I peeked at the shopping carts of 120 million people and found an amazing truth.
I peeked at the shopping carts of 120 million people and found an amazing truth.
No matter how busy and hard life is, you should create a little warmth and beauty for yourself.

in a twinkling of an eye, it's the annual Singles' Day. Are your shopping carts full?

after all, it is a rare shopping carnival, and you have to take good care of all kinds of food, clothing, food, shelter and transportation.

however, you must not think that just buying and buying is over. In fact, a small "shopping cart" is full of great knowledge.

as Cai Kangyong said:

"every time you spend money, a truth about you is hidden behind it."

moments can be camouflaged, shopping carts don't lie. The order records in the shopping cart are usually hidden.

when you understand a person's shopping cart, you can really understand a person.

Shopping cart No. 1


call me Ye Liangchen:

three years after graduation, living alone in Shenzhen, I am busy every day, and the days of 996 can hardly see the end.

when there are more things at work, life will inevitably be a bit of a mess-no time to eat breakfast and no good sleep.

I remember once, on a whim, I bought a dozen eggs and put them in the fridge, planning to make a nutritious breakfast every day. But when I opened the refrigerator again, all the eggs were broken.

sometimes when I think about it, this kind of life is not good and has to be changed. After all, what job is worth fighting for?

so taking advantage of the recent double 11 discount, I ruthlessly placed an order for egg cooker, bread maker and aromatherapy machine, hoping to come in handy in the future to urge myself to eat well and sleep well.

No matter how busy and hard life is, you still have to create a little warmth and beauty for yourself.

Shopping cart No. 2


unknown Big Potato:

there is nothing of my own in the shopping cart, mostly for my parents.

the old man is old, and his physical ailments have not been broken in the past few years. Every time I go home and see the bottles and cans of medicine in the drawer, I feel unspeakably uncomfortable.

although they all said in front of me, "it's all right, it's all right, it's an old problem", but they're still very worried. When I work outside by myself, there are always times when I can't take care of it.

think about being children, isn't making money just to give parents a better life in their twilight years?

although you can't stay with them all the time, you can buy them something healthy, which is not very expensive. It's just a thought, as long as you can make them live a better life.

when the goods arrive, I pick them up and take them back, so that my parents don't have to wait in line to pick up the express delivery.

Shopping cart No. 3


Pavlov of the dog:

looked at my shopping cart, probably no one will believe: I am a male sex, age 27 years old.

however, as you may have guessed, these and these are all bought by me for my girlfriend who is more beautiful than Tian Tian Xian.

We have known each other since high school and went to Beijing to work together after graduation.

at that time, I was young and frivolous and ignorant. I only thought about starting my own business. In the first two years, I almost lost all my money because of lack of experience.

period, but no matter what she encountered, she was always by my side.

now I finally get through the ups and downs, and my life is much better. Of course, I have to be nicer to my family. As for why I bought these, it was because I didn't understand the lipstick color number, so I couldn't be wrong with sending necklaces.

however, I won't tell her until the goods are confiscated, otherwise she will scold me again.

Shopping cart No. 4


A little marmot:

there are not many things to store on Singles Day, except for the materials for the postgraduate entrance examination.

as an older single young woman, she has been working foolishly for the past few years. In the copy-and-paste life day after day, I gradually figure out what kind of career I like and what kind of life I want to live.

if you want to follow this new road, you need a better education and a wider range of knowledge.

but whenever I want to resign and go back to school to rebuild, I can't make up my mind.

thinking that I have saved enough money in my passbook this year, even if I have no source of income, I will not starve to death, so I just quit naked.

Look no further than short beach wedding dresses for your coming parties or dating. Our huge collections of are better than the rest.

some people around you say, you are 24 now, you are 27 after graduation, and your peers have already got married and had children. But I think, compared to 30 years old to want to take the exam, but the body will be burdened with more worries and realistic shackles, now is the best time.

time waits for no one. I don't want to regret it later while it's still too late.

Shopping cart No. 5



Guatai Nan:

the people who buy toys online these days, in addition to the parents who have children, are our group of second-class animals.

when I get paid every month, I withdraw a small sum of money to buy something I like. After all, it's so hard to earn money to support your family, you have to find ways to have some fun for yourself.

some people may wonder: these toys are left idle when they are bought, does it make sense to spend so much money?

but in fact, you can't imagine the joy of being a buyer.

these gadgets, which can be seen and touched, accompany me through the lonely days and nights.

whether you call it a collector's fetish or infantile disease. For me, it's a ritual to release the stress of life..

when you are so depressed, you have to cheer up when you look at a room full of hand-made toys.

in fact, no matter what's in the shopping cart, it's everyone's choice. And every act of mincing hands represents a person's true self.

but, although each of us can't live without a shopping cart, few of us really study it.

want to know the secret hidden in the shopping cart?

want to see what's in the shopping cart of your partner, parents, romantic rivals, gay friends, and male goddesses?

the truth comes out, all at this moment!

look in their shopping cart,

what are the "

popular style


on this Singles Day holiday, SUNING, the male goddess of get, is of the same style. Let's go further towards your "ideal" appearance.

or look at Mom and Dad's wish list and try to help them empty their shopping cart.

maybe you can detect something cheaper than ever in their shopping cart? Open


, and

tens of billions of subsidies

waiting for you to pick it up.

you should know that "spending money, spending the right amount of money" is the shopping consciousness of the contemporary "minced youth"!

I wonder what's in your Singles' Day shopping cart this year.

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