For the rest of my life, shoes should fit, and people should be in tune.
For the rest of my life, shoes should fit, and people should be in tune.
May you meet someone who really knows you are cold and warm, and go to the stars and sea together.

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the best relationship between people is to get along comfortably.

as the old saying goes:

shoes should fit and people should be in tune.

Don't change others and wronge yourself

writer Bi Shumin once said:

"Don't just covet the splendor of your shoes and wronge your feet.

what others see is shoes, but what they feel is feet. "

inappropriate shoes, no matter how beautiful they are, are for others to see.

only you know whether the shoes fit or not.

the relationship between people is the same. If you give in to others and wronge yourself in order to make friends, you will be unhappy for a long time.

my friend Xiao Mei told her story in the dormitory.

she is quite different from the other three girls in the dormitory in character and living habits. She likes reading, studying and listening to concerts, and has requirements for self-improvement.

but the other three girls like to go shopping together, often skip classes, go dancing in bars, open party in the dormitory, and so on.

at first, Xiao Mei saw that she was so different from them and seemed very strange and withdrawn, so she wanted to blend into the circle of the other three girls, so she skipped class, ate, drank and made merry with them.

it is strange that after a week or so, Xiao Mei felt very miserable because she felt that it was not like herself at all and that it was not the life she really wanted.

finally she decided to return to her favorite way of life.

Don't move on others and wronge yourself.

different people are not destined to be friends.

A person tries his best to please the people around him.

but in the end, I will not be liked by everyone, but I will lose myself.

because you have different lifestyles and pursuits, experiences and ideas.

Don't be sorry for being different, you just have to insist on being yourself.

not so good, as long as it fits

there is such a sentence:

"people with similar frequencies will eventually get together even if they climb over mountains.

people with different magnetic fields, even if they get along day and night, they are not the same people. "

people who can be together are people who know each other.

"only 30", Wang Manni returned to her hometown because her life was not satisfactory, and she met Zhang Zhi with good conditions for a blind date.

Wang Manni still liked him at that time, but later found that Zhang Zhi and her values were not the same.

for example, when Zhang Zhi takes Wang Manni to a cinema run by an acquaintance far away, hoping that the other person can go to his mother's restaurant, Wang Manni thinks that this is too "the rule of survival in a small town."

Wang Manni likes the hard work and hard work in big cities, but Zhang Zhi feels that she wants to live a plain and happy life.

so Wang Manni returned to the big city later.

but she is lucky to have two good sisters, Gu Jia and Zhong Xiaoqin, who understand and support her.

finally she listened to a sentence from Gu Jia:

"this tea tree is like a human being. Some tea trees need light pruning, while others need deep pruning.

I don't want to give up either, so I want to keep it, so I can only enter the aging period ahead of time. "

she lit up her fighting spirit, became more determined what she wanted and went to study abroad.

We don't have to be nice with each other, as long as we fit.

just like shoes, you don't have to look too good, just fit and wear comfortably.

Life is short, don't embarrass yourself, be with the right person.

A lifetime, it is lucky to find someone who knows how warm you are and who understands your joys and sorrows.

same frequency, not tired to get along

if the three values are similar and the jokes are the same, there will always be endless topics to talk about.

with people of the same frequency, you are not tired to get along, you can not talk all the time, or you can talk at any time.

to make friends, you don't have to have too much quantity, but you must have quality.

you don't have to be with you every day, but you must have the same frequency.

Xiao Xin and his childhood friends have known each other for 17 years.

later, Xiao Xin went to college and stayed in the big city to work, while his friend went to a local technical secondary school and came out early to work, get married and have children.

once when they went home, they made an appointment to catch up, and Xiao Xin found that they could no longer talk.

friends like to gossip and talk about their parents, but Xiao Xin doesn't know much about it and can't get a word in, and his friends can't understand the work content and life ideas mentioned by Xiao Xin.

Xiao Xin gradually realized that everything had changed, and the two people had different perceptions and ideas.

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after chatting, the two people have already felt the estrangement in their hearts.

she understands that it is not anyone's right or wrong, but the frequency is different, which is why she is tired to get along.

Mu Xin once said:

"Childhood friends are like childhood clothes. When they grow up, they are not unwilling to wear them, they are helpless."

there is a problem on the Internet:

Why do people drift away from each other?

there is a highly liked answer that goes like this:

"Why does no one admit that the gap in social resource status is so great that the two have nothing to say and can only catch up with the past?

until in the past was chewed repeatedly, insipid, and out of affection, for fear of being accused of influence, but also reluctantly to maintain the feeling of like. "

if the two people's values, knowledge and pursuit are no longer the same, it will be difficult to have a good chat together.

in our lifetime, we will meet 8263563 people, greet 39778 people, be familiar with 3619 people, and be close to 275 people.

A lot of people break up when they walk, but what really stays with you is people with the same frequency.

because you are not tired to get along, it is the best relationship.

getting along with two people is actually like two radios. If you tune that frequency correctly, you will never hear that sound.

is with people with the same magnetic field, so happiness becomes very simple.

when you are with someone with the same magnetic field, he will understand your difficulties better.

shoes should fit and people should be in tune.

as the saying goes:

"people with the same pace have not only a future to go to, but also years to turn back."

, for the rest of your life, may you meet someone who really knows how warm you are, who understands your joys and sorrows, and enjoy the changing seasons and going to the stars and sea together.