Hidden rule of Wechat: the moments you post will not be seen by others at all
Hidden rule of Wechat: the moments you post will not be seen by others at all
Live up to the gentle years, live up to the good self.

Wechat is an indispensable software in everyone's daily life.

on the other hand, moments seem to have become a business card, and the content and the way we post often reveal who we are.

sometimes, when you post a circle of friends, very few people like or comment on it, perhaps not because others are busy, but because they block you.

so, the moments you post can't be seen at all.

in the adult world, there are always many hidden social rules, which no one says clearly, but they all understand.

the following three kinds of moments are the easiest to be blocked. If you don't believe it, look.

people with a lot of negative energy

some time ago, I finally blocked the circle of friends of my former colleague Xiao Li, and I felt a lot brighter in an instant.

speaking, since Xiao Li got married and had children, her circle of friends has never stopped complaining.

either complain about the excellent mother-in-law, or dislike the husband's incompetence, or complain that it is too hard to raise the children.

something like this:

"I have never held hands with my children. I have fallen ill with a lot of hair. I am also drunk when I stand on such a mother-in-law."

"the child has a fever and cries in the middle of the night and does not sleep all night. There is no one at home who can help, so it will only make a mess."

"I don't want money, I don't want to look good, and I don't know why I fell in love with him in the first place."


at first, we thought she was tired with the child, so we took the initiative to comfort her and let her relax so that she wouldn't be affected by these things.

but no matter how comforting we are, she is still the same, using her moments as her negative energy trash can, pouring negative emotions into her.

but negative emotions are easily contagious.

especially when she is restless and restless in the middle of the night, when she browses to her circle of friends, her mood will become very bad and people will become depressed.

later, we blocked her circle of friends and chose not to look at her circle of friends and not to be infected by her negative energy.

because we browse moments only to pass the time, or to understand the dynamics of friends and relatives, not to accept the transmission of negative energy over and over again, and to block ourselves.

see a sentence on the Internet:

"people have a certain amount of energy. When the negative energy reaches the end, the positive energy will be squeezed to zero."

whether on the Internet or in real life, people who encounter negative energy must stay away.

after all, no one wants to let their lives be shrouded in haze, become overcast and rainy, and lose their sunshine and vitality.

people who scan the screen on a large scale

there should be several people who often browse the screen in anyone's moments.

they, who may be WeChat businessmen, promote their clothes, shoes or cosmetics in moments;

they, or sales, introduce wealth management products and gym information in moments;

they, who may also be intermediaries, post rental information and job advertisements on moments.

of course, in addition to the above people who take screen brushing as their work, there is another kind of people who love to share and record every bit of life, and the little things will be posted to the moments.

first of all, let's talk about people who take browsing moments as their work. Sometimes, we don't hate browsing, but we hate their behavior that they only care about advertising without considering the feelings of others.

for this kind of behavior, if the product they share is not what we want, we can directly choose to block or delete friends, leaving it quiet and concise.

and those who especially like to share, their screen brushing is more unintentional, but this kind of unintentional, carelessly caused trouble to us.

although we can't control the number of times others post on moments, we can choose whether we accept it or not.

it's up to you in your circle of friends to decide how to get comfortable.

when you feel that your circle of friends is disturbed by unimportant things, you might as well choose to block out other people's circle of friends and focus on enjoying the details of life.

in fact, no matter which of the above, there is a limit to everything. Once we do something beyond a certain threshold of our psychological tolerance, it will easily lead to unnecessary contradictions and disputes.

as the old saying goes, there is a ruler in life and a degree in being a man.

whether you are a man or do something, you can't do without the word "degree".

only by holding the right yardstick in everything between people can we live simply and brightly in a complicated world.

for the rest of my life, it is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of wisdom to grasp the measure of being a man and the yardstick of doing things.

people who are accustomed to cheating

Lever is available every day, and there are many moments. This is not a joke, it may be the truth.

my cousin Lele said to me with a sad face:

"recently added a client, he especially likes to argue, especially when you send a happy circle of friends, he suddenly comes to you, the whole person is not good."

I was a little curious about how he did it. My cousin picked up her phone and made me flip through it, and I was instantly angry.

there are a lot of clothes in winter, so I want to donate some of them to the children in poor mountain areas.

Lever: what the mountain area needs most is not your clothes, but education. Donate money directly.No better?

clocked in a dessert shop, a happy day.

Lever: the calorie is so high, be careful to eat fat.

I cried. "Goodbye Love" is so beautiful. I'm looking forward to the second season.

Lever: am I the only one who thinks the variety is very superficial? Men, women, love, what is there to see?

you see, leverage is like this:

whether you are right or not, I am right.

Franklin said this sentence:

"if you always pick up and retort, you may win occasionally, but it is an empty victory, because you will never be liked by the other person."

in order to raise the bar and take it as his own duty to add traffic to others, such a person will not get the envy of others, but will make his own life narrower and narrower, and finally have to suffer the consequences.

in many cases, the more people like to flatter, the more they tend to lose.

because people are all mutual.

if you bully others, they will get you into trouble; if you are kind to others, they will treat you gently.

people who are really capable will not haggle over trifles, nor will they blindly refute others. they do not complain, but only lift people.

writer Su Cen once said:

"at this age, no one wants to please any more. Stay with whoever you are comfortable with, including your friends, and stay away when you are tired."

the best thing a person can do is to make himself comfortable.

Don't worry about people or things that make you uncomfortable, just stay away from them decisively.

again, they have the freedom to post in moments, and we also have the freedom to block them.

Life is already very tiring, so don't let uncomfortable people or things block yourself.

living happily and making ourselves comfortable is the most important thing in our lives.

, the whole life is not long, be kind to yourself, stay away from uncomfortable people, live a meaningful life, live up to the gentle years, live up to your good self.

encourage each other.

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