I interviewed 39-year-old Liu Yan: I found that all women who live a beautiful life have this characteristic.
I interviewed 39-year-old Liu Yan: I found that all women who live a beautiful life have this characteristic.
You live the way you want to be, and you are the most beautiful and sexy.

Liuyan is on fire.

this time, what brought her back to the hot search was not eye-catching news, but a very simple video--

eat chili.

at this end, Yue Miao Miao shoved a fiery red pepper into his mouth, while at the other end, Liu Yan squeezed a tube of mustard into the pepper in order to create a better shooting effect.

Liu Yan flows across the street in front of the camera, but Liu Yan behind the camera is duty-bound.

through the embarrassment of eating chili, she once again faded from her previous image setting and challenged herself for the first time.

I think we don't have to ask: what kind of person is Liu Yan?

Liu Yan is not any kind of person, she is just herself.

in the Star interview column of one book a week, Uncle had the honor to invite 39-year-old Liu Yan to listen to her talk about her heart and the true colors of her life.


"Sexy is not the original sin of life"

when you mention Liu Yan, it's easy to think of the ambiguous word "sexy".

it seems that since her debut, Liu Yan has always had an inseparable relationship with "sexy". However, for Liu Yan, being sexy is not all of life.

in 1980, Liu Yan was born in Hengyang, Hunan Province. she is a typical Hunan girl with a stubborn boyishness, refusing to admit defeat and being strong. Her favorite thing to do is to climb over the wall, chase birds and fight with her brother.

according to the arrangement of her family, she should have spent her life in peace and beauty. However, as soon as the family changes, the mother suffers from a serious illness, but the family has no money to save lives. Facing the 10,000 yuan prize of the host contest, Liu Yan gritted his teeth and took the first step towards the entertainment industry.

it never occurred to her at that time that a decision made by chance would split her life into two completely different halves.

but where is the entertainment industry so easy to enter?

there are wind and frost sword halberd and thorns everywhere, so we have to find the treasure at the bottom of the box in order to blaze a bright road.

Liu Yan once mentioned in the interview:

"I only have 163cm, and my legs are not long enough, so my shoes should be very high."

I have 100 jin, but my waist is very thin and the collarbone looks good.

so choose a tuxedo dress with low neck, waist and buttocks.

earrings can make my round face look angular.

I am cold when I am expressionless, so try to laugh as happily as possible.

Gulong said that girls who love to laugh are lucky

not too bad.


however, sexy is a double-edged sword. The advantages are "impressive" and the disadvantages are "impressive".

in the past days, Liu Yan once felt confused:

"what should I look like? What do you think I should be like? "

many people, including co-directors, have only heard the name "Liu Yan" in the news and links, so it is inevitable to let "sexy" be preconceived and put a fixed label and impression on Liu Yan.

but when they really see Liu Yan himself, they often break their glasses. In the course of the interview, Liu Yan said that the sentence she heard most often was: "

you are really different from what I expected

. "

how different is it?

in fact, cutting open the hard shell of the sexy goddess, Liu Yan is just a magnanimous and hard-working little girl:

she dares to eat chili peppers and swallow raw octopus at all costs for a few seconds of shot.

the place where she lives is always only five minutes from the office, just so that she can arrive immediately in case of an emergency.

she does everything she can, practicing if she can't dance, or learning if she can't act.


her life is like a fearless adventure. She raised the sexy sword to split the thorns and chaos ahead, but more often, she took the sword and enjoyed it, and finally found the shining treasure.

up to now, Liu Yan has put aside her stereotype of being "sexy" and reconciled with her true self.

she is no longer afraid to take off her makeup and appear on camera--

in the trailer for the beneficiary, you can see her taking off her blue wig and heavy makeup to reveal a plain face.

that is the true character of Liu Yan. She reveals her true appearance to the camera and calls it "

taking off makeup and appearing on camera is another Nirvana rebirth.


is no longer demanding a perfect image--

she stood up tenaciously from the "sexy" on the surface, slowly getting closer to the true meaning of "sexy".

in the course of the uncle's interview, she explained "sexy":

"you live the way you want to be, and you are the most beautiful and sexy.

because you glow, your recognition and appreciation of yourself will make you attractive.

you are the most charming and sexy leprechaun. Every girl has to remember that. "

she finally realized that being sexy is not the original sin of life. She is willing to feel old and sexy to death.


"not an careerist, just a dreamer"

you can easily catch the shadow of Liu Yan in Yue Miao Miao:

A girl from Hunan, born at the grass rootsAnd Beijing drifters's experience. They travel north and south like duckweed.

so many friends, including Dapeng, say that Liu Yan and Yue Miao Miao are carved out of the same mold.

compared to Yue Miao Miao's "silly", Liu Yan is more sober and stubborn. "I am more eager for self-realization and self-worth," she said. If I can do all this, "I am a complete, independent and attractive woman."

