Gu Tianle divorce rushed to hot search, the son is 10 years old, the wife is her unexpectedly!
Gu Tianle divorce rushed to hot search, the son is 10 years old, the wife is her unexpectedly!
​ believes that Louis Koo's choice, whether it is marriage or divorce, is for happiness.


Gu Tian Le is a hot search.

this time it is not because of public welfare, but because the Hong Kong media say that he has been married and divorced, and his son is 10 years old!

amazed many netizens, who is his wife? Who is so happy to marry Koo Tsai?

recently, Hong Kong Entertainment Ji Rong Zhimin revealed when answering netizens' questions:

Gu Tianle is married, his wife is Huang Jiying, and they have a 10-year-old son.

someone asked the two people what was going on, didn't they break up in their early years?

Rong Zhimin went on to reveal that Gu Tianle and Huang Jiying divorced eight months ago.

if it is someone else, everyone may laugh, but Huang Jiying is different. Veteran fans who know Gu Tianle can't sit still for a moment, and major websites also post one after another:

at present, Louis Koo himself has not responded, but the heat of the incident continues to rise, and their past has been opened again.

Huang Jiying is the only girlfriend of Louis Koo who has ever been publicly known

the name Huang Jiying may not be familiar to you. Let's put it another way.

she is Su Xiaomei in Hedong Lion Roar:

Menggu in The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils:

she is 5 years younger than Louis Koo. In 1994, she participated in the Miss Hong Kong competition and won the "most photogenic Miss". She was praised by TVB. By coincidence, the two met for filming "Dinner."

because of the drama, he fell in love as soon as possible.

at that time, Louis Koo was only a "dragon trap", but at that time, celebrity romance was explicitly forbidden, which doomed the two to go through ups and downs.

in the same year, 38-year-old Zhang Guorong participated in a variety show "Entertainment sexual harassment". The host asked: who do you think is qualified to be your successor in the future?

Leslie Cheung replied with a smile:

I do have an eye on several newcomers in the circle, one is Gu Juji, who is singing, and the other is Gu Tianle, who is acting.

Gu Juji was already famous at that time, but Gu Tianle was unheard of, and the audience was stunned for a moment.

the fate of Louis Koo has undergone great changes as a result of Zhang Guorong's "promotion". Yang Guo was chosen by director Li Tiansheng to play the leading role in the Divine Sculpture Heroes.

after the TV series was broadcast, "mediocre Ancient Tianle" sprang up and became popular on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. But what the popularity brought to him was not only the huge popularity, but also the criminal record was picked, and all the old things were dug up.

overnight, all the robberies of Gu Tianle were reported. He fell off the altar and was accused by thousands of people.

at the age of 18, Louis Koo was jailed for 22 months for robbery

recalling that time, Gu Tianle said: I wanted to kill myself at that time.

"at that time, no one dared to come near me. I had no confidence in anything. Apart from opening the factory and filming, I dared not step out of the factory at all.

I don't even dare to buy a meal in the company. I sit alone, afraid to talk to others, let alone imagine how others look at me.

I thought I would disappear from this business. "

because of her, Gu Tianle gave up the idea that it would be over.

No one listened to him complain. Huang Jiying was not bored and listened to his nagging. She dared not go out to buy food. Huang Jiying went to buy it for him. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Gu Tianle's acting career is forced to be suspended, but Huang Jiying silently supports him and never gives up.

how many women are willing to let go of their bright future and grow up with a man, and how many women will stand beside her boyfriend when he falls to the bottom and is reviled by the whole world?

maybe that's why Huang Jiying has become the only publicly admitted girlfriend of Louis Koo.

with Huang Jiying's encouragement, Gu Tianle slowly got up, and what is different from before is that he is no longer the white-faced "white ancient", but has dark skin and heroic "black ancient" eyebrows.

"Criminal investigation File IV", "search for Qin Ji"... Time after time I ushered in the highlight of my career.

but the entertainment industry itself is complex and changeable, and behind fame also represents "gathering less and leaving more" and "gossip".

in the face of the scandal, Gu Tianle has always denied it, but in Huang Jiying's eyes, everything has changed.

Huang Jiying can be said to retire for love, but Gu Tianle is getting busier and busier, and the cracks between the two are getting bigger and bigger.

the relationship lasted seven years.

in 2001, Gu Tianle publicly mentioned Huang Jiying again. He said that the other party was a very good girl, but there was a gap in their ideological growth, so it became more and more difficult to communicate, so they finally had to break up.

but even if we break up, Gu Tianle owes Huang Jiying a debt:

"I am so affectionate. Anyone who helped me when I was in trouble will remember it for the rest of my life.

when I was most discouraged, Huang Jiying listened to me and helped me buy food. She didn't look at me in a different way. Who could have done such a thing at that time?

so, today, I have a little ability to protect her for the rest of my life. I won't let anyone hurt her for the rest of my life!

as long as I know that someone wants to hurt her, I will do everything I can to stop it!

whether we are dating or not, I will do it. "

I thought that the two had come to an end, but it was unexpectedly exposed today.Already married and had children.

although Rong Zhimin revealed that the couple divorced before August, many fans still sent their blessings when they knew that Louis Koo had not been alone for so many years.

after all, Louis Koo has been a role model in the entertainment industry over the years, not only in terms of his attitude towards works, but also in dealing with the world.

is he the king of bad movies?

