my uncle would like to share with you this book of Old stories in the South of the City, which records his childhood. I hope to go with you to see the old scene in the south of Beijing and to see my simple and pure self when I was a child.

I believe you will find that the warmth you haven't seen for a long time is not far away from you.


We have all had children

every adult has been a child and has been curious about the world.

just like Yingzi in the book, he always asks every day why camels wear bells around their necks, why other people don't allow their own children to play with Xiuzhen, and whether "I" is my own.

as long as you can see what your eyes can see and what you can think of in your heart, you should always get to the bottom of it.

as for the answer, it doesn't matter. The important thing is to ask what you want and do what you want.

because, in the hearts of children, the world is always simple and beautiful, like a fairy tale.

the two characters in the book have been squeezed out by the neighbors.

one is a madman who has lost his child, and every family is busy staying away.

one is a thief who often hides in the grass, and everyone is used to scolding him.

but Hideko saw the bright spot in them and always wanted to be friends with them. Talk to her about the past, and make an appointment with him to see the sea when he grows up.

what children see is the way things are, rather than the so-called "truth" filtered by secular eyes.

but what about adults?

as Hideko said, "so many people can't tell whether they are good or bad, just like they can't tell the sea from the sky."

it seems that once people grow up, they will inevitably have a lot of worries, always like to label others, and then follow the established rules to get along.

but when you do this, do you remember your once clean and pure self?

Childhood is not only the root of the source of strength, but also the initial dream of bad behavior.

We have all had children, and we were so innocent and pure at that time.

there are not so many complicated calculations, some are just clear eyes and a heart full of goodwill.


parting always makes people grow up

there is a classic sentence in the book that I can't help crying every time I read it:

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"Dad's flowers have fallen, and I am no longer a child."

Yes, the carefree time of childhood always slipped away very fast, and then everything around us was in a hurry to let us grow up.

on the way to happiness, Xiuzhen and Niuer unfortunately lost their lives under the train, and Yingzi fell ill for many days one after another. In the carriage when she was discharged from the hospital and moved to her new home, her mother comforted the silent Eiko and said:

"the past is a thing of the past. It's no longer interesting. Yingzi will gradually forget it."

the little oil chicken in the west wing, the Little Red Coat flashing by the well nest, the tear pit when laughing, the cylinder head under the eaves of the corridor …... Did all these glittering things go by so quietly?

before Hideko can figure it out, the new home has arrived, and the future has arrived, and we have to face it.

in fact, it is the parting without warning, with people, things, and old times, that compels us to grow up.

Life is like a hurried train, there are always people who come into our lives by coincidence, leave some colorful traces, then turn at the next fork in the road, and then disappear without a trace.

Yingzi always had a wish in her heart to go to see the sea with the honest man with thick lips.

but before he could see the sea, the other party was arrested. Yingzi could only watch helplessly, and it was too late to say a decent farewell.

A lot of things you want to do, if you don't do it now, you'll never get a chance again; many of the people you want to meet will never be seen again.

Life is always the same without waves, the years are still passing slowly, what should happen is carried out methodically, but none of the people who should leave can be retained.

as Yingzi grew up, Aunt Lan, Uncle de Xian and Mama Song all disappeared, while her father, who had always loved her, also fell flowers, and she finally realized that she was no longer a child.

there was nothing we could do before we parted. I have to tell myself that there is no need to be cowardly.


the time when I can't go backThe power to survive

when you grow up, the burden on your shoulders seems to be getting heavier and heavier, and your troubles seem to be getting more and more.

however, no one requires us to grow up to look like we don't even like it.

as the famous cartoonist Zhu Deyong said:

"We should grow up slowly according to our nature. Even if we grow up, we should not forget what kind of person I was when I was a child."

Childhood is a time that cannot go back, but it is not as short as imagined, but it should be a lifetime.

the once clear dream was blown away by the wind, and Yingzi, dressed in a big red cotton-padded jacket, drifted away from us.

but a clear heart will not die with the end of childhood.

Don't be swallowed up by indifference or be in a trance. If you want to keep your child's blood and kindness for yourself, you can still meet your childhood and set up a warm and solid barrier for yourself in the ever-changing world to support the progress of our lives.

when you learn to face the world with a childlike heart, you will always be treated gently by it.

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