Liuyan has never been a delicate flower, and he has to rely on a man's big tree to keep out the wind and rain.

she is more like a wild grass, shedding old leaves and growing new buds again and again in the ups and downs of the entertainment industry.

she has a tenacity of her own.

when filming the scene of eating chili, Liu Yan needs to perform the state of "hot top".

according to common sense, actors only need to simply put on airs, but Liu Yan volunteered to eat those chili peppers. Moreover, in order to be more authentic, she squeezed a lot of mustard into the chili. As a result, she was so hot that her mouth was so swollen.

but for Liu Yan, the pain caused by chili peppers is nothing.

she has experienced much more difficult days than this.

there is a clip in "beneficiary" in which Yue Miao Miao, played by Liu Yan, takes off her grandiose makeup in front of the live camera, revealing his bitter experience of Beijing drifters for many years:

Beijing drifters of Hunan Province; suffered a lot and was fooled a lot.

Liu Yan incorporated his history of drifting north into Miao Miao's story. When you see this shot, you will even be a little confused, how much is Liu Yan and how much is Miao Miao.

before, in order to catch up with the announcement, she could trot all the way in a thin dress and high heels in the cold winter, wearing stage makeup and fans scrambling to take a taxi.

at that time, Liu Yan was in a state of continuous rotation when he changed from host to actor. She took on three plays at the same time--

"Let's get married", "No two Detective", "four famous arrests".

the three plays were filmed in Beijing, Hong Kong and Hengdian respectively, spanning both modern and ancient times.

at that time, Liu Yan was just a newcomer, and she didn't have an assistant who always put her first. As soon as he finished filming all day on the set, he had to rush to the airport alone with a heavy suitcase.

her efforts and efforts are recognized by many directors and actors. They abandoned their prejudices and gave Liu Yan a brand-new nickname-"

desperately San Niang


but for Liu Yan, "desperately San Niang" is just a name. She told her uncle with emotion:

"I just did a job I like. How lucky I am."

I'm just a person who doesn't want to let any small opportunity miss out of my hands. "

fundamentally, she just wants to do everything in front of her to the extreme without exception.

this is particularly rare.


"actually, I need them more."

if we trace the reason for Liu Yan's stubborn temperament, we can probably find a thread in her past experience.

in the past, the family was poor, the father was injured, and the mother was seriously ill, and the burden of supporting the family was almost entirely on her own.

Liu Yan also enjoyed it, and even wrote in his blog:

"I want to be the sun and protect my family, even though I am just a sunflower."

her innate sense of responsibility gave her indescribable sensitivity. In the early years, she wanted to hold on to everything.

she often feels trembling:

"sometimes I think, what if there is no filming?

or suddenly idle for a few days, will think why no one asked me to record variety shows?

Why is no one asking me to host? Why didn't I see a good script? Am I going to be eliminated? "

she is afraid of being eliminated, and she is also afraid that after she is eliminated, the family will become drifting away.

however, an accident discouraged her.

it was a performance of the TV series "Shao Shuai". She went to the set to act for three days, but was nominated for best supporting actress in Magnolia, which shocked her at that moment. She suddenly realized:

"be sure to let go of your calculation, gain and loss, and do it well, and one day you will get what you want."

Liu Yan began to learn to slow down the pace and pace.

in the interview, Liu Yan confessed:

"before I was 30, all my time was given to work. After I was 30, I left a lot of time with my family. "

the death of her father made her very sorry. At one point, she sincerely told everyone in a variety show:

"if your loved ones are still alive, give them what you have and tell them what you have to say. I don't want them to feel that they don't deserve it. "

Liu Yan decided not to let this regret happen again.

for a time, she was filming in Foshan, very close to Huizhou, where her family lives. No matter how busy the set was, she would ask her agent to spare two or three days so that she could stay at home.

once she was a strong and upright tree, trying to protect her family from the wind and rain on her own.

it is the unique touch of home-tenderness, peace and serenity.

only then did Liu Yan understand:

"I always thought they needed me, but then I found out that I needed them.


it was her family who taught her that she was not alone and never was.

Love is the biggest pillar of Liu Yan's life.


"I don't want to get married that much."

November 8, 2019, is the release day of the movie beneficiary, and it is also Liu Yan's 39th birthday.

even though she will turn 40 next year, Liu Yan still lives alone.

Last year, she appeared on a variety show "Wild Kitchen", which once pushed the topic of "urging marriage" to the forefront.

at that time, Liu Yan admitted that, like many ordinary girls, she often faced the problem of urging marriage.

her family is anxious to find a good home for her, while many of her peers are married, have children and have families of their own. Liu Yan sometimes thinks: do you want to get married? Do you want to have a baby?

but she was at a loss at the same time:

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"everyone needs to get married, but I can't find the purpose of marriage and the meaning of a partner."

and after a year of precipitation, she gave up her hesitation and finally became confident.

Liu Yan began to believe that starting a family is not a must in life.

"Family is just a choice, and I'm more and more sure it's not a necessary option.

Don't worry, millions of women like me have the same idea, and you don't have to feel different or pathetic. "

although she is still eager to find her life partner, she has learned not to force it anymore.

in the uncle's interview, Liu Yan used two strong tones of "do not believe" to describe his current view of marriage:

"I still yearn for a stable relationship and a solid relationship, not so much like the so-called vigorous or love at first sight.


gossip can't shake her, and others can't convince her.

there are still many things to do in Liu Yan's life.

she wants to live a rich, bright life and live like herself, which is what a girl really looks like.

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