I appreciate women living like this (worth seeing)
I appreciate women living like this (worth seeing)
May you move forward bravely in the ordinary and trivial life.

an uncle

what is a woman's best posture?

the actress Liu Yuling in "deadly woman" these two days has given a new interpretation.

in the face of the cheated marriage, she calmly directed her husband to pretend to be ill, pack her bags and get out of here.

the scumbag husband pretended to take sleeping pills to try to retain her, but all he got was a slap on her face.

I absolutely can't bear the things I don't like, and the things I don't want to hear immediately make the other person shut up, and I live a rustling life.

the attitude of not giving in, not being weak, and not swallowing anger makes people

can't help it

applaud her.

however, few people in life are as confident and transparent as Liu Yuling:

when I am angry, I dare not say it, and I don't want to say it, so I just hold it in my stomach.

I am aggrieved. I just want to put up with it and pass by. As a result, I have been bullied all the time.

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sad, I just want to cry, but I don't want to solve the problem.

most of the time, we always lack the courage to face life and dare not show our true self.

if you dare not take this step, you might as well take a look at "step forward" with your uncle. May you be calm and open-minded and brave on your way forward.


step forward and stay confident

in 1990, Yang Lan, a recent graduate, took part in an interview for the program "Zhengda Variety".

at that time, there were a lot of interviewees, including outstanding people with both talents and looks.

when I saw Yang Lan, the interviewer suddenly asked a sharp question:

"do you feel pretty?"

Yang Lan replied calmly:

"I'm not pretty, but I'm not ugly. I think I have some temperament. Why do girls have to be beautiful? What's more important to be a host is to have your own opinions, isn't it? "

with a few strong words, the interviewer was impressed by her and made her stand out on the stage of "Zhengda variety show".

in this way, the confident temperament has brought Yang Lan a precious opportunity in life, and the brilliant trajectory of life after that is inseparable from the confidence and certainty of every step.

Cheryl Sandberg wrote in "step forward"

"Women should be more brave, confident, proactive, and learn to seize opportunities or even create them."

when the opportunity is in front of you, you should not flinch, but should take a step forward and try to seize it.

most of the time, the height of life is supported by self-confidence. only when you believe in yourself will the world begin to believe in you.

your confident smile hides your life pattern, and your confident behavior highlights your attitude towards life.

the beauty of a woman lies not in the skin, but in the confidence accumulated on her face. A good face and figure will fade with time, but the confidence on your face can make you shine.


Don't fear the future, don't think about the past

cocoa. Chanel is a well-known fashion designer and brand founder. But few people know that, with such success, she had a miserable childhood.

her father is a peddler and her mother is a village woman. Her parents were not married when she was born.

when she was 12 years old, her mother died of tuberculosis and her father left their five brothers and sisters and has been missing ever since. Chanel spent her girlhood in a monastery shelter.

however, Chanel was not defeated by suffering, but turned the ruthless hand of fate into a lifesaver.

intelligent and hardworking, she learned tailoring from nuns in the orphanage, and it was during that time that she laid the foundation for her future Chanel empire.

in order to get rid of the shadow of childhood, Chanel did not stop the pursuit of freedom.

she began to design simple and attractive hats, women's trousers with masculinity, and thin-chain bags to save women's hands.

Chanel's business has been on the rise in just one year, and she has opened more stores and made more breakthroughs.

Chanel's road to success is not easy and difficult to imitate, but she has taught you and me that when life does not please us, we have to learn to create our own lives.

many people regard their original family as a reason for their failure, while Chanel tries to forget the past and try to redefine herself.

the past cannot be remonstrated, but those who come can still be pursued.

instead of being immersed in hardship and unable to extricate oneself from hardship, it is better to choose to live a good present; instead of failing to recover from the past, it is better to regain your strength and start anew.

the road of life is bumpy and muddy. When you have a strong heart, put down what you should let go and strive for what you should strive for in order to walk out of a broad road.


communicate sincerely and open your heart

when Sheryl Sandberg resigned from Google, Facebook founder Zuckerberg immediately threw an olive branch at her, inviting her to become chief operating officer.

this is undoubtedly a great gift for Cheryl, but she is afraid to communicate directly with Zuckerberg about the salary of her new job for fear of hurting her feelings.

Cheryl's brother-in-law learned of this and hastened to remind her:

"Cheryl, you have no reason to be paid less than others for the same job!"

Cheryl's heart is affected by this sentence.Hit, so she went to Zuckerberg that night to confess her salary expectations.

the next day, Zuckerberg not only accepted her offer, but even offered a better offer.

Zuckerberg once said:

"when you want to change things, you can't please everyone; if you please everyone, you won't make enough progress."

it is true that many people know how to please others, but forget how to please themselves.

at work, too many working women are afraid to offend their colleagues or superiors and dare not clearly put forward their own demands. As a result, they suffer a lot of dumb losses.

in the family, when many wives and husbands have conflicts, they always like to have a cold war, hold their grievances in their hearts, and end up hurting their own bodies.

cover up, the loss outweighs the gain.

you should know that only when there is sincerity in work can we trust each other, and only when we have sincerity in love can we reap happiness.

sincerity is not only a choice, but also a kind of advanced wisdom.

for women, it is also a skill to communicate sincerely, open their hearts and express their ideas bravely.


learn to be independent and bear

Cheryl is one of the most successful women in the world. she has been on the cover of time magazine, is the highest-paid female executive in the United States, and is one of Forbes' top 50 "most powerful" business elites.

behind these halos is her tenacity, wisdom, independence and unremitting struggle. Of course, she also has her fragile moments.

she had a brief and failed marriage, she left the workplace sadly when she was pregnant with her second child, and she fell into despair and loneliness when her husband died unexpectedly.

but fortunately, she survived.

when life brutally takes away her lover, she does not sink into the quagmire of grief, but adjusts her life state and regains the strength of life.

it is these tribulations that make her excellent and strong.

Life will not favor you just because you are a woman. You must maintain the ability to be independent at all times, so that you can have the strength to go on.

if you have the ability to open an umbrella for yourself, you will not be afraid of the wind and rain.

so, when life hurts you, step forward bravely, and one day, you will become an invulnerable person.

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to Cheryl. Sandberg's A step forward,

May you live an ordinary and trivial life

go ahead bravely.