I used my secondary account to add my husband Wechat and sent him a picture. He blocked me.
I used my secondary account to add my husband Wechat and sent him a picture. He blocked me.
Between husband and wife is to learn from each other to make up for each other, life will be more and more happy. \ n​



can you meet true love on blind dates?

most people will say that blind dates are so purposeful that they just want to get married.

in this mode, without romance, it is more difficult to meet true love.

who would have thought that my husband, Mr. Zhou, subverted my perception of blind dates.

he sincerely gave me a warm love between a couple with fireworks.


my name is Lin Xiaoxi, and I am an oncology nurse.

back in 2014, large-scale offline matchmaking events are particularly popular.

and the hospital where I work, there are so many single girls that the organizers are scrambling to invite them.

the blind date was arranged on Christmas Eve. My colleague was in charge of docking and signed up for me.

I don't want to join the party. My colleagues said that I was the face of the department, and the head nurse asked me to support the party.

this hat is pressed down, so I have to go.

there is a sea of people at the scene. The rule of the activity is that if you see the person you like, you can give your contact card to each other.

when the host asked who received the most cards at the scene, my colleagues shouted my name and a bunch of spotlights came, and I became the focus, which was really embarrassing and unexpected.

after that, I was selected as the "heartbeat goddess" by the male guests at the scene. "

however, "Heart Goddess" is not alone, because I have a mindset, just watch, and did not participate in sending cards.


until the day after the event ended, I received an unexpected call from the organizer.

they took a picture of me at the scene and gave it to a member.

"believe me, you two really fit together."

that person said that she is a professional matchmaker, who is suitable with whom, you can tell at a glance.

I refused to bother so abruptly.

means that their matchmaking activities will be reported in follow-up publicity, hoping to promote a couple of marriages.

so I agreed with the idea of being the beauty of others.


December 29, 2014 was my first meeting with Mr. Zhou.

before Mr. Zhou takes the stage, let me introduce my personal experience.

as an oncology nurse, I see a lot of separation from life and death at work, so I especially yearn for the feelings of Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling).

however, in reality, I was cheated on by my first love and became known to all.

the only emotion, but brought deep hurt, from then on, I dare not easily move feelings.

this is the real reason why I reject blind dates.

first love is unreliable, not to mention men you know on a blind date.

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when we met that day, Mr. Zhou gave me a portrait, which he sketched according to my picture.

I have to say, the skill is good, and the painting is very vivid.

this special gift added a lot to my first impression of him.

Mr. Zhou is very shy and tells each other frankly when they meet.

he has attended three blind dates before and after, but he feels that the matchmaking process is like an interview and can't find a feeling.

so I didn't attend this time.

"although my parents are in a hurry to get married, I still want to find a like-minded lover."

when people go on a blind date, they talk about whether it is appropriate, not whether they love or not.

I was a little surprised by the man who wanted to find true love on a blind date.

on that day, from hobbies to work and study, as well as the trivialities of life, we talked until the cafe closed.

according to Mr. Zhou's theory of blind date interview, we can enter the second interview, and the chance of being hired by each other should be more than 70%.

later, Mr. Zhou took me home, and the place where we lived was only one stop apart.

nevertheless, Mr. Zhou didn't ask for my Wechat.

when I got home, I received a text message from him:

"Nice to meet you today, go to bed early, good night!"

such an official language makes me decide that I am not the like-minded person he is looking for.


however, during my lunch break the next day, I suddenly received a call from Mr. Zhou.

he was downstairs in the hospital and asked me if I had time and wanted to say something to me.

is it possible that after the first trial, he ushered in his second round of interview for me?

Mr. Zhou is from Huanggang City. His family has three elder sisters who are married, their parents are alive and have independent housing, while he works as a project manager in a software company.

after introducing these, he said mockingly:

"although it looks like an interview, you should know about these situations."

then he asked shyly:

"can I add your Wechat?"

usually enter the second side and decide whether to be eliminated or not..

I did not reject Mr. Zhou. At that time, I felt that he was a little stubborn, but he was also very sincere. Even if he could not be a lover, it would be good to be a friend.


Mr. Zhou is a standard economical and practical man with 175cm height, gentle appearance, round facial features and myopic glasses.

"economical and practical men and rich sons-in-law are like plain boiled water and drinks. Plain boiled water is not as good as drinks, but it can quench thirst and never get tired."

this sentence came to my mind when Mr. Zhou asked for my Wechat.

moreover, the fact that he added me Wechat to my face is, in my eyes, another addition. This person has a good sense of size.

so we met for the third time.

it's New Year's Day a few days later. I'm going back to my hometown to attend my niece's first birthday party.

the ticket was tight at that time, and when Mr. Zhou knew about it, he offered to drive me back.

