He became a widow at the age of 26 and eloped with a 16-year-old boy. 56 years later, he was found in the mountains. Photos of his residence were stunned by countless people.
He became a widow at the age of 26 and eloped with a 16-year-old boy. 56 years later, he was found in the mountains. Photos of his residence were stunned by countless people.
May you and I finally meet the beloved and love what you love.


when it comes to love, some people have decided to "allow a person to be partial and willing to be generous for the rest of his life". Some people have experienced "pining away for Iraq, and having no regrets when their clothes are getting wider." some people have determined that "the mountains do not have the edge of heaven and earth, so that they dare not be with the king."

even if you hear of love, nine out of ten are hurt, but it is difficult to stop the yearning for "holding hands and growing old together".

those who shout that they no longer believe in love may have never seen what love really looks like.

the song "ladder of Heaven" must have been heard by many people, especially the lyrics "how tired I am, I will never be discouraged; if I am more than one year old, I will accompany you for one year".

behind this song, there is a story that is the envy and tears of countless people-the love ladder.

Liu Guojiang and Xu Zhaoqing, an ordinary Chinese couple, have interpreted extraordinary emotion in their lives.

from braving universal condemnation to becoming a realistic version of Cowherd and Weaver Girl, "Young Man" and "Mommy" wrote a strange fate with two hearts sharing life and death.

back in the 1940s, Liu Guojiang was only 6 years old and Xu Zhaoqing was 16 years old.

one is a fledgling child, and the other is a budding girl. the two people who originally had no intersection met under a magical opportunity.

at that time, there was a custom in the village that children who had lost their front teeth would grow new teeth as long as the bride touched them in her mouth.

coinciding with the wedding, Liu Guojiang followed the sedan chair all the way, eager for the bride to give his teeth a new life.

the bride put her finger in his mouth through the sedan curtain. He bit his finger nervously. The startled bride lifted the sedan curtain and caught sight of a delicate, slightly shy face.

the young Liu Guojiang had never seen such a beauty, so he watched blankly all the time.

that bride is Xu Chaoqing, and that day is her wedding day.

that is, from that day on, Xu Chaoqing's face loomed in Liu Guojiang's mind, and when he thought of that face, Liu Guojiang couldn't help bumping into the deer.

in the years that followed, he gradually grew into a sturdy and handsome boy, and the villagers began to get him a wife.

whenever he is asked what kind of wife he wants to marry, he will seriously say, "like Aunt Xu!"

others thought he was joking, but only he knew he was sincere, even if he had given birth to four children for his husband.

I can't help thinking of Zhang ailing's sentence:

among thousands of people, you meet the people you meet. Through thousands of years, in the boundless wilderness of time, you happen to meet them, neither earlier nor a bit too late.

Love does not know where it comes from, as soon as it goes forward and deep, love is the most wonderful thing in the world, and one glance is enough to miss it for the rest of its life.

Ten years of life and death are boundless, unthinkable and unforgettable.

it was exactly ten years later that they met again, when Liu Guojiang was 16 and Xu Chaoqing was 26.

Xu Chaoqing, who was engaged at the age of 13 and married at the age of 16, suffered major changes that year. She was widowed at a young age because her husband died of meningitis.

at that time, as a foreign wife, she was regarded as a "disaster star" by the villagers, and her mother-in-law called her husband.

raising four children alone, you can imagine how hard it is to carry your children up the mountain to find food every day. You can't even afford 3 cents of salt. In order to make a living, you weave straw sandals and sell them for only 5 cents a pair.

one day, she went to fetch water with her child on her back and accidentally fell into the river and was on the verge of drowning.

maybe "there is providence in the underworld". Liu Guojiang happened to be passing by the river and a fierce son plunged into the water and saved his mother and son.

he understood that everyone did not like Xu Chaoqing, and that it was not easy for him to feel sorry for her, so he helped with some manual work from time to time.

as the saying goes, "there are many widows in front of the door." his idle courtesy attracted a lot of gossip, but regardless of it, he insisted on carrying water, chopping wood, and taking care of the housework.

for almost four years, he went to Xu Chaoqing's home, rain or shine, to take care of the orphans and widowed mothers.

even if Xu Chaoqing is afraid of delaying him and deliberately does not see him, he will not be able to change that firm heart: to protect you for the rest of your life.

since he is regarded as rebellious, he just walks away. He wants to run away with his loved ones.

