If you are tired, take a leave of absence from life
If you are tired, take a leave of absence from life
The poor life needs their own sugar, and the tired body and mind need their own holiday.

there is a sentence in "embracing you across a sea of people":


I have been alone for so long that I have forgotten how miserable I am.


indeed, I seem to have forgotten:

how long haven't you had a good night's sleep, how long haven't you had a comfortable meal, and how long haven't you been out for a walk or read a book?

carries thoughts that can not be touched by others, bears the hardship of making a living, the suffering of love, makes people tired.

Life is really hard. If you are tired, ask for a leave from life.

get a good night's sleep

writer Bi Shumin once wrote:


more and more people have insomnia.

people have invented all kinds of pills to help people sleep.

Sleep is a natural instinct, but now we need to use medicine to help.

it makes me sad and frightened to think that people's basic needs are swayed by colorful little pills.


"the child will soon be in primary school, but the school places have not been available. I was so worried that I couldn't sleep all night." Sister Lin was distressed.

"the market is not good this year, the company has laid off a large number of staff, and the educational background is not high. I am so worried that I will be on the list of layoffs." Sister Zhao worries.

"I talked to my boyfriend for three years. I thought I could fix it, but I broke up. Why is the relationship so difficult now?" Qing Qing sighed.

Yes, I used to go to sleep, but now I can't sleep when I am very sleepy. I feel that life is so difficult and life is so hard.

maybe at some point you will want to flee the world because you are unemployed, lovelorn, and worried about making a living.

but please don't give up. There is no such thing as "easy" in the adult world. Everyone is carrying a heavy load. You have to learn to reconcile with pain eventually.

if you are tired, ask for a leave from life, have a good sleep, and have a sweet dream.

Shakespeare said:


comfortable sleep is the gentle and missed care that nature gives to people.


Sleep accounts for 1/3 of the time in one's life. If you have a good sleep, you will achieve 1/3 success in life.

Sleeping time at night is a brief amnesia given by God, and you can press the pause button for your life.

so, no matter how difficult and troublesome you are today, you should take a hot bath and have a good sleep in the evening.

forget everything before going to bed and wake up to be a new life.

have a good meal

like Wang Zengqi's sentence very much:


Food in all directions, but a bowl of earthly fireworks, with the passage of time, we will sooner or later understand that there is no wine in the morning after all. Porridge tastes good, no matter how lofty ideals, and then passionate life, will eventually return to mediocrity.


I couldn't agree more.

there are only two good things in life. Eat well during the day and sleep well at night.

when we are depressed, satisfying the appetite can really make the body and mind feel happy. You will gorge on ice cream and cake dessert when you are depressed.

even tasted the spicy hot pot with sweat, hoping to find an outlet to vent the pressure through the stimulation of taste.

whether you are rich or mediocre, you always have to face three meals of the four seasons.

someone asked: "

Why do people seldom have a slim figure when they reach middle age?


A highly praised reply said: "

because of all the worldly desires that cannot be obtained, only the realization of appetite is the easiest.


only delicious food and love can not be failed, and the fireworks in life that are worthy of deep love are healed more than anything else.

May you have a good meal when you are exhausted, not for entertainment, not for banquets, but for yourself.

you can wash your hands and make soup yourself, or you can walk through the streets to find the thickest smoke and fire.

feel the stars and sea in firewood, rice, oil and salt,

eat poetry and distance from pots and pans.

go out for a walk

Andersen once said, "

Travel is the source of youthful vitality.


when you feel very tired, you can find a place you like to empty yourself, it will give you the strength to regenerate.

I like Fangqi, a travel blogger very much.

in the most confused stage of her life, she bravely resigned from the iron rice bowl of the TV station and embarked on the journey of pursuing her dream.

so there is that section of fire all over the network:


the mountain is a gathering of eyebrows, and the water is a wave of eyes.

I have never regretted entering this Huaxia in my life.


how many people know the lady who does not give up because of this video, and how many people are shocked by the beautiful scenery under her lens.

every time I am in bad shape, I also like to carry a bag, book a ticket and go out for a walk.

during the journey, you will always find: it's good to be alive!

in fact, the fact that so many people like Tibet is not how magical Tibet is, but that some stories will move people and some beliefs will be respected.

instead of complaining about the difficult living conditions, the children in Tibetan areas are decadent. On the contrary, they live happily and truly.

they don't have luxury cars and houses, and they haven't felt the neon lights in the city.Prosperous, but with a heart of contentment.

the most healing thing is the beauty of the world, the beauty of lakes, seas and mountains, and the brilliance of human and local customs.

Do you want to buy the funky attires mother of the groom for summer and show off your body? Our collections have something for every special occasion in your life.

there is always something worth looking for and protecting, and you should gladly accept a lot of pain.

the reason why people need poetry and distance is not only to feel the beauty of the motherland, but also to meet a better self on the way.

A washing of the soul is a rebirth, and one should struggle and enjoy at the same time.

while you are young, take a look at the different scenery before it is too late.

read a book well

Please let go of everything when you are tired, live a slow life, make a cup of tea and take a book.

you can take a look at Su Dongpo's rough life and open-minded life, or you can see Zhang Youyi's Phoenix Nirvana.

you can look at the extraordinary nature of "ordinary World" and the bravery in "alive".

A lot of puzzles can be found in the book, and a lot of unease will gain the strength to move forward in the book.

our occasional encounters are nothing compared to the misfortunes of many people in the book.

compared with the bravery of many people in the book, our occasional tiredness is nothing but trivial.

when Hu GE was involved in a serious car accident and his life was almost disfigured and hit rock bottom, it was reading that saved him.

A lot of reading every day cured his loneliness and confusion.

this habit has been with him for nearly a decade and has allowed him to reappear in front of the screen as a king.

the writer Li Xiaoyi, who was unemployed in middle age, dared not tell her family. When she was most lost, she buried herself in reading and found the way to writing from books.

then she insisted on getting up at 4:45 in the morning to write for two hours, and later became a famous writer.

so read a book when you are tired. Maybe it will show you the way, and maybe it will give you unexpected surprises.

every word is tiny, but strung together is your thought, every book is tiny, but cushioned is your knowledge.

the books you have read will eventually become the beacon of life and show you the way forward.

the books you have read will eventually pave the way under your feet.

the so-called adults are just burying their heads forward and there is no way out.

We all have the courage to move forward, but we can not escape loneliness and confusion, we have all been full of pride, but we can not hide bruises all over our bodies.

but being alone and confused is the nutrient of growth, and the wounds covered with bruises will also grow wings.

so, don't be afraid, let alone be confused.

A miserable life needs to add its own sugar, and a tired body and mind needs a holiday.

go to sleep, eat well, study hard, and have a look at the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

you will find that the world is worth it!



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