Huang Xuan: quiet is the most comfortable temperament.
Huang Xuan: quiet is the most comfortable temperament.
Only if you live up to your heart, can you live up to this life.

the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, the noise of voices, chasing each other, racing against time.

this is a dilemma that almost all of us have to face--

like a tightened clockwork, living lively while running fast.

but once you run too fast, you will inevitably get anxious and confused.

I don't know who I am, where I come from or where I'm going.

however, there is a kind of person in which you can clearly touch the other side of life-

there, the feast and noise had nothing to do with him.

everything is so beautiful that it seems to stand still, only the occasional heartbeat can be heard.

time light and shadow crisscross, trance as if the wooden heart's song "slow from the front":

go to the railway station early in the morning

there are no pedestrians in the dark long street

the small shop selling soy milk is braving the heat


he is Huang Xuan. He is also a guest in the "Star interview" column of one book a week in this issue.

Let's go into his world and listen to his heart.


"quiet. "

Huang Xuan's skin is branded with the word "Jing".

you seldom hear him speak loudly, mostly softly, sitting quietly on the sofa.

however, if "stillness" comes to the extreme, it is clearly powerful.

the day when an uncle went to interview, it happened to be the day of the premiere of the movie "only Yun knows". Huang Xuan's schedule for the day was full, and there was a fast word everywhere, so it was inevitable that he was in a hurry.

but when the machine is set up, everything becomes different--

he just stared into your eyes calmly, with palpitating tenderness and sincerity.

the voice is not bright enough, very gentle and low, but it is inexplicably reassuring, as if all the noise around him has nothing to do with him.

this is the unique charm of Huang Xuan.

shouting never belongs to him. Quiet and peaceful is Huang Xuan's style.

there are always some days every year when he chooses to empty himself and let himself "go back to life":

"you should go out for dinner, meet friends, travel to places you like, stay at home quietly if you don't want to go out, tidy up the house, wash clothes, cut flowers and cut grass."

he always seems to be on the run. Escape from the noise, escape from the noise.

in the process of chatting with an uncle, Huang Xuan admitted that silence is a relaxing moment for him:

"when you stay with yourself, you can fully return to yourself. You don't have to cater, you don't have to think about how to communicate, and you don't have to make any compromises. "

Huang Xuan disappeared for a while before filming the movie only Yun knows. Not because of anything else, but to prepare for the Sui Dongfeng in the movie.

run away from the spotlight, away from the camera, he enjoys the power of "quiet":

he learned to play the flute-specially invited a professional teacher to the hotel and practiced a "Carmen Intermezzo" very well, both in posture, fingering and state.

also learned to cook-in order to satisfy the director's imagination, he cooped up in the back kitchen of a Chinese restaurant, practicing the wok from stir-frying rice to sore wrists, and then poured oil on fire, as he did every day.

also practiced his English lines-because his character had been abroad for 20 years, English should not be stumbling and having an accent, so he practiced it over and over again.

Huang Xuan completed his self-thinking and deposition in silence, piecing together Sui Dongfeng in the movie bit by bit.

can play the flute, long hair, literature and art; a good pot, a good dish; cross the ocean and meet your own destiny true love.

it can almost be said that without Huang Xuan's "Jing", there would be no Sui Dongfeng today.

with the help of a sentence from director Feng Xiaogang: "he did not allow himself to flood."

indeed, he has witnessed the bright applause of flowers, but he knows more about the beauty of silence.

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this is particularly rare.


"sensitive. "

and peeling off the inside of Huang Xuan, it's hard to imagine that so many contradictory traits can coexist in the same person--

it is not only a juvenile mind, but also an old-school style. Naive and hot, but also quiet and introverted.

every tentacle on his body seems to be completely open. This made him face the baptism of the world calmly.

like the kind of snail that doesn't want to hide in its shell, it would rather expose its fragile body to feel every wisp of wind and every drop of rain. Because these let him know clearly that the world exists, he also exists.

in front of the camera of an uncle, Huang Xuan admitted that he was a particularly sensitive person.

"is particularly sensitive. I even think it makes me tired sometimes. Because I can feel some information from a lot of micro-expressions.

and you can feel more things, you will think about it, and then you will be more tired. "

however, this sensitivity, which is always present, brings Huang Xuan more than fatigue.

