If the family is harmonious, no matter how poor it is, the family can get rich.
If the family is harmonious, no matter how poor it is, the family can get rich.
May you have a home, some people love, there is a home, there is a way back, peace of mind is happiness.


what is the most important thing for a family?

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standing at the intersection of years, you and I are both passers-by, running away for half a life, only with our family around.

the older you get, the more you find that home is the warmest and most secure place.

what is the most important thing in a family?

inexhaustible wealth, or is it comfortable at home? Is it a magnificent house or a splendid life?

A thousand hectares of fertile land can only eat three meals a day, and ten thousand rooms in Guangsha sleep only three feet.

money is something outside the body, and it is also a kind of happiness for a family to be in peace and harmony.

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "Father's Benedict, Brotherhood, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

A family is supposed to be husband and wife in love, accompanied by children, deeply brotherly and tolerant of each other.

Children can understand the hard work of their parents, old people can understand the busyness of their children, husbands can understand the difficulty of their wives, and wives can comfort each other's hard work.

I am tired, you boo me for warmth; you are ill, I take care of you; if you are angry, just make a joke; when you are aggrieved, you can have a warm shoulder to lean on.

but to live a life, how can a spoon not touch the edge of the pot?

when a family is faced with firewood, rice, oil and salt all day, there is always a time when they are tired, and it is inevitable that they stumble and quarrel.

sometimes, with less complaining and more accommodation, the family's life will be better and better.

if the family is in harmony, no matter how poor it is, the family can get rich.


Don't blame when something happens, it's the best feng shui for a family

Ma Dong once mentioned his mother in a program. His mother is 76 years old. One of her favorite things to do is to turn off the lights. As long as no one is there, she turns off the lights in the house as soon as possible.

at first, Ma Dong did not quite understand this habit, so he told his mother that it would not take much electricity to keep the lights on, and that too many switches would affect the service life.

Mother said "yes" every time she was reminded, but a few days later she couldn't help turning it off when she saw the light on.

since then, Ma Dong found

Mother has adhered to

the idea of "saving electricity" can't be changed after 01:30 for decades. even if he reminds me again, my mother will still involuntarily continue her past behavior.

therefore, Ma Dong did not blame his mother, and seldom cared about such trifles after that.

in family life, we often have times like this. The difference is that Ma Dong will try to understand, and our first reaction is to blame:

your parents always put the old clothes you want to throw away in the wardrobe, and you argue with them blushing.

when your husband takes his child out to play and falls, you just scold him for not taking good care of the child, but forget to take care of the child's wound first.

your wife cooks dinner for you after work, but you dislike the food and ignore your wife's feelings.

Home is just a square inch, and if it is full of grievances, there is no room for warmth and love.

blaming and complaining each other is a kind of emotional internal friction. If you haggle over it, you might as well smile and there is no resentment at the bottom of your heart.

Laozi once said, "when Great Way is implemented, it is not to blame others."

Don't blame when something happens, it is the wisdom of dealing with the world, and it is also the best fengshui for a family.


only by controlling your temper can you keep your good fortune

not long ago, Zhang Zhilin was asked in an interview, "who will bow first when husband and wife quarrel," and his answer went viral on Weibo.

he showed an aggrieved and gentle appearance, indicating that they often quarreled and quarreled, but every time he bowed his head first.

it is enviable to be so considerate and elegant.

when he and Yuan Yongyi first fell in love, Yuan Yongyi was already a "Sister Hong Kong Champion" and "Film Queen of the Academy Award", while Zhang Zhilin was only a well-known singer.

although the relationship was not appreciated, the two finally got married hand in hand.

when Yuan Yongyi showed a small temper, patience and love were the magic weapon of Zhang Zhilin's surprise victory, and gradually they became the "model couple" in everyone's eyes.

after so many years of marriage, there have been trifles, but sweetness is always more than pain, and they have spent 27 years running-in to make the best of love.

Today, they have a successful career and have gone through great hardships. what is left is to return to nature and return to ordinary life, and their life is getting better and better.

Shi Tiesheng once wrote in me and The Temple of Earth:

"I really want to warn all the children not to lose their temper with their dearest. I already understand, but it's too late."

whether husband and wife, or parents, we should not leave our temper to those who love us the most.

want to quarrel, ask yourself if you have done anything wrong, want to fall out, think about each other's usual good.

Don't let a casual remark break their hearts for several days; don't let a momentary temper ruin their accumulated feelings.

you know, home is where we belong, and family is our warmest support.

learn to control your temper and shake hands with life in order to keep your luck.


Family harmony is the highest way to show off wealth

before, in the hospital, I heard an old man in his late seventies talk about family life. He said:

at my age, I want my family to be safe and happy.

Do not ask too much, I am sick, thirsty in the middle of the night, poke the old woman next to her, she is willing to get up and pour me a glass of water;

during the holidays, I am content that my children and grandchildren can come back for dinner and reunion.

in fact, a glass of water and a meal are not worth much, but because of the temperature of the home, it is particularly precious.

No matter where we are, our families are constantly concerned about them. their love is like a warm quilt, wrapping all our sense of security.

some people say that people who travel all over the world and can't find what they need will find it when they get home.

that's true. I went around in my life, and finally I found that delicacies are not worth a meal and a vegetable at home, and the preparation outside is not as good as a cup of tea at home.

when you have experienced the vicissitudes of the world, you will understand that home is the warmest destination.

A hug when we go home and a smile when we go out are all comforts to our hearts.

Life is a passer-by, so why stir up dust? it is enough for a family to live in harmony and live in peace and happiness.

for the rest of your life, may you have a home, be loved, and have a home. Peace of mind is happiness.


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