Glowing fabric, made of gold-plated stockings?
Glowing fabric, made of gold-plated stockings?
Light and thin stretchable luminous fabric

A science and technology news I saw some time ago: some researchers have made a kind of light-emitting cloth, and the glowing parts can be made into various patterns.

the advantage of this "luminous cloth" is that it is light and thin, can be stretched, and still maintains a large enough conductivity when stretched by 200%, so the luminescence is not affected. Its base is made of "10D elastic translucent fabric", which is 87% nylon and the remaining 13% spandex fiber. Although it is not clearly stated in the paper, but this feeling is all silk stockings.?

(the effect demonstration also looks like silk stockings.

the fabric does not conduct electricity originally, so it is necessary to first use the chemical solution-based deposition technology to cover the surface of the fiber with a thin gold coating (about 100nm thickness) to make it a conductive fabric electrode. Then a layer of luminous material (made of zinc sulfide, copper and silicone rubber) is sandwiched between the gold-plated fabric electrodes, and then connected to the power supply to glow. Part of the fabric is protected by wax and then deposited, so that the patterned fabric electrode can be obtained, and the luminous pattern can be obtained.

researchers have developed these lightweight glowing fabrics in the hope that they can serve as a safety indicator in the dark. The safety signs previously used on clothes usually use a reflective coating, which becomes very bright when there is light on it, but the effect of this reflective material is limited by angle. If the cloth glows by itself, it should be equally clear whether it is not illuminated or from all angles. The current beta version is still flawed. Although the luminous fabric itself is relatively light and thin, it still needs a larger external battery.

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when I think of stockings, the brain can't help but make up for the strange wearing effect (


Photo: Carmichael lab