Because, for a good actor, sensitivity is also a must.

in the movie only Yun knows, Huang Xuan needs to play Sui Dongfeng's life. Huang Xuan was almost baffled by the 30-year age span from 20 to 50.

he began to think:

how to play this role well?

how to make the play more natural and more natural?

he finally found the answer--

apart from the blessings of makeup special effects, he chose to find the feeling of "Sui Dongfeng" from the details.

he successfully avoided the anxiety of director Feng Xiaogang, "especially afraid of actors being old":

"when you talk about old people, your eyes are like this. I told you not to act like this, saying that I am more than 60 years old, and you don't think I look like an old man. "

but observe people of different ages in life:

"mainly through his limbs, including the way he walks, his body, his speed, the speed of reaction, the voice of speech, the rhythm of speech, the manner of expression, I find the feeling of this character from these details."

and in the end he succeeded.

he used the weight he carried to turn it into a driving force on the way forward.

this time, Huang Xuan proved himself again with Sui Dongfeng, and Sui Dongfeng also re-fed Huang Xuan.


"experience. "

tracing back to the source of this quiet and sensitive body of Huang Xuan, we can find clues from his past experience.

fate always seems to frustrate Huang Xuan--

I dreamed of becoming an actor, but I was not admitted by China Opera and Beijing Film. Instead, I went to the Beijing Dance Academy by mistake.

it is not easy to get a rare movie role, but either encounter a change of roles, or the part is deleted clean.


he seems to be the kind of child who is not much blessed by heaven. Although he has both talent and hard work, he is always a little less lucky.

so much so that when he became famous later, he mocked himself and explained:

"probably in me, there has always been that kind of depression that literary movies always like to discuss."

however, there is an old saying that "good things will grind". Life is the same for everyone. If you don't drag you into the abyss completely, you will wait. One day, you will go to a brighter distance.

in the experience of countless setbacks, Huang Xuan became more and more broken, and finally found his own direction.

when filming the movie "only Yun knows", it was director Feng Xiaogang who personally called. The director spent more than ten minutes telling the script, which was adapted from the real experience of an old friend.

the two sides hit it off, which led to today's excellent work.

in fact, the gift that fate wants to give has already secretly marked the price.

and Huang Xuan is using his practical actions to prove that he is worth all this.

Today, Huang Xuan is no longer the young actor who will be confused, disappointed or even discouraged because he has been changed roles.

during the interview, Huang Xuan said to an uncle:

"at that time I thought it was bumpy, but now I really don't think it's a big deal."

he has already ground the scar into a hard cocoon.

No longer afraid of thorns, no longer hiding from the wind and rain, but more leisurely, more confident and more powerful.

for Huang Xuan, everyone will experience all kinds of unhappiness, but now he is more grateful.

I feel really lucky. Along the way, there are so many people who have helped you, helped you, given you opportunities, given you space, and made you grow. It also made me an actor. "

he said, "I think it's the same for everyone." When things go wrong, they always grow up. "


"take your time. "

there was a small problem in the interview, which impressed my uncle very much.

when an uncle asked Huang Xuan what was the biggest change he had experienced in the years since his debut. Huang Xuan hesitated for a while and chose two very special words--

"take your time."

he explained:

"I especially like the word leisurely. Calm must be more confident, self-confidence is also a more confident understanding of themselves, so I think it is more leisurely than before. "

indeed, life is in a hurry like a dream, so why try your best to be strong. A calm and calm mind is enough to make him live a very beautiful life.

today's Huang Xuan, does not like socializing, does not like lively, but prefers quiet things.

he likes to read--

"Life is a theater" recommended to book friends is his favorite at the present stage, which is about philosophy and spiritual practice.

he also likes to grow and ask inward--

if he can take every road and stop working as an actor, he wants to practice hard from the beginning and do some traditional culture-related content, such as traditional Chinese medicine, calligraphy and massage.

or to do public welfare, things that can help others, will also make him feel very good.

and for the current state, Huang Xuan also gave himself a less than full.The comment of the score-- "quite satisfactory".

he still has expectations for the future:

"I still wish I could be more relaxed, and I sometimes have a lot of concerns. It's best to think what you should think, but not what you shouldn't, and then let go of what you should put down. You don't have to be too sensitive and care about a lot of things. "

has been honed but not tight, experienced the world but not secular.

maybe this is the real reason why Huang Xuan became a world of his own.

Life is like this. Only if you live up to your heart can you live up to this life.

you have to believe that.

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