Henry de Montaire once wrote:

if there is no love in my life, it will be destroyed.

Liu Guojiang and Xu Chaoqing refused to give way too much.

it's hard to imagine how determined they were and how much courage they needed to bet everything and give up everything for each other!

after eloping, Liu Guojiang and Xu Zhaoqing ran to live in seclusion in the mountains 1500 meters above sea level.

because of the lack of access, there were two abandoned thatched huts, so they settled down and began to be indifferent to the rest of the world.

away from the secular disturbances and the instructions of the villagers, such a pleasant environment is tolerable.What's wrong with being a little poorer and a little more miserable than Xanadu?

at least you can hold hands and bathe in love.

"Love grows only when it is free." they found the true meaning of love written by Russell.

since then, Liu Guojiang fished and Xu Chaoqing grew vegetables. They were self-sufficient in raising their four children and lived a leisurely life.

later, Liu Guojiang raised bees and made money by brewing honey, and the couple added four more crystals of love.

this is how a large family depends on each other in the mountains, inseparable from day to night.

if someone wants to go shopping down the mountain, the other person will wait at the single log bridge at the foot of the mountain, waiting for the other party to return to this private time and space.

in this world, there is no lack of passion for elopement, what is lacking is the perseverance to defend each other. The insipid life of firewood, rice and salt has made many people unable to bear loneliness, let alone survive in the cruel natural environment.

when many couples parted ways in the face of minor tribulations, neither Liu Guojiang nor Xu Chaoqing thought of giving up in the strong wind and heavy rain.

the strong wind blew down the thatched hut and hid in the cave. when it was calm, the earth house was rebuilt, the pests eroded the fertile land, and the seeds of hope were replanted, waiting for the fruitful arrival.

work at sunrise, rest at sunset, stand the test and hold on to the original heart. From their relationship, I saw Lin Huiyin's sentence:

you are a tree of flowers, a swallow whispering between the beams; you are love, warmth, hope, you are the April day of the world.

Love is not a vigorous oath, but a light companionship. How primitive their lives are, how pure their feelings are.

although the life of such idle wild cranes is simple and happy, it is inevitable that it will be inconvenient to be in the mountains.

to get down from the 1500-meter-high mountain, there is only one path, which is rugged, steep and dangerous.

at first they were young and strong, but as the years went by, Xu Chaoqing's legs gradually became weak, and the way down the mountain was extremely difficult for her.

on one occasion, Xu Chaoqing accidentally tripped down the mountain and was hurt all over. Liu Guojiang felt distressed and remorseful, feeling ashamed of his comprehensive promise to protect his wife for life.

in order to avoid another accident and his wife from being hurt again, he was determined to carve out a path with his own hands.

every day when he finished his farm work, he ran tirelessly between the cliffs, picking up hammers and hammers to open the road and dig stairs.

drink water when you are thirsty, eat a few mouthfuls of taro when you are hungry, and spend every minute and every second creating a safe passage for your wife.

such a move is really incredible. After all, in today's highly mechanized society, it is not easy to dig a road through the mountains, let alone Liu Guojiang is just an unarmed mortal.

it is almost nonsense to conquer a mountain by oneself, and "the foolish Lord moves the mountain".

You will be the center of attention in our gorgeous halter evening neck attires. Happy to help you to choose your dreaming garments.

it's just that Liu Guojiang made it with a pair of flesh and blood hands.

from the vigorous youth to the high-spirited prime of life, from the elegant middle age to the twilight years of the old horse in the stables, he kept digging and digging in the mountains.

and every time it rains, he will rub every step with his hand, so that moss will not grow and the possibility of slipping will be eliminated.

every time he returned home after repairing the stairs, Xu Chaoqing would touch Liu Guojiang's hand.