No, he is the best idol

Art comes from life. If you delve into one's life, you will find that it is much better than a movie.

what many people don't know is that Gu Tianle's life is a counterattack drama.

was born to a very ordinary Cantonese feature-length actor whose father is not very popular.

because of the strict discipline of his parents, he began to mingle with society at the age of 15, and his friends were also unprofessional thugs.

at that time, he did not know the nature of heaven and earth, and took part in a robbery.

just to be on the lookout, but after being caught, he was sentenced to 16 months in prison for all the crimes committed for the "brothers" in good faith.

but instead of thanking him, his brother fell in love with his first girlfriend while he was in prison.

once betrayed by the two most trusted people, he became a bandit spurned by others. He dared not think about the future, nor dare to face the people around him.

there are no born bad children, only people who go the wrong way.

I often wonder if all parents are willing to listen patiently to their children, will not so many children go the wrong way?

gu Tianle recalled that nuns were the people who influenced his life:

"I hope that if I meet her on the street one day, I can hold my head up and tell her that I have not let her down."

No one can live without making mistakes, but the more important thing is to really turn over a new leaf and start over.

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when he comes out of prison, Gu Tianle is really alive, no longer confused, but living well and really doing something meaningful.

apart from feelings, Gu Tianle has only done two things in most of his life. The first is acting, and the second is charity.

he loves movies, so he sticks to every role.

in "have you all the way", he plays a driver. In order to fit his role, he runs with a delivery driver in Shenzhen and Hong Kong every day, eating, delivering and chatting together.

now, he is over 50 years old, but he can open his Weibo and is still promoting a new movie:

maybe as soon as many people see the word "Louis Koo Tian Le Movie", they will say that they will make bad movies again, so don't fool around.

in 2017, NetEase analyzed the statistical data of 16000 bad films, and everyone was surprised to find that Gu Tianle was so far ahead that he was called the "king of bad Chinese films".

in recent years, this title has been "confirmed" for a time.

the movie hasn't been released yet. I don't know if it's a bad movie, but I'm pretty sure Koo Tien-Lok doesn't make a bad movie for himself.

Director Johnnie to once advised Louis Koo to stop making bad films, but Louis Koo said:

"I'm going to shoot, and there are a lot of people who need me."

what he said is true, one school after another has sprung up because of him!

according to incomplete statistics, gu Tianle donated about 133 primary schools

some people ask, it's all about Chen Sesame millet, what has he done in the past few years?

Last year, Louis Koo did another big thing.

Grass-roots actors are not glamorous, and many people's wages are even a living problem.

knowing that they were difficult, Koo immediately teamed up with a number of companies to make public welfare films and created the "Anti-epidemic Fund." he planned to donate all the box office receipts so that every grass-roots actor could tide over the difficulties.

what should I do? Just when everyone was worried, Louis Koo paid out of his own pocket to make up for the charity.

many actors post "anti-epidemic money" cheques

he is committed to public welfare, even if his reputation is damaged, even if he is ruined, he still forges ahead.

some people hit rock bottom, but can still get up again;

some people are dark, but glow all the time;

some people are born ordinary, but with hard work and kindness, they have become the hope in the hearts of all people.

Louis Koo has become more than just an actor in the hearts of the public.

Don't scold Louis Koo, he deserves

at the beginning of this year, Guangming Daily published an article:

in order to thank actors Hu GE and Gu Tianle for their contributions to environmental protection and basic education in the mountainous areas of western China, the new species is named after two people!

Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Southwest China

the new species of Carpinidae discovered is named "Hu Gu Qiao"

moving forward, Louis Koo and Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung and Andy Lau have long been used to name the newly discovered asteroid.

he has become the mark of the times and deserves to be remembered by all.

in recent years, he has been scolded for a long time because the school donated by Gu Tianle has been abandoned (the children have gone to a better place to study), but more and more netizens know what he is doing in silence.

this timeWhen it was revealed that he was married, one fan said:

"I can spray everyone, but I can't spray Gu Tianle. What he has done is enough to prove his character." Today, although unexpected, but also sincerely wish.

I am happy for him that he is married;

I will congratulate him on having a child;

he's divorced, and I want to tell him that we've been here.

he's worth it! "

whether he is married or not, he is an example for contemporary youth to learn from.

and compared to his marriage, we all hope that he can be happy.

I believe that Louis Koo's choice, whether it is marriage or divorce, is for happiness.