If you can't do that, don't get married.
If you can't do that, don't get married.
I don't want to get married in a muddle, and I don't want to marry a man who is confused.


my friend Qianqian has been negotiating a divorce recently.

to tell you the truth, this is not without warning.

in the five years since their marriage, the man has had an affair twice and quarreled upside down every now and then. Everyone sees it only in the attitude of persuasion and non-persuasion, and does not interfere too much.

I can't help remembering that once at the dinner table, when they were newly married and mixing oil in honey, men casually mentioned the reasons for their decision to marry:

"Qian Qian was pregnant at that time. I was a very lazy person and wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to force myself, so I just got married. "

everyone thinks that as long as the marriage is happy, the opportunity to decide to get married doesn't seem to be that important.

but in retrospect, maybe that is the foreshadowing of future tragedies.

it's not that he doesn't love you, and he doesn't have someone else in his heart, but the heart that wants to spend the rest of his life with you is not so determined.

and the beginning of wandering, wandering, and three turns in one step will leave a gap in the siege of your marriage.

through the cracks, he is always looking for an opportunity to peep into the outside world, which is always so unstable.

in fact, it also reminds me that when Li Shu announced her marriage, she once said:

"I may be getting married, and people who know me should be able to see that it is not so voluntary."

I don't think most people have figured it out yet.

suddenly one day, two people have been together for a long time, as if they are about to get married, they feel kidnapped, and their parents are urging you.

my girlfriend is also confused. I asked her why she wanted to get married. She said she didn't know. She almost got married. "

it is not difficult to see that this is actually a common fault of marriage failure of the younger generation.

being "kidnapped" by parents to get married, or under the pressure of age, some get married because they have children to be "responsible". In short, they do not seem to be "so voluntary".

relatively speaking, my more appreciative attitude is what another talk show actor Yang Mengen said when he proposed:

"there are no born good people, only civilized people who are bound."

I want to marry you. I want to be with you forever.

but I also understand that marriage is not a fairy tale. I can understand the truth of marriage and the fickle nature of human nature, but I am still willing to put shackles on myself for you.

"although thousands of people are coming", what a romantic confession it is.

indeed, no matter how beautiful the promise is, no one can guarantee the success of the marriage.

but aren't those heartfelt impulses and determination also the cornerstone of this marriage?

whenever contradictions and differences arise, your first reaction will not be to work together to overcome them.

but pass the buck to each other, regret why they chose each other in the first place, and keep verifying that the marriage was a mistake from the beginning.

another friend of mine got married at the beginning of this year. She did not marry the "Prince Charming" she dreamed of when she was a child, but her married life is still sweet and happy.

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at the last party, she smiled and said:

but this year I suddenly figured it out.

he is already very good to me, and I am satisfied with Prince Charming. "

in fact, every heart that does not want to settle down for the time being has a trace of obsession. Maybe there are people who haven't put it down, or maybe they are vaguely looking forward to a better choice.

however, it is not only by finding a perfect partner that you can have a marriage that you will not regret, but that as long as you "figure it out", there will be no regrets.

that's why Han Xue said:

"I'm going to find a man who has seen the world. I don't like boys who are still ready for the world.

because you really only understand life, and only when you have seen the world can you cherish what you have in front of you. "

so, I don't want to get married in a muddle, nor do I want to marry a muddle-headed person.

if I want to marry, I must have figured it out myself, and he knows how to cherish it.

I hope you say you want to marry me, not because it takes too long, not because you have to be responsible, not to deal with anyone, nor because there is no better choice for the time being.

but you really want to have my company every day, every moment in the future.

and you just want my company.