I am a little hesitant, after all, we are still in the interview stage and have not released the final offer.

besides, all my relatives will come to my niece's first birthday party, so what's wrong with me bringing a strange man?

he saw my worry and said:

"I'll take you to the entrance of the village and leave. It won't cause you any trouble."

I was even more sorry when he said so, so I told my mother about it.

my mother said:

"there is a happy event at home. When everyone comes, they must have dinner before leaving. If anyone wants to ask, say they are colleagues."

in this way, in less than a week, Mr. Zhou met all my relatives at once.

I also played a basketball match with some of my hair children on the playground of the village primary school.


it has been more than two years since I broke up with my first love, during which time my family has arranged countless blind dates, all of which I refused.

they are worried that I will not be able to get out of the shadow of my first love, and they are even more worried that I will delay my youth.

A Mr. Zhou finally came, and everyone sold me to him one after another.

my parents, brother and sister-in-law, as well as the kids, went to war in turn and told me all the embarrassing things I grew up.

such a scene is more embarrassing than a matchmaking party.

the eyes were gentle and powerful, as if we had known each other for a long time.


at that time, Mr. Zhou stayed at my house for one night.

at night in the countryside in early winter, there is a lot of moisture in the air, as if it was foggy.

Mr. Zhou and I were standing in the yard when he suddenly said to me:

"Lin Xiaoxi, you may not even know how beautiful you are!"

the person in front of me understands me.

understand the injuries I have suffered, and better understand that I would rather be broken than broken.


before the return trip, Fa Xiao whispered to me:

"Xiao Zhou is a nice guy, so don't miss it."

after a game of ball and a drink, the two became buddies.

perhaps, this is the charm of Mr. Zhou.

that day, the car drove to the door of my neighborhood, and Mr. Zhou confessed his love.

he stopped the car, took out a 520 love folded with banknotes from his pocket, and solemnly said to me:

"Creek, I want to tell you that the moment I saw your picture, I thought you were the one I was looking for in my life. Thank you for meeting me and for taking me home."

I like you. I feel so good to be with you. I hope I can be with you every day. "

Mr. Zhou fell in love with my picture at first sight. I didn't know how to reply for a moment.

he added:

"you don't have to answer me now, if you don't have feelings for me, send me a Wechat message."

only afterwards did I know that he was afraid that I would refuse face to face.

however, the Wechat I sent to Mr. Zhou that night was: I do!


it only took us a week from the first side to getting the offer.

Murphy's Law says that the more impossible it is, the more likely it is to happen!

Mr. Zhou and I, two people who don't believe in blind dates, found each other through blind dates.

together, I realized that he was really a treasure boy.

every anniversary we know, one month, one hundred days, one year.

he will carefully prepare gifts full of ritual.

after falling in love with Mr. Zhou, I know that it is like this when I really love someone:

he loves you and spoils you. He never wants you to be sad. If you are happy, he will be happy.

he would risk his life for you.

you, too, miss him every day, want to eat with him, go shopping with him, and watch movies together.

do a lot of things.

these feelings of love are completely different from those of first love.

first love is like playing on a seesaw, crushing each other, always trying to compete with each other, asking whether the love is true or false.

but being with Mr. Zhou is more like playing on the swing, equal, free and frank, and each other clearly feels loved and accompanied.


on May 20, 2015, I married Mr. Zhou.

after marriage, we welcomed the honeymoon baby.

that will often be heard.People say that men fall in love and get married are two states, pre-marriage romanticism and post-marriage realism.

when I heard too much, I thought it was the truth, and I wanted to find out the flaws against Mr. Zhou one by one.

occasionally he will deliberately lose his temper to test whether he really loves me or not.

for example:

add his Wechat account with secondary account, and as a result, he doesn't get through his friends at all.

once, I took his cell phone through the second account and sent him a picture. As a result, Mr. Zhou said very seriously:

"Girl, I'm married. I love my wife very much."

with that, he blocked me.

later, when we talked about it, Mr. Zhou said:

"I treat you because I really love you and want to live with you, not to trick you into getting married and accomplishing your mission in life."


throughout the pregnancy, Mr. Zhou was even more nervous than I was, and he cared about countless messages every day.

at that time, I had to work the middle and night shift, so Mr. Zhou asked his mother-in-law to make a nutritious meal, sent it to the hospital every day, and then sat in the department warehouse waiting for me to get off work.

under his meticulous care, my son was born smoothly on June 10, 2016.

and I am only responsible for sleeping under the strict request of Mr. Zhou.

when my son was born, he was always crying, and my mother-in-law was afraid that the baby would be hungry, so she brought her in to feed me every half an hour.

Mr. Zhou both hard and soft to reason with his mother-in-law:

"the baby does not necessarily cry because he is hungry, and the stream lacks sleep. Please don't bother her all the time. You love your grandson, and I still love my wife."