For the rest of my life, put what should be put and forget what should be forgotten
For the rest of my life, put what should be put and forget what should be forgotten
Let nature take its course and live a life of ease.



all kinds of tastes are life


an uncle

whenever he visits, he will make a pot of good tea. Then, with me cooped up on the small balcony, only a blank look in the eyes. Watching the sun move westward, the sky darkened a little, and the lights on the street corner lit up one by one. All of a sudden, all the restlessness in my heart was washed away.

as the boss of a start-up company, a friend is actually the most busy person. I don't know how many annoying things there are waiting for him to deal with later.

it so happened that he had a very good state of mind, so he put everything behind him and just felt at ease to enjoy the leisure of this moment.

Uncle appreciates the kindness and ease of his friends.

originally, life is short, we experience a lot of trivialities and difficulties, there is no need to waste precious time to struggle, everything should be a little light, everything will suddenly become clear.

as Feng Zikai said: "when the heart is small, all the little things are big; when the heart is big, all the big things are small; when you look down on the vicissitudes of the world, your heart is safe and sound."

Today, my uncle wants to share this book "all kinds of Taste, all Life" with the book friends, so that we can once again look at his paintings, listen to his words, and feel Mr. Feng Zikai's philosophy of life.


things change with the heart, and the state is created by the heart

I have seen a short story like this:

A scholar went to Beijing for the exam. A few days before the exam, he had two dreams. The first dreamt that he planted sorghum on the wall, and the second dreamt that he wore a bamboo hat and carried an umbrella on a rainy day.

the scholar was puzzled, so he asked the fortune-teller for an answer.

after hearing the scholar's dream, the fortune-teller immediately shook his head and said, "it's useless to grow sorghum on the wall. It's superfluous to wear a hat and an umbrella. You'd better go home."

on hearing this, the scholar was discouraged, packed his bags and prepared to go home.

the innkeeper stopped the scholar and said to him, "I can also interpret dreams." I think you will succeed this time. You think, growing sorghum on the wall means you want to be in high school. Doesn't Dai Dou Li's umbrella show that you are prepared for trouble this time? "

the scholar thinks that what the innkeeper says is more reasonable. So he took the exam confidently, and sure enough, he was in high school.

there is a saying in Buddhism: "things change with the heart, and circumstances are created by the heart." this is the truth we are talking about.

most of the time, we can't control the environment, but we can adjust our mindset; we can't change the nature of things, but we can choose to look at things from a perspective.

the mood determines the situation, and the state of mind determines the state.

just like this scholar who took the examination, when he had a poor state of mind, he felt that life was full of shadows, and he almost gave up and destroyed his future; when he had a good state of mind, he gave full play to it and won a lot of fame.

two kinds of mindset deduce two completely different results. We have to admit that the state of mind held by a person often determines the fate of his life.

therefore, always maintain a good attitude of optimism, to meet every day of life and work, to face every challenge and frustration, so that our road of life will be wider and wider.


the harder life is, the better the mindset is.

Mr. Feng Zikai once said:

"not confused in the heart, not trapped in love. Don't fear the future, don't think about the past. So, it's all right. "

that's what he said, and he did the same, and he practiced it all his life.

looking back on Mr. Feng Zikai's life, it is full of hardships and setbacks.

in the vicissitudes of life of several decades, he has been baptized by the flames of war and the smoke of gunpowder, and has suffered the agony of vagrancy.

but he still keeps a childlike heart and finds loveliness in his troubled life.

maybe for him, all kinds of taste is life. Even in the most difficult days, he can have a bright side:

the living environment is extremely simple, but he can regard the simple room as an oil painting. Bookshelves, chairs, rattan beds, stoves and even spittoons are all painted.

the enemy planes bombed Shanghai and fled in panic, which he described as a rare family tour.

when there was a severe drought in my hometown, people set up water trucks on the canal and stepped on water into the fields, but they still couldn't catch up with the evaporation of the sun. However, he felt that there were clouds in the sky, and there would be showers to relieve the predicament.

some people say that Feng Zikai has a greater achievement than painting, that is, in the face of the ever-changing world, what he cherishes is not the feeling that there is nowhere to escape, but the mentality that "it is not as good as joy, not as clear as heart, not as relieved as relief."

such a person must be someone with an extremely strong heart, who can not only enjoy life's surprises, but also accept life's unexpected surprises.

indeed, if we have a broad mindset, even great suffering can be easily let go; if we have a narrow mindset, trivial things are enough to make us sad.

there is a saying in Daojing: "the wind does not end, and showers do not last all day." The road of life is full of ups and downs, sometimes sunny, sometimes the wind is howling, no one can have a completely successful life.

but the harder life is, the better your mindset is.

there is no difficulty in life, as long as you hold the optimistic attitude of "how big a thing", I believe that any low-lying life, you can easily cross it.


relax your mindset and let nature take its course

NoDo you know if you have heard the allusion of "ignoring the retort"?

this idiom comes from the Book of the later Han Dynasty-Volume 68. It is about a famous scholar named Guo Tai during the Eastern Han Dynasty. On his way to Taiyuan for business, he saw a man walking forward with a retort on his back, but he was walking. The retort accidentally fell off and broke to the ground.

in this regard, Guo Tai couldn't help being curious, so he ran up to him and asked, "Why did you keep walking without looking at it when your retort was broken?"

the man replied, "now that the retort is broken, what's the use of looking at it?"

Yes, the retort is broken, and there is no real meaning to look back, it just adds to the sadness.

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as the saying goes, "those who go can't be admonished and those who come can still pursue them." There is always brilliance and loss in one's life. Instead of dwelling on some irretrievable facts, it is better to focus on the present scenery.

relax your mindset and not be swayed by all kinds of troubles and disappointments. Then, to move on is to live up to your spiritual practice.

in spite of favor and disgrace, I watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall; I have no intention of leaving or staying, but I follow the clouds out of the window.

for the rest of your life, may you not be disturbed by the past, let nature take its course, and live a life of